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[Personal reports from Workers Solidarity Movement members of events they took part in or attended, these reports are posted to the Ainriail list when first written. Obviously these are not a complete listing of our activity (often we are too busy to write reports up), merely what members have time to write a report on]

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Feb 12 2005 - Anti-Bin Charges March in Cork
About 300 people marched on Saturday afternoon in protest at the ongoing stand-off over the bin tax and the non-collection of domestic rubbish in Cork City.

September 15 - Mayday Court Appearances - The Word from no. 46 - the Security Cut
One of the mayday defendants informed me that the state was going to introduce 52 x 3hr video tapes as evidence against him

August - Resistance Pays ... Cork Anti-Bins
Figures released by Cork City Council confirm that the non-payment of bin charges remains very high despite the Council's bullying tactics

Aug 22 - Arms Dealers to Converge on Dublin for Weapons Conference
Sunday Tribune announces international arms fair in Dublin with title 'less lethal weapons in peace and war"

Aug 22 - Old Head of Kinsale Walked Again
At todays peoples picnic on the Old Head of Kinsale in Cork protestors climbed the walls and crossed the razor wire to again walk to the lighthouse.

July 18 - Traveller and Settled Solidarity picket court hearing
in support of a traveller woman Mrs Harty who was summonsed by the Gardai under the Trespass Act for failing to obey their instruction to vacate an empty site at Brocklesby Courton Seminary Road on Corks northside

June 11 - Vote No: Send a Message to McDowell on June 11th
If we vote 'Yes' on June 11th, children who were born in Ireland, and have never set foot outside of Ireland, will have no rights as Irish citizens. They will be liable to be kicked out of their own country.

May 19 - Court report on Mayday protest arrestee
Once again, this morning I found myself in another courthouse. It's the nature of our politics, that we are constantly on collision course with the authorities in whatever land we find ourselves.

May - The Clash of the Two Europes
According to the press, on Mayday there was going to happen a huge clash between the "forces of order" -riot police- and the "forces of evil" -sinister anarchists coming down from London to gas to death innocent Dubliners

May 1st - The long march on Farmleigh
In terms of the development of a libertarian movement in Ireland the march on the EU summit at Farmleigh will probably be seen as a turning point. For the first time the movement mobilized large number of people from outside its own ranks, in a demonstration that was in direct defiance of the Irish governments attempt to ban such demonstrations.

April 22- Gardai harassment of Mayday protest leafleting continues
Over the last week the Gardai have repeatedly turned up on occasions where the Dublin Grassroots Network has been attempting ton inform the public about the Mayday protests.

March 16 - SIPTU section supports Columbian Coca-Cola
SIPTU members in Trinity College have called for no investment in Coca-Cola by the Trinity College pension fund

March 9 - Attempted eviction of Dublin squat fails
On Tuesday morning the second best kept secret of the Dublin libertarian scene came to an end when the council turned up to evict 16 Leeson street

Feb 25 - Eoin Rice in High Court
Judge Mangan tried to change his bail conditions (5 Euro bond) to include a ban from the entire of Co. Clare. Eoin refused to accept these conditions and has been in Limerick prison since, where he is on hunger strike.

Feb 10 - An anarchist response to Ireland on Sunday
Feb 8th, Ireland on Sunday published a scare story about anarchism and the forthcoming EU protests. Below is a reply

Dec 11 - Small bin tax victory in Dun Laoghaire

Every Wednesday morning I arise at 7 am. Our mission to make sure that every bin on the Granville Road, Doonsalla, Watsons road is lifted whether they have paid some, all or no bin tax.

Dec 6 2003 - Blockade of Shannon warport (with photos)

December 6th saw the largest anti-war demonstration at Shannon airport since April of last year. Some 400 people took part in what the Irish Anti War Movement (IAWM) had advertised as a blockade of the airport.

Nov 14 - Big Black Coffin laying on the steps of Greek house

Report on Dublin solidarity protest with Thessaloniki 7

Nov 6 - Ballyphehane organises against the service charges

About 30 people gathered in the Ballyphehane Community centre in Cork on Monday night to discuss opposition to the latest threat by the city council to begin non-collection of refuse.

Oct 20 - Anti-bin tax meetings in Cork

About fifty people gathered in Mayfield GAA club in the first of a series of meetings re launching the campaign against the refuse charges in Cork city. The meeting was addressed by Paddy Mulcahy and Ted Tynan both jailed in 1991 for non-payment

Oct 16 - Cabra marches on Mountjoy

Over 500 people assembled in Cabra outside the Bingo hall and marched down the New Cabra Road towards Mountjoy prison where there is still ten brave anti-bin tax protesters incarcerated.

Oct 14 - Day of action brings bin trucks to a halt [with photos]

This morning saw a day of action across Dublin against the bin tax. At depot after depot activists from the campaign turned up in the early hours of the morning to stop the bin trucks leaving. This act of defiance is our answer to the continued jailing of activists by the high court.

Oct 11 - Another bin tax march on Mountjoy jail [with photos]

Saturday saw the second major march on Mountjoy jail of the bin tax protests. As many as 3,000 took part in this one, most marching out from Parnell square with a couple of hundred marching down from Cabra to meet them at the jail

Oct 9 - 10 jailed, hundreds protest at Mountjoy [with photos]

Last night at very short notice over 300 people protested outside Mountjoy jail. On Saturday a Dublin Council of Trade Unions march will leave Parnell Square around midday to march on Mountjoy jail.

Oct 8 - Blockades and lobbies of Dublin city bin truck depots

There were blockades on two of the four Dublin city depots this morning and a lobby of the Rathmines depot. This is to mark the High Court case this morning when 24 protesters from the city are being dragged into the courts for breaking the councils injunction against blockading trucks.

Oct 2 - Grange Gorman blockade successful

Last nights blockade of the Grange Gorman bin truck depot was a success with no truck managing to leave during the three-hour blockade. These were the trucks that were to do the rubbish pick-up in the shopping areas of the city centre.

Oct 1 - Dail protest, blockades and the bin tax campaign [with photos]

The opening of the Dail on Tuesday 30 September after the long, long holidays the TD's get saw a somewhat disappointing bin tax protest on the streets outside

Sept 27 - Do We Tolerate This?

Corks Home Helps, members of the Independent Workers Union, took to the streets on Saturday in a march against the health cuts.This is the text of a leaflet distributed by Cork WSM members on the march

Sept 26 - Second successful solidarity blockade in Stoneybatter

A crowd of about 25 people had assembled by 8:30, ready to take part in the blockade. We moved off into Drumalee to await the truck and our numbers grew as several residents came out to join us.

Sept 26 - Monster meeting in Ballybrack + report from Dundrum

There was an excellent turn out for the meeting last night at Ballybrack workmans club &endash; 100-120 people

Sept 24 - Report from High court bin tax hearing

Judge refuses city council's application for blanket injunction

Sept 23 - Bin tax and Reclaim the Streets protests link up in Dublin [with pics]

Monday evening in Dublin saw a Reclaim the Streets demonstration joining up with an anti-bin tax march demanding the release of two imprisoned activists

Sept 19 - Successful first bin truck blockade in Stoneybatter [with pics]

The anti-bin tax campaign in Stoneybatter took its first action today when it blockaded a bin truck just off the Oxmantown road. The truck was blockaded for one hour as a solidarity gesture with the campaign in Fingal.

Sept 18 - Report on Bin charges meeting Kingstown Hotel Dun Laoghaire

Numbers and caution disappointing &endash; hopefully more resolve at local meetings

Sept 17 - Bin tax protesters in Cabra blockade two trucks [with pics]

As Fingal council took a High Court case against bin tax protesters this morning bin tax campaigners in Cabra blockaded two trucks in solidarity with Fingal campaigners. Our intention is to hold onto at least one of these two trucks all day.

Sept 16 - Anti bin tax protest in Ringsend

Friday morning the council announced that they would begin implementing non-collection of bins in the Ringsend area of the city. Anti-bin tax activists mobilised to blockade the trucks to force them to collect all the bins.

Sept 15 - 17 - Massive anti-bin tax meeting in Cabra

The decision to flex the muscle of the campaign by this action was taken on Monday night at a meeting in Cabra. The massive meeting of between 500 to 600 people took place in St. Finbarr's GAA Club.

Sept 12 - Cabra activists blockade bin truck [with pics]

All bins are still being collected in Cabra (and the Dublin city area) but we felt it was important to send a message of solidarity to Fingal activists and also send a warning to the council that we were prepared for them.

Sept 11 - Bin tax protesters lobby at depots [with pics]

Yesterday Fingal council attempted to start refusing to collect the bins of those who not paying the bin tax. This morning the campaign in the Dublin city area swung into action. Our first move was a lobby of the depots that the trucks leave from each morning

Sept 10 - Bin tax - the WAR has begun

After being beaten on every front and with non-payment still remaining very high, Fingal council became the first one to try and implement their new tactic of non-collection of the rubbish. This morning there are eight different trucks which are blockaded into various estates in the north Dublin area known as Fingal

July 28 - Old Head Protest Taking In the Sun!

A loud, stroppy 80 strong gathering of picnickers and protesters made it to the Old Head of Kinsale yesterday to continue the stand-off with the millionaire O'Connor brothers and their loyal servants (!) The Gardai.

23 July - Report from Dublin Busworkers Anti privatisation Public Forum

This is one of a series of meetings where the workers are out to try and explain their side of the story with the upcoming threat of privatisation being faced by them.

June 18 - Iraq - the war continues; Shannon - the refuelling continues

As US forces continue to intern and kill in Iraq there is to be more demonstrations in Shannon this Saturday

May 18 - Sit Down Protest Disrupts 'Business As Usual' at exclusive golf course [with photos]

A large force of Gardai defended the exclusive Old Head of Kinsale Golf club from a gathering of walkers and protestors

April 12 - Shannon - at the end of a long road [with photos]

Although for many it must have seemed that the US/Iraq war was almost over Saturday 12th April saw another anti-war demonstration at Shannon airport in Ireland

March 31st - Mothers day on the long road to Shannon Warport [with photos]

The long dead corpse of Irish neutrality is laid to rest at Shannon

March 8 and 23rd - Report on Cork anti-war marches [with photos]

March 1st - To the next time and Can we stop the bombers at Shannon? YES WE CAN CAN !

Two report on Saturdays Direct Action (GNAW) protest at Shannon

25 Feb - If not now, when

Why now is the time for mass direct action at Shannon

25 Feb - GNAW plans for Shannon direct action

Grassroots Network Against War has called a direct action demonstration against the refuelling of US war planes at Shannon airport on March 1st

17 Feb - Incredible turnout at Dublin anti-war march - but what do we do now? [with photos]

Saturday 15 February saw the largest demonstration in Dublin in two decades and by far the largest anti-war demonstration in Ireland ever

5 Feb 2003 - Direct Action at Shannon shows the way

If we turn our disgust at this war into action against it then their war machine will grind to a halt.

18 Jan 2003 - Mass demonstration at Shannon Warport (with pictures)

Some 2 to 3,000 people demonstrated at the airport against the refuelling of US military planes

8th Dec 2002 - Grassroots shut down Shannon warport demonstration

Around 400 people took part in the Grassroots Gathering demonstration against refuellin of US war planes at Shannon airport. After the last demonstration when a section of the fence was torn down and around 150 entered the airfield we discovered that the fence had been greatly re-enforced.

5th Dec, - Kinsale Garda Fiasco

At a sitting of the District Court in Kinsale town yesterday (Dec 5th), local Gardai [Irish police - Ed.] made a laughing stock of themselves

Friday Oct 18 -SIPTU General Secretary election results

The counting is over, SIPTU has a new General Secretary. Joe O'Flynn (the current regional secretary for the south west) has been voted into the post. He succeeds John Mc Donnell who is retiring.

Saturday, October 12th - Mass anti-war trespass at Shannon Airport [with photos]

The largest anti-war demonstration to date at Shannon airport. As the demonstration ended a 50m section of the perimeter fence was torn down and up to 150 people entered the airfield perimeter.

Monday, October 7, 2002 - The Plight of Carrickmines Castle

Since August the site of the 800 year-old castle has been occupied by a group of activists in an attempt to stop the extension of the M50 will almost totally obliterate and eventually condemn to memory the site, which is of vast archaeological significance

May 2002 - An Irish Anarchist in the Northeast - Reflections on the North American Anarchist Movement

In May Chekov Feeney of the WSM went on a speaking tour of the NE US and SE Canada for the North East Federation of Anarchist Communists (NEFAC). These are his reflections on the tour as published in their magazine.

Sept 28th - Anti war demonstration in Dublin [with pictures]

Two reports from WSM members of Saturdays anti Iraq war demonstration.

Sept 22nd - RTS on Baggot St. a great success [with pictures]

Over 1,000 people took part in the four-hour party. Despite attempts by the Gardai to whip up a panic because the organisers refused to meet with them in advance of the party the day was trouble free and very good humoured.

Sept 2nd 2002 - Bin tax picket of Dublin corporation meetings [with photos]

Monday night saw another picket of the Dublin corporation council meeting to protest the continuing attempt to impose bin charges on the cities population

Aug 19th - Shannon demonstration against refuelling of US war planes [with photos]

Between September 2001 and July 2002 a total of 535 US warplanes have refuelled at the airport

July 27 - Old Head of Kinsale freed for an afternoon

The owners of the exclusive Golf course, who are attempting to deny public access, had mounted a concerted media campaign in the week running up to the picnic to blacken the name of the pinicers and undermine the protest.

July 18th - Irish Glass Bottle workers occupation

Workers at the Irish Glass Bottle plant in Ringsend have been in occupation of the plant for the last couple of months. The plant is closing, making some 375 workers redundant.

July 10th - Court Report - Burlington Cases

A court report on the continuing prosecution of activists arrested at the Burlington hotel anti-privitisation protests in Oct 2001.

June 22nd - The Seville 2002 EU summit protests [with photos]

An Irish anarchist reports from the European Summit protests in Seville

May 30th - Irish anarchists and the Seville protest

The protests in Seville on the weekend of June 20th against the European summit are liable to be the largest globalisation protests to date. Anarchists from Ireland will be at the protests and in Dublin (and maybe elsewhere) we are arranging solidarity activity

May 17th - Cork anti-general election campaign during Dail elections [with photos]

An alliance of anarchists in Cork ran an anti-general election campaign during the recent Dail elections. The campaign put as its aim to 'use the elections to highlight anarchists ideas'

May 9th - Large protest in Dublin against police brutality [with photos]

After two days when the first item on the evening TV news was the brutal Gardai attack on a Reclaim the Streets party it was not surprising that thousands joined a rally against police brutality outside Pearse St police station on Thursday night.

May 6th - Dublin Reclaim the Streets attacked by Gardai [with photos]

It was expected that this would be the largest Dublin Reclaim the Streets to date. What was not so expected was that by the end of the day 24 people would have been arrested and over a dozen hospitalised by a police riot on Dame street.

April 27th - Second Palestinian solidarity march in Dublin [with photos]

On Saturday 27th Dublin saw its second major demonstration against the Israeli occupation of Palestine in a month. The march had been called around the slogans 'Justice for Palestine' and 'No war on Iraq' although most placards concentrated on the Palestinian situation.

April 26th - Road Rage Wrecks Critical Mass in Dublin

April 6th - Protests against Israeli occupation in Dublin [with photos]

Some 1,500 to 2,500 people marched though Dublin on Saturday demanding an end to the Israeli occupation and freedom for Palestine. The demonstration was the culmination of a week of activity that included a six-day occupation of a tree in the car park of the Israeli embassy

March 31 2002 - People Power Wins At Old Head of Kinsale [with pictures]

Well over a hundred activists and protesters braved the elements, hostile private security, newly erected fencing and barbed wire at the Old Head of Kinsale on Easter Sunday to score yet another important victory for free public access to the Old Head of Kinsale Walk.

March 29/30 - Second Grassroots Gathering in Cork a success

March 13th - First Case against Burlington protestor dismissed in Dublin district court!

As many off you probably know 14 people were arrested for at an anti privitisation demo at the Burlington hotel last October. The first full hearing came up today., I wasn't a witness so I got to sit through the whole thing and study the machinations of the capitalist justice system at district court level in great detail!

March 8th - Abortion referendum victory in Ireland

Pro-choice campaigners celebrated throughout Ireland as a referendum which would have further restricted the availability of abortion in Ireland was defeated.

Feb 28th - Kissinger traumatised by Cork experience

Henry Kissinger was reported as being a bit shook by the barracking he received in Cork. There was massive opposition to his visit and two good demos.

Feb 16th - X case march in Dublin - 10 years on [with pictures]

Around 300 people marched through the centre of Dublin on Saturday to mark the 10th anniversary of the 'X' case and to support a No vote in the latest anti-abortion referendum

Feb 14th - Abortion referendum - get involved [with pictures]

On March 6th there will be yet another anti-abortion referendum in the Irish republic, the third since 1983. It is vital we turn out the largest possible pro choice No vote on the 6th.

Feb 12 2002 - Bin tax : Council sends out threatening letters

Dublin city council have been sending threatening letters to people who are refusing to pay the bin tax. A WSM member who is on the co-ordinating committee explains below what the campaigns plans are and how to deal with the letter.

Feb 3rd - Bloody Sunday - 30 years on tens of thousands march [with pictures]

The biggest turnout since the 25th anniversary in 1997 when a similar number marched. Part of the large turnout this year was probably due to the heightened interest cause by the showing of two films about Bloody Sunday on TV in the last weeks

Jan 10 2002 - Report on Defend our civil liberties meeting

About 35-40 people turned up mainly non-party political. Firstly the video was shown of the Burlington anti PPP demo and the attacks by the cops. Pretty disturbing stuff much more so when you view it in the cold light of day.

Dec 15th - Anti War message rings in ears of US Marines at Shannon airport [with photos]

Men, women and children have been bombed and gunned to death by US forces in Afghanistan and on Saturday 15th of December men women and children from the four corners of Ireland gathered at Shannon airport to protest at the use of that facility as a stop over and refuelling point for US death squads.

Nov 28 - Alliance for a No Vote Dail picket [with photos]

Fight the governments anti-abortion referendum. Yesterday as the Dail debated the latest anti abortion bill the Alliance for a No Vote (ANV) held a lunch time picket outside.

Nov 14 - Major Victory In Cork Anti-Bin Campaign

Our campaign against the bin charges here in Cork received a massive boost late last week with an unexpected court victory - Cork Corporation is legally and socially bound to collect household rubbish and is not entitled to refuse to collect such rubbish on the grounds of unpaid bin tax.

Nov 4th 2001 Anti-war march in Dublin [with pictures]

Saturday November 4th saw a large anti war demonstration march through Dublin city centre. This reflects growing opposition to the US war against Afghanistan following the bombing of Red Cross warehouses, a hospital and dozens of homes.

Oct 11th - Gardai attack globalisation protest at Dublin's Burlington hotel

A protest against an international privitisation conference at Dublin's Burlington hotel turned violent when the Gardai (Irish police) attacked protesters with batons. They were aided by a number of non uniformed men armed with sticks and torches

Oct 1st - Bin tax struggle in Dublin [with pictures]

On Thursday the 27th all the local county councillors were invited to a meeting in the Liberties to explain their position on the bin tax. On October the 1st the campaign picketed the corporations meeting at which motions to abolish the tax were meant to have been discussed.

Sept 30th - Anti-war demonstration in Dublin [with pictures]

Between 800 and 1,000 people marched through the centre of Dublin yesterday as part of an anti-war protest called by Globalise Resistance. This was one of many protests internationally this weekend.

Sept 26th - First major anti - war meeting in Dublin

An anti war rally in Dublin last night confirmed that opposition to Bush's war is growing as fast in Ireland as it is internationally.

Sept 22nd - A tale of 2 meetings

A report on two anti bin charges meetings in Dublin, one organised by Eric Byrne and the other the 2nd AGM of the Dun Laoghaire campaign

September 22nd -Beach ball on O'Connell st [with pictures]

Saturday was Car Free day throughout Europe, but not really in Dublin. So in Dublin a large group of cyclists took part in a Critical Mass cycle ride and people played beach ball on O'Connell st.

September 17th - Delegates from local anti Bin tax groups meet in Dublin [with pictues]

Monday night saw the first real activists meeting of the Dublin Corporation area anti Bin Tax campaign. Attendance was better then expected, there with reports from over 12 areas.

September 3rd - Demonstration in Dublin against Chinese premier Mr Zhu Rongji [with pictures]

This week saw the official state visit of the head of the Chinese dictatorship which continues it's occupation and systematic colonization of Tibet, it's brutal state enforced one child scheme and which jails it's citizens for being part of an eccentric both totally harmless form of worship: Falun Gong

August 30th - Cork Corporation has escalated its campaign in the anti-bin tax protest

Mick Barry is the sixth member of Householders Against The Service Charges (HASC) to be jailed in the current protest.

August 26th - Kinsale protest - Three Nil

Another beautiful sunny day and another small victory for the campaign to free the Old Head of Kinsale

August 20th - Another member of Householders Against the Service Charges jailed in Cork

He is being held in Cork Prison having been sentenced to serve 5 days in jail for not paying a £70 fine under the Litter Act

July 28th - March in Dublin in solidarity with Genoa protests [with pictures]

I would estimate that there was about 300 people there. I noticed a number of Globalise Resistance placards which read "Remember Carlo Guialini &endash; Free Joe Moffat."

July 28th - The Second 'Old Head of Kinsale' Protest

July 24th - Demonstrations in solidarity with Genoa anti G8 demonstrations in Dublin [with pictures]

Monday 23rd July saw two separate demonstrations take place outside the Italian embassy on Northumberland Road. Both had been called to protest the savage repression of the anti - G8 Protests in Genoa.

July 23rd - What did you hear about Genoa?

Review of TV coverage of the Genoa G8 protests by an Irish anarchist looking at the assumptions made by the media coverage.

July 20th - Saturdays demonstration against the G8 in Genoa [with pictures]

This was a huge march - almost two huge marches, in fact, because the road was divided in two by a central, grassy strip, and each side had a different group on it.

July 20th - The Battle of Kinsale

It was glorious we walked the Old Head as we had for generations men, women and children and dogs of course, laughing at the indignation of the outraged golfers, basking in the sunshine and lead occasionally by a fiddler

July 19th - An Irish anarchist on the Black Block in Genoa [with pictures]

Detailed account of the actions of a section of the Black Block on Fridays day of action against the Red Zone.

July 18th - Irish anarchist on the migrants march in Genoa [with pictures]

The major event on Thursday was the migrants march, organised by the GSF in support of the rights of refugees and immigrants

July 17th - Irish anarchist reports from Genoa [with pictures]

A report of arriving in Genoa and the anarchist planning meeting for the protests

July 2nd - Report On 'Old Head of Kinsale' Protest [with pictures]

A long time public amenity used by walkers and ramblers, access to the Old Head was stopped over a year ago when 'the new owners' of the headland deemed the area to be private property. Yesterday was the first real attempt to reclaim the Old Head area for the public. It was a huge success!

June 26th - Another Cork bin tax protester jailed

Sandra Condon, a member of Householders Against The Service Charges, was arrested this morning at her home in north Cork City on foot of her conviction for 'bogus' littering offences in connection with the ongoing campaign against rubbish collect charges in Cork city.

June 16th - Stop Deportations demonstration [with pictures]

The atmosphere on the march was upbeat, but it couldn't disguise the fact that turnout was low. Maybe everyone's been to busy recently, with the Nice referendum, anti-bin charges campaign, and Women on Waves to promote the march.

June 15th - Pro Choice ship arrives in Dublin [with pictures]

For the last few months Irish pro-choice activists including members of the WSM have been preparing for the arrival of the Women of the Waves ship in Ireland.

June 15th - Bin charges meeting in Harolds Cross

Last night saw the first meeting of the anti-bin charges campaign to be held in the Harolds Cross area. Sitting at the back of the room was a guy from the Dublin Corporation

June 13th - Join the Stop Deportations demonstration

The Workers Solidarity Movement is organising a contingent for Saturday's demonstration under the slogan 'No Human being Is Illegal'. Come along and march with the red and black flags.

June 11th - Bin charges protest at Dublin Corporation meeting [with pictures]

A respectable crowd of in or around 50 people mustered for this demonstration which was good considering that the first round of bills have yet to drop over most of the city

June 6th - Campaign Against the Bin Tax grows in Dublin Corporation

The following reports are from three anarchists involved in the Campaign Against the Bin Tax in the Dublin Corporation area. Over the last couple of weeks many local meetings have been held and next week there will be a protest at City Hall.

May 31st - Council Bug Bins

Recently information has come to light that Dun Laoghaire - Rathdown Council have begun to put micro chips in Wheelie bins.

May 24th - Round One To HASC!

Cork Corporation did an about turn yesterday when they refused to proceed with the jailing of two HASC activists, Sandra Condon and Marie Healy.

May 24th - National Toll Roads Dispute

There has been a strike at Dublin's East and West link toll bridge since the 15th May with management keeping the toll booths opening through the use of scab labour. This report was written by a supporter of the strikers for Ainriail.

May 18th - Cork service charge activists released [with photos]

The jailings have been a PR disaster for Cork Corporation and have brought unprecedented attention to our campaign against the Bin Tax. The Campaign is set to escalate even further next week, when another member of HASC, Sandra Condon, will be jailed

May 16th - Email Campaign against service charge jailings in Cork [with photo]

Cork Corporation has today jailed three activists with Householders Against The Service Charges (HASC) - Joe Moore, James McBarron and Mick Joyce

May 15th - Stop the jailings of Householders Against Service Charges activists in Cork

Joe Moore, James McBarron and Michael Joyce, all members of the Householders Against Service Charges (HASC) in Cork (Ireland) are all facing imminent imprisonment as part of the ongoing and defiant protest against the imposition of the Bin Tax on Cork workers

May 8th - Dublin 'May Day march' and Hope carnival 2001 [with pictures]

The May Bank Holiday in Dublin saw the traditional trade union May Day march and the Hope carnival held by environmentalists

May 5th - 7th - May Day and the Willam Thompson Summer School in Cork [with pictures]

Cork saw a well attended May Day march and the 2nd William Thompson summer school

May 1st - May Day stock exchange protest [with photos]

May Day saw a very successful and well attended demonstration that forced the Dublin Stock Exchange to shut early

April 17th - Tackling the 'democratic deficit'

An article by WSM member Gregor Kerr originally written for 'Teachers United Bulletin' which is being distributed at the Teachers trade union conferences this week

April 7th - Protest outside US embassy against Bush's withdrawal from Kyoto agreement [with photos]

About 60 people picketed the US embassy

April 2nd - Dublin council defeated in attempt to ban demonstrations [with photos]

The attempt to effectively ban most demonstrations in Dublin O'Conell st collapsed last night (Monday 2nd April 6.30pm City Hall, Dame St.). As the councillors entered city hall they had to pass through one of the largest demonstrations that a council meeting has faced in the last decade.

March 31st - Report on Ideas and Action 2001 [with photos]

Saturday March 31st saw the third Irish anarchist gathering to be held under the title of Ideas and Action, this time in the North Star Hotel, Dublin. In terms of numbers this was the most successful gathering to date with around 70 people attending at least one of the three sessions.

March 30th - Pictures of anti-racist picket at Bertie Ahern's constituency office

Anti-Racism groups held a protest tomorrow at Bertie Ahern's consituency office, St. Lukes in Drumcondra, to demand the dropping of charges against activists who were arrested at a protest last year

March 8 - Stop the jailings protest

On Feb 15th, two members of Householders Against Service Charges (HASC), were fined £95 and £75 by the Cork Circuit Court under the Litter Act. They were ordered to pay the fined within 28 days or face imprisonment of 3 days at Cork Prison. Both activists, as part of the ongoing campaign against the 'Bin Charges', have pledged not to pay the fines.

Feb 24 2001 - The Zapatistas on the march again [In French]

 A WSM member reports from San Cristo'bel, Chiapas on the arrival there of the Zapatista march to Mexico city

Feb 2001 - Nigeria - No political repression?

The Irish government has started deporting Nigerian asylum seekers. It claims there is no political oppression in Nigeria. WSM member Chekov Feeney who recently visted Nigeria reveals the reality.

Feb 2001 - What is it that is different about the Zapatistas?

In an article written for the Irish Mexico Group's magazine 'Chiapas Revealed' Andrew Flood takes a personal look at why the Zapatistas have attracted international support and why many activists see them as an example of a different way of organising

Jan 2001 - Sinn Fein and Labour help to introduce Dublin bin charges

Jan 2001 - An Irish anarchist in Africa

The previous international secretary of the WSM, Chekov Feeney, spent 2000 travelling over land through Africa. His personal diary accounts of each country and now online

December 7th - Battle starts outside European summit in Nice [In French] [In Italian]

Mainstream press sites and the wire services are carrying reports that battles have broken out between the protesters in Nice and the riot police guarding the European Summit.
by Andrew

November 25th - Report on 'Left Unity' meeting in Dublin

On Saturday 25th November a meeting calling for 'Left Unity' was held in Dublin. About 60-80 people attended during the day, including the Socialist Workers Party, Socialist Party, about a dozen people from smaller Marxist groups, and maybe 20-25 people who weren't aligned with any group. And myself, the lone anarchists sticking out like a sore thumb in a room full of Leninists.
by Ray

November 21st - Dún Laoghaire protests against Bin charges

This was a determined crowd, no way would they be paying twice (PAYE/VAT and now the proposed local charges) for their bin collection service. "No way - we won't pay" was certainly the most popular slogan.
by Alan

October 7th - SIPTU's Dublin Public Sector Regional conference

SIPTU's Dublin Public Sector Regional conference (SIPTU is the biggest single union in the 26 counties public sector) took place at the beginning of October in Jury's Hotel. Friday night saw the conference kick off with a speech by Bertie Ahern* and an spontaneous walkout by seven delegates
by Alan MacSimoin

September 26th - Irish eyewitness report on S26 demonstration in Prague [In French] [In German]

I had chosen to march with the anarchist block that headed up (and indeed comprised the majority of) the blue march. The front of this was taken up by Czech anarchists followed by anarchist from the other Eastern European countries numbering perhaps a thousand in all. Holding the banners down one side of the march and taking position behind the eastern Europeans were anarchists from all the western European countries and a large number of automnen from Germany. This anarchist block probably numbered at least 3,000
by Joe Black

September 26th - Cork S26 demo: "Oon Da Maall"

The march was led by a large wooden coffin to symbolised the massive misery and death that has been caused by capitalism throughout the world
by Kevin

September 23rd - Anti-fascist march in Prague

The antifascist march was dominated by anarchist flags and banners as anarchist from at least 10 eastern and western European countries took part.

September 12th - S26 in Ireland and the origins of the anti-capitalist movement

Report of work Irish anarchists in the Workers Solidarity Movement are carrying out in preparation for the S26 Global day of action and some speculation on the origins on the new anti-capitalist movement.
by Andrew

August 5th - Report of Reclaim the Streets action

With no immediate or obvious leadership our motley crew of 50 or so activists and entertainers led off by a man with much skill on the juggling fire brand block the road
by krossphader

July 5th 2000 - The Aldi strike: Solidarity is Strength, Scabs are Scum;

I spent five hours walking up and down outside the Aldi Supermarket on Parnell Street Dublin, getting wet. I was there supporting a group of mostly women strikers, who had been sacked for trying to join the union Mandate
by Aileen O' Carroll

Winning the Water War
In 1996 the domestic water charge was abolished. In 'Winning the Water War', Dermot Sreenan, an activist in the Federation of Dublin Anti-Water Charges Campaigns examines the campaign and the demonstration of people power that brought about the downfall of this charge.

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Water Charge

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