Old Head of Kinsale freed for an afternoon

July 28 2002

The battle to free the Old Head of Kinsale continues apace. On Sunday 28th July about 200 people staged yet another peoples picnic and walk on the beautiful headland, despite rain and then fog. The owners of the exclusive Golf course, who are attempting to deny public access, had mounted a concerted media campaign in the week running up to the picnic to blacken the name of the pinicers and undermine the protest. They failed.

In the Irish Examiner the previous Monday John O'Connor one of the owners had accused the protestors of being variously "Socialist Workers, balaclava wearing thugs, hippies, new age Travellers, Green party members, Workers party members" and outsiders of various kinds. All true barr the balaclava wearing thugs, but no mention for us hard working anarchists, shame on you mister O'Connor. The Sunday Tribune article was much the same if milder. Both paper insisted in quoting only Workers party members despite interviewing several people and the fact that both WP activists specified they were speaking as campaign members.

On the day a sea borne landing was carried out on the headland by a faithful crew heading out from Kinsale in a small boat. On land a large crowd of all the above plus kids in prams, grannies, grandads, dogs and tourists gathered at the gate. The security steadfastly refused to open the gate. So the now traditional climb began over the gate this time. Eventually with a steady flow of people entering they saw sense and opened the side gate and all humanity and the canines flowed in. The fog was so dense that the days golfing had been cancelled. So the board of directors and various hangers on had to be bussed out through the crowds of picnickers and not a balaclava in sight.

We picnicked on the old Head beneath the Lighthouse and them marched back to the gate for a barbecue.

Oh and we sang our new song "Old Head of Kinsale" to the tune of Mull of Kintyre.

The Supreme Court case is listed for December and the next peoples picnic is on August 25th.

[A Personal report from a Workers Solidarity Movement member, these reports are posted to the Ainriail list when first written]

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