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A good low volume list for tracking radical events in Ireland and news of Irish anarchism

Ainriail is an very-low volume list to which articles, press releases and announcements from the Workers Solidarity Movement and other anarchist groups are posted as well as details of demonstrations and meetings. Documents from campaigns we're involved with are also often posted as is other relevant material. So as well as being of interest to anarchists the list is also an excellant way of hearing of demonstrations etc in Ireland without getting a huge volume of mail.

There is no discussion on this list, those with the time to follow and join in discussions should also subscribe to irishanarchism [instructions on how to do so are sent when you subscribe to Ainriail]. This means we can gurantee that there will never be more then 8 posts a week to the list. Most weeks there are only two or so posts.

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Example posts for Week starting Monday 6th August 2001 (a busy week)


Statment from Irish anarchist arrested in Genoa

Announcement of anarchist meeting on Genoa in Belfast


Article on what sort of anti-capitalist globalisation movement we need


Article on the struggle against the bin charges


Statement from another anarchist who was arrested in Genoa and held for nearly 20 days detailing what happened to him


Announcement of fund raiser in/for a libertarian political art space in Dublin



In the Spring of 1998 the Workers Solidarity Movement and Organise - IWA agreed to launch a joint bulletin that would be posted to all their contacts. This would advertise their respective publications, meetings and campaigns they were involved with. The Ainriail email list is the Internet side of this project (Ainriail is Irish for anarchism). Organise left the IWA and dissolved itself in May 1999.

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