Email lists associated with Struggle

These are all emails lists the Struggle web maintainers helps to maintain, apart from this no connection between them is implied, see the Struggle page for details on how the Struggle site works.

Hi and welcome to the list, one of a number that I run from Struggle for a wide variety of organisations and causes. You will find details of the other lists below. Have a read through this list and join any that you consider relevant.

New pages on the Struggle site

Whenever I update this site (, which is normally every two weeks, I send a short mail to Struggle New listing the titles of the new pages that have been added and giving the URL for accessing them. Only I can post to this list so there are never more then three posts a month.

To subscribe send an email to or visit

Struggle talk

A high volume discussion list for people interested in the sort of stuff published on struggle. Join at or by emailing

Ainriail - Workers Solidarity Movement mailing list

Ainriail is an very-low volume list to which articles, press releases and announcements from the Workers Solidarity Movement are posted as well as details of demonstrations and meetings. There is no discussion on this list as it is moderated. This means we can gurantee that there will never be more then 8 posts a week to the list. Most weeks there are only two or so posts.

Anyone can subscribe to Ainriail by sending a mail to with the subject subscribe or by visiting


Discussion list for anarchists in Ireland which is moderated by members of the various anarchist organisations here. Much higher volume then ainriail but good for following discussions and campaigns in detail. Send an email to or visit


Global Ireland

List for Irish activists organising against global capitalism. Started at the time of the Seattle N30 demonstration and used to organise an Irish demonstration then. Later used to co-ordinate Irish activity around Prague S26 and later globalisation protests. Just email or visit

Mujeres Libres

An anarchist feminist discussion list named after the anarchist womens organisation formed in the course of the Spanish Revolution of 1936. To join send an email to or visit


Irish labour history discussion list

If you are interested in Irish history and would like to discuss labour and radical history with others then this list is for you. It is unmoderated but people who persistently post off topic messages will be removed.

Subscribe by sending a blank message to or visit

The Organise list

Organise is an e-mail list created in 1995 by a number of active class struggle anarchists looking for a space to hold discussions that were open only to class struggle anarchists and where that space was not the property of any one organisation. See the web page below for more details

African anarchism mailing list

Moderated list for discussion about anarchism in Africa and news from African anarchist groups. However people who send irrelevant material have their automatic posting rights suspended so list volume is kept quite low.

To join anarchy_africa just send an empty message to or visit


Anarchist History

A moderated list for discussion all aspects of anarchist history

To join it send send an empty message to or visit


The Anarchist Platform

The Anarchist Platform is an international email list for anarchist who agree with the points it outlines and are willing to work locally for organisations in agreement with these points. These points are broadly similar to the WSM membership statement. It currently has members on all the world continents and has been translated into many languages.

See the web page below for more details on how to subscribe


Discussion list about the anarchist platform (above) which anyone can join whether or not they agree with the platform statement. Send a mail to or visit


Anarchist Anti-war list set up at start of Afghan war but used for other wars since. Send an email to or visit


Announcement list for when new WSM PDF filesare added to the WSM site, very low volume ( one or two posts a month), send an email to or visit


Announcement list for the Grassroots Gathering, join by sending an email to or visit