Big Black Coffin laying on the steps of Greek house

Nov 14 2003

Report on Dublin solidarity protest with Thessaloniki 7

We marched around the Square and up towards the Embassy which had a big blue and white national flag proudly flying outside it. On both sides of the coffin that was being carried by 6 smartly dressed young activists, we flanked this with black flags. Our arrival at the embassy obviously took the diplomatic staff inside by surprise. One guy rushed towards the door after spotting us though the window and opened the door up to inform us that this was an embassy.

"We know mate" we said as we slid the large black coffin onto the top step and in front of the door. We then posted in a press release and a speech was made from the top step about the reason behind this action. All the pedestrians were leafleted. Meanwhile, inside the embassy frantic phone calls were made to the forces of law and order. They wanted our cops to lift the

siege they were under. Nobody from the Embassy came out to talk to the protesters.

A red and black banner was unfurled which read no to State Terror. Some drivers going past honked their horns in support. Needless to say nobody from the state media showed up. By now there were over twenty of us and all the neighboring buildings were leafleted about this protest. From time to time the embassy staff looked out at us bemused. Apparently they were also spotted photographing the protesters from the windows.

Finally, members of the Gardai showed up. Previously, a one cop car had driven past, with the boys in blue desperately avoiding eye contact with the demonstrators, obviously more interested in lunch than dealing with this protest.

They asked people to remove the coffin. They were told that it wasn't our property. Indeed, it really belongs to the Greek state. They went in to discuss the situation with the staff in the embassy. When the staff emerged there were a few slogans chanted at them and we let them understand why we were there.

Finally we left this scene after about an hour outside the embassy. I think the guards we're dealing with the issue of the black box / coffin left on the steps.

Although I think we are well beyond the stage of writing lettersÉÉ


Letter's of Protest to

Ambassador Pispinis Ahileas-Vasilious
Greek Embassy, 1 Upper Pembroke Street, Dublin 2. Phone: 01-676 7254 Fax: 01-661 8892

Irish Supporters of the Thessallonki Seven

contact :
Contact no: 086 1770439

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