Anti War message rings in ears of US Marines at Shannon airport

Men, women and children have been bombed and gunned to death by US forces in Afghanistan and on Saturday 15th of December men women and children from the four corners of Ireland gathered at Shannon airport to protest at the use of that facility as a stop over and refuelling point for US death squads.

Protest at Shannon airport

About 70 people took part, far less than at the Dublin anti-war parades, there were no passionate speeches from politicians and only one paper seller. This was a direct action protest not a carnival. Some people did infiltrate the terminal which was pretty empty, but a solid phalanx of airport police and Gardai meant that any mass entrance was impossible. A protest took place outside the terminal first with the outlines of bodies being drawn on the ground slogans chanted etc. A minutes silence was observed for the dead of the war and then word filtered through that US marines were reboarding their plane.

Anti war protester being removed from Shannon airport

The protesters proceeded to the fence near the plane and let the US marines know what we thought of them. Nervous airport police and Gardai became more aggressive pushing and shoving a number of the protestors. Some of the barbed wire atop the fence became detached. One courageous soul legged it across the margins towards the plane but was tackled to the ground and arrested. Another protestor was arrested when Gardai pushed some people to the ground. There was a stand off for about 20 minutes and then we withdrew in an orderly fashion the message given and a marker put down.

Kids at Shannon protest

What we could have done with 3,000 people will remain in the realms of speculation until those opposed to war realise that direct action is the way forward.

Solidarity with those charged with offences as a result of the days events will be needed all those concerned with justice should keep in touch with this.

Anarchists against the War banner at Shannon


A really useful protest against the war in Afghanistan and the Irish States collaboration with same.

Whilst the numbers were relatively small, about 70, the focus was good and the energy levels high.

We got more media than 3,000 people marching in circles in Dublin, we got a direct message to the US army, thanks to the presence of the US marines on the day. We were certainly noted by the state and its representatives on the day, the pigs whether airport or gardai.

Chalk outline of body at Shannon

There were two arrests and there are likely to be three people charged with various offences most serious the comrade arrested inside the wire near the US warplane. It is now absolutely vital that solid solidarity work is carried out for these three and no one is left to face the consequences alone. Each group should be prepared to fundraise and agitate for their benefit.

Peaceful solutions

Some criticism is valid of the protest, yes we could have been better organised this would have needed a bit more fore planning everyone is at fault here. But spontaneous action can be extremely useful sometimes and every individual surely confronted with The US military sauntering around Shannon airport is not going to be able to stay completely passive.

We agreed on a non-violent protest many people, self included, were shoved pushed and quite aggressively at that, by Gardai and airport pigs people did exercise a great deal of restraint. The attempt to push through the door was ill advised. It was never going to succeed and could have resulted in a fight. One we could not win.

Pushing at the doors at Shannon

Confronting the marines was good. We offered no violence. Crossing the wire I don't know, it was certainly tempting but with the penalties so high and our numbers so low not a realistic option. That said I defend the right of anyone to do so.

The Shannon protest demonstarted clearly if it was needed the usefulness of direct action and the misdirection of our efforts in marching in circles in Dublin. If any real effort had been put into the Shannon issue all along the anti-war campaign could have been taken more seriously.

Shannon airport warzone

Anarchists especially need to insure that the next round is fought where it matters where the actual collaboration is taking place or at the centres of power, no more paper selling, recruitment fair, feel good, parades in Dublin.

Wanted sign

Peace and camera


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