Cork service charge activists released

Many thanks to all those who made the effort to help at the protests at City Hall and elsewhere in the past few days, and to all those who responded to our Email campaign.

Firstly, Joe Moore, James McBarron and Michael Joyce have now all been released (Sat morning). The jailings have been a PR disaster for Cork Corporation and have brought unprecedented attention to our campaign against the Bin Tax.

Arrested at Barrack St. Garda Station, Cork

James McBarron of HASC being arrested at Barrack St. Garda Station, Cork (Wed May 16th.)

In defiance of Cork Corporation, HASC will be at City Hall once again this Monday night (May 21st) to leave uncollected refuse at the steps of building. Join us in the protest if you can. An organising meeting of HASC will follow. We will not be defeated!

The Campaign is set to escalate even further next week, when another member of HASC, Sandra Condon, will be jailed. A protest has been called for 10 am on Wednesday 23rd May at the Garda Station in Gurranabraher, Cork. Sandra is due to be taken to Limerick prison to serve her three day sentence.

Other News:
Cork city dockworkers stopped work and joined the picket at Anglesea Street Court House on Wednesday to show their support for the campaign.

Dockworkers outside the courthouse on Anglesea St., Cork

Dockworkers outside the courthouse on Anglesea St., Cork (Thurs May 17th). A section of Cork dockers stopped work and issue a statement condemning the jailings of the HASC activists

Also on Wednesday, a further two members of HASC were ordered to pay fines of £95 or face 3 days in prison at the Cork Circuit Court. Another two cases were thrown out when it transpired that Cork Corporation had insufficient evidence to prove that the HASC members were actually 'littering'. A third case was deferred when the HASC member asked that his case be heard in Irish - however Cork Corporation were unable to provide anyone who could speak in Irish! A further four cases have been put off for one month.

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HASC picket

Members of HASC picketing out the Cork Corporation Bin Yard (Wed 16th May).

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