Reclaim the Streets

August 5th 2000 Suffolk Street Dublin.

....It was a muggy day with storm clouds gathering overhead when we reached the meeting point Mc Donalds in Grafton Street. Fifty minutes spent standing around waiting for a road blocking "tripod" (never showed) and a banner that arrived a little late.

With no immediate or obvious leadership our motley crew of 50 or so activists and entertainers sauntered down and led off by a man with much skill on the juggling fire brand (further proved by his superb work at a rave in Louth later that evening) about 40 of us block the road. After some initial confusion where a wretched taxi driver blaggs his way through with an unlikely "running to the hospital story" we control things for about 25 minutes.

A game of twister (come on you remember twister!) emerges and 2 footballs slightly worse for wear put in an appearance. Along with several members and contacts of the WSM I dish out our Anarchist News which are snatched out of our hands as people wonder "what the hell is happening here?" The feeling is one of total power, total control and total craic as skate kids twist and careen around the empty road, crusties kick footballs and no one plays twister (I mean come on twister for chris sakes!).

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The first of the Neanthertals from Temple Moore (police) in a cute yellow waist coat arrives accompanied by two "solid" six packs from the detective squad. 8 more of our pink snouted friends arrive and gradually and none too gently manhandle people off the road. By retreating slowly in a line things are still held up but the arrest of two activists endangers caution and eventually we are swept to the side though the drum and whistles continue backed by a tape deck playing Hip Hop off Powerfm.

Eventually after a bit of ribbing for our friends in blue most people retire to the Pub the two arrestees were held for a few hours and released unharmed - I have no idea at this time if any charges were preferred but I doubt it (You are hereby charged with an alleged "standing on the road offence") Interestingly by Tuesday 11 people had been killed in weekend traffic accidents on Irish roads. As we headed away to ponder the lesson "more people more fun" the storm clouds continued to gather............

Dublin Reclaim the streets meet in the Cobblestone Stoneybatter on Tuesdays 7.30. Funkatron 5000 systems



The text of the Anarchist News distributed on the day

The Irish Times carried a photo and article about the action which can be seen at
This incorrectly attributes the organisation of the action to the WSM rather then to 'Reclaim the Streets' carried also carried on article with more (blurry) photos of the action at

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