Bin tax - the WAR has begun

The initial battles are over and now finally the war has begun. After being beaten on every front and with non-payment still remaining very high, Fingal council became the first one to try and implement their new tactic of non-collection of the rubbish. This is something they've had to wait to implement because it took new laws to be railroaded though the dail for them to be able to start this withdrawal of services.

As I write this morning there are eight different trucks which are blockaded into various estates in the north Dublin area known as Fingal. The campaign is stating that either all the bags of rubbish are picked up or none of them shall be picked up. This is a vital couple of weeks for the campaigns.

In the City area there has been 'Lobbies' of some depots as it's expected that the council will attempt non-collection here very soon. The idea behind the lobbying the bin-workers in the depots is that it gives them a chance to holding meetings with the authorities at which they can voice their concerns about this policy. SIPTU already have a position which states they are against the bin tax. However we shouldn't rely or put pressure on the workers. Ultimately our fight is with the City manager and with the bean counters and government who are pushing us towards paying more and more in these stealthy double taxes.

In the city area lobbies are taking place on depots in the following areas on Thursday morning at 7.00am, Grangegorman, Davitt Road and Glasnevin in a show of solidarity with the people of Fingal who are already engaged in blockades of the bin-trucks.

There is also an agreement that solidarity blockades on certain city runs on Friday morning in Cabra, Finglas,Ballyfermot, Liberties, Crumlin & Walkinstown, . In the meantime there is a lot

of meetings happening all over the city this week.

Next week we will be engaged in a full-scale war with the local authorities. They've started that this morning in Fingal and are then going to try and implement the non-collection in areas next week in the city. This is the time when we meet their challenge to us head on. We will not be bullied into paying this unjust tax. You will not steal any more money from the PAYE workers of this city.

Next Monday morning (15th) a Mass lobby is organised for the Rathmines depot as this is the depot where we think they will attempt to start the first non-collections from.

Our fight is not with the workers who are being bullied just like us, it's with the City manager who dreams of making profits at the cost of a vital public service to the people of this city.

Next week there is an activists meeting Monday at 7.30 in the Teachers club (36 Parnell Square, Dublin 1) and I strongly encourage all to try and make that meeting. This is a hugely important time for us and we have to stand strong against the bullying tactics. If we don't do that now we can look forward to paying service charges in excess of ¤700 a year and see all these jobs privatised and "yellow packed". This is the peoples chance to say NO MORE to the government and to the local authorities who are putting the squeeze on the PAYE workers once again. Let's bloddy their noses once again and teach them a lesson like we did during the fight against the water-charges.


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[A Personal report from a Workers Solidarity Movement member, these reports are posted to the Ainriail list when first written]

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