SIPTU section supports Columbian Coca-Cola

Tuesday, Mar 16 2004

SIPTU members in Trinity College have called for no investment in Coca-Cola by the Trinity College pension fund (or by SIPTU's own pension fund).

At today's annual general meeting of the union section - which represents over 550 security, cleaning, catering, secretarial, computer and other non-academic staff - there was overwhelming support for the disinvestment motion.

The members heard that Coca-Cola is implicated in the murder and intimidation of bottling plant trade unionists in Columbia. For this company to stand idly by when they are quite capable of bringing enormous pressure to bear on their bottlers is not acceptable.

This motion arose from the request of the Columbian Trades Union Congress for concrete solidarity with the workers in the plants. As we like to put on our union banners 'An Injury to One is the Concern of All'.

Previously the section committee (shop stewards) had invited representatives of the SIPTU bottling plant workers in Ireland and the Latin American Solidarity Centre to meet with them.

by Alan MacSimoin

[A Personal report from a Workers Solidarity Movement member, these reports are posted to the Ainriail list when first written]

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