Report on Defend our civil liberties meeting

Jan 10 2002

On Wednesday October 12th a large protest took place at the salubrious Burlington Hotel in Dublin. Delegates from large corporations and several government ministers met to discuss Public/Private Partnership agreements in effect creeping privatisation of public services. The noisy demonstration entered the hotel car park and approached the hotel but was shortly afterwards attacked fairly savagely by police (with no ID numbers) and private security thugs. 14 arrests were made and one person required 4 stitches in the head. [For more details see 'Gardai attack globalisation protest at Dublin's Burlington hotel' at

In the context of this and arrests at many demonstrations since September 11th Globalise Resistance called a "Defend our civil liberties meeting" - Earl of Kildare Hotel Tuesday 8th January

About 35-40 people turned up mainly non-party political. Firstly the video (shot by Rohan and later seized by the police) was shown of the Burlington anti PPP demo and the attacks by the cops. Pretty disturbing stuff much more so when you view it in the cold light of day. The attacks by the cops and hotel security were pretty ferocious Then Ivana Bacik from TCD, Labour party, Alliance for a No Vote spoke on some of the new legal powers introduced in Europe, Canada and America since September 11th. Kieran Allen of the SWP one of 2 people arrested at the American embassy spoke in general terms about how defending these cases was in everyone's best interest and how we shouldn't let the cops put us on the defensive. He claimed that the Irish Anti war Movement had been quite successful despite the repression. The contributions from the floor ranged from the awful (Dublin Sparts and other nutters) to fairly reasonable questions about surveillance on the internet etc.

Unfortunately there was no real talk of building a broad-based defence campaign for the defendants, which I think, is needed. Some stuff has been organised though Globalise Resistance which, I suppose, makes some sense as the Burlington picket was organised by them.

Meantime they are calling for petitions to be distributed calling for the dropping of the charges. Donations which can be made via Globalise Resistance Account Number 35247134 Bank of Ireland, College Green, Dublin 2 info from GR 086 4098186

Protests outside courts

1.For the 2 anti war activists - Monday January 21st 10.30 am Bride well (behind the forecourts)

2. For Burlington Defendants Thursday Feb. 21st 10.30 am Old Richmond Hospital, North Richmond St.

Conor Mc Loughlin (Burlington defendent personal capacity)

[A Personal report from a Workers Solidarity Movement member, these reports are posted to the Ainriail list when first written]

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