Kissinger traumatised by Cork experience

Henry Kissinger was reported as being a bit shook by the barracking he received in Cork, a lot less no doubt than his numerous victims.

Invited to Cork by the Crosby Holdings Group (Examiner newspaper) and sponsored by Bank of Ireland amongst others he was reportedly paid 100,000 Euros to tell thick Irish capitalists how to make money. There was massive opposition to his visit and two good demos. First on Tuesday night when he was wined and dined in th University by the usual suspects including Harney. 50 or 60 protestors sorry I didn't count chanted screamed and beat drums. He sneaked in the back door and only 2 of us got to hurl abuse from behind a lot of pigs special and not so special.

The following morning was better however even though it began at 7.30am which must have been very traumatic for the students involved. It started with about 60 rising to hundreds by afternoon. Henry K got a severe barracking on the way in including an attempted citizens arrest. He was so befuddled he had to rest before delivering his speech. The demo was cool with ongoing education about HK throughout. Many students had not been born obviously when he was in his prime.

THE gardai provided a heavy presence on both days uniformed and armed special branch. The message was conveyed. So now back to the referendum.

[A Personal report from a Workers Solidarity Movement member, these reports are posted to the Ainriail list when first written]

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