Cabra marches on Mountjoy


What's really going on in the city is not what you'll read in the papers. A good sized march of over 500 people took place last night. People assembled in Cabra outside the Bingo hall and marched down the New Cabra Road towards Mountjoy prison where there is still ten brave anti-bin tax protesters incarcerated there.

The march was a noisy affair and was massively supported by the passing motorists, truck drivers and bus drivers as they passed us by in the other lane. At the Prison there were a number of brief speeches from members of the Cabra Committee against the bin tax. There were cheers of support and solidarity from the crowd towards the anti-bin tax prisoners inside. The campaign is growing stronger all the time despite the lies in the media and the hype by the state trying to make us out to be some kind of unrepresentative outlaws. The unrepresentative ones are in the dail who coninue to pursue policies that make the PAYE workers pay more whilst their friends in big business hold off shore accounts and avoid taxes.

There is a major meeting planned for St. Finbarrs GAA club in Cabra on Tuesday night and all are encouraged to attend in the area.

After that I went to a pub quiz on Stoneybatter which was well attended and much needed money was raised for the campaign.

Despite the State jailing people, injuncting people, spreading lies about us in the media, the councils lying, the campaign is still alive and kicking back against this double-tax. The campaign represents the views of working class people and it is doing everything in it's power to stop the councils from withdrawing the service and ultimately privatising it.

The bin workers (some of whom attended the march last night) know where all this is leading and their support is evident.

Together we will win this war against the Bin-tax and we will put a halt to the rampant gallop of Fianna Fail and the PD's towards privitisation of all our public services.


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[A Personal report from a Workers Solidarity Movement member, these reports are posted to the Ainriail list when first written]

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