Round One To HASC!

May 24th 2001

Cork Corporation did an about turn yesterday when they refused to proceed with the jailing of two HASC activists, Sandra Condon and Marie Healy. The two women, due to be taken to Limerick prison yesterday morning (Wed.) at 10 am, were told that they were not to be jailed after all.

Throughout yesterday, spokespersons for Cork Corporation attempted to explain away the dramatic development, however nothing could take from the fact that the jailings did not proceed in the face of unprecedented public protest and media attention. The jailing of two women so soon after the last week's prison sentence for three other members of HASC, was a huge embarrassment for Cork Corporation and the Gardai, and it has become clear that they have been taken aback by the resolve of the HASC campaign to continue its defiant campaign outside City Hall.

The warrants on Sandra Condon and Marie Healy still stand, and they have been threatened that they 'could be arrested at any time'. However it is clear that these jailings have now become a hot political potato and it is possible that the warrants will be allowed expire (6 months).

If the latter is the case then a major blow has been struck against the Bin Charges in Cork.

[A Personal report from a Workers Solidarity Movement member, these reports are posted to the Ainriail list when first written]

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