Bin charges meeting in Harolds Cross

June 15th

Last night saw the first meeting of the anti-bin charges campaign to be held in the Harolds Cross area. Although attendance wasn't as high as for meetings in other areas (partly due to the bad weather, and partly because some of the surrounding areas have yet to receive their first bills) it was still quite good. Around 50 people attended the meeting, perhaps a dozen of those were members of political groups - mainly the SWP but also the Socialist Party and WSM.

After the usual introductory speech, the meeting was opened to questions from the floor, and that's when things got lively. Sitting at the back of the room was a guy from the Dublin Corporation (the local body which introduced the charges), determined to take issue with almost everything the campaign said. Claiming to be an ordinary worker (though suspiciously well-informed of the operations and future of the new bins service) he argued that the new charge was necessary, that it wouldn't increase, and that it wasn't the first step towards privatisation.

But the reaction from the meeting was great - everyone showed a healthy disrespect for what they were being told by the corporation, and preferred to believe the evidence of their own eyes. Although it could be expected that the politicals at the meeting would argue with him, they weren't alone, and nearly everyone who attended the meeting got up to say how unfair the thought the charges were, and why they wouldn't be paying them. Harolds Cross has the potential to be a strong part of the non-payment campaign.


[A Personal report from a Workers Solidarity Movement member, these reports are posted to the
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