The Second 'Old Head of Kinsale' Protest

Over a 200 people - travelling by foot, bike and car - turned up on Sunday for the protest and picnic aimed at reclaiming the traditional walking and public amenity at the Old Head in Kinsale, Co. Cork. Once again people power and direct action were the big winners. After only the briefest of showdowns - "we cannot allow you onto the course - it is private property" - the golf course security and local Gardai and Special Branch were overwhelmed by the direct action of protesters.

Unlike the previous protest, the Golf Course Security Heavies appeared to be confused about what to do, and this combined with the determination of the Picnic-Protesters meant that victories was ours.

Throughout the remainder of the afternoon, the public had uninhibited access to the walk area and the Old Head, a situation that has not been known for over a year now. All around the feeling was once of achievement and victory. At the now traditional mass meeting at the Old Head Lighthouse, a number of people spoke about the need to keep fighting and the need to push on and established the public's access to the Old Head on an ongoing and full time basis - this must now become the real aim of the Reclaim The Old Head movement.

[A Personal report from a Workers Solidarity Movement member, these reports are posted to the Ainriail list when first written]

While Sunday's protest was declared a victory, it was clear to many of the protesters that the Gardai were engaging in surveillance of protesters throughout the proceedings. A number of plains clothes Special Branch officers mingled with the crowd and one filmed the proceedings using a small hidden mini camcorder. Apart from plain clothes Special Branch, some 10 uniformed Gardai were on duty in this remote area for the duration of the protest. Many of those attending were asked for details of their cars, their names etc and a number of protesters were fined or asked to produce licence and insurance to their local Garda station at a later date. Clearly the Golf Club owners are well connected! Money and power stick together!

The next protest has been set for the LAST Sunday of August - again same venue and same format. Pass the word on.

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