Report on Bin charges meeting Kingstown Hotel Dun Laoghaire

Sept 19 2003

The attendence was really desperate considering the media coverage &endash; about 40 people &endash; we can only hope it picks up

The council have issued letters and will start non collection for those owing more than 200 euros ten days after recipt of letter

Surprisingly Dun Laoghaire has by far the highest rate of non payment in Dublin which has increased as charges advanced to 275 euro/year

A council worker reported that workers were very sympathetic but unlikely to disobey direct orders from supervisors and that we must be very careful to so solidarity rather then hostility SIPTU has not given any instructions &endash; it officially has anti service charge policy &endash; so the position is slightly better then with IMPACT workers instructed to obey council by their union in Fingal

Agreed &endash;

1. Lobby of Sandyford depot 7 am Monday

2. Blockades &endash; if they refuse to pick up bins in any area. As the letters won't arrive until next week and they give another 10 days this means at least 2-3 weeks till any blockade attempt. I felt this was useless for areas like Fingal that need solidarity now. I argued for immediate blockades. I found myself in a minority of one!

We then divided into smaller groups to look at collection times in area and swap phone numbers etc. So at least the principal of blockad4es is accepted. Further local meetings to follow in Shankill, Sallynogin, Monkstown, Ballybrack &endash; anyone who wants to go e mail me (actually won't be able to reply till Monday !)

3. Solidarity action next week &endash; we will coordinate with any Dublin wide action from Dublin wide meetinmg in Teachers Club (next Saturday 12 pm) &endash; likely to be some sort of bin dump at Dun Laoghaire council offices

Thats it numbers and caution disappointing &endash; hopefully more resolve at local meetings


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[A Personal report from a Workers Solidarity Movement member, these reports are posted to the Ainriail list when first written]

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