Campaign Against the Bin Tax grows in Dublin Corporation

The following reports are from three anarchists involved in the Campaign Against the Bin Tax in the Dublin Corporation area. Over the last couple of weeks many local meetings have been held and next week there will be a protest at City Hall. All these reports are written in a personal capacity

[Personal reports from Workers Solidarity Movement members, these reports are posted to the Ainriail list when first written]
Demonstrate on June 11th

On June the 11th - the Dublin Corporation are meeting and it is planned to have a demonstration outside of City Hall on that date to let them know that like Dun Laoghaire / Rathdown - the Campaign Against the Bin Tax is alive and well in the Dublin Corporation area. The Corporation are staggering the bills over the Summer so as to try and dissipate the anger felt by people for having to pay this second tax.

It is important that we get a good turn out on the June 11th demo at 6.30 outside City Hall on Dame Street. We need to let the councillors know that a campaign is being built - that we are working towards a mass based non-payment campaign. In the same week that the Government announce a Tax amnesty for tax dodgers - they push in a bill though our doors for £95 for the collection of our refuse. This amount will be raised to £130 next year as they plan to introduce another bin. Don't be fooled by their lies - this is not a green tax. They are only interested in making us pay for this service - and making us pay enough so that they can privatise it in the future.

RESIST this Double Tax. Attend the demonstration next Monday night at 6.30pm outside City offices - Dame Street and tell the Corporation what we think of their Bin Tax. Get involved in the Campaign against the Bin Tax.

See you there,

Dermot Sreenan
(Interim Committee of Campaign Against the Bin Tax)


First meeting in Liberties

Thursday 31st June saw the first anti-bin tax meeting in the Liberties area of Dublin. In the week before the meeting a handful of local activists had distributed 3,000 leaflets and put posters up advertising the meeting outside local shops.

We were somewhat pessimistic in advance of the meeting because the bills have not yet arrived in the Liberties and so we expected few people to turn up on the night. In the end though some 23 people attended the meeting which is a good base of activists for building the campaign once the bills do arrive.

There was strong agreement that the way to defeat the bin tax was through a campaign of mass non-payment. This will have to be based around strong group of people from the area, something we are now starting to build.
(Liberties Campaign Against the Bin Tax)


Campaign builds in Walkinstown

The campaign against the bin charges in Walkinstown started unpromisingly, with a meeting in April of less than a dozen people (and most of those were members of the local SWP branch). But in recent weeks Dublin Corporation has started delivering bins to people's houses, and sending out the first batch of bills, and that has made all the difference.

Over the last couple of weeks local activists have been leafleting the area for another meeting in the Crumlin Social Services Centre. The turnout was better than anyone could have expected - almost 100 people came along to the meeting to find out more about the bin charges, and to see how they could be beaten.

The meeting went on for about an hour. Brid Smith (from the SWP) spoke for about 20 minutes, and then there were a lot of questions and comments from the floor. During the meeting an attendance sheet was passed around, and at least 30 or 40 of the people there said they were interested in getting involved in the campaign. A co-ordinating committee was set up at the end of the meeting, and over the next few weeks we'll continue working in the area, getting people to join the campaign, put up posters in their windows and - most importantly - refuse to pay these unfair charges.

(Walkinstown Against the Bin Tax)

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