Bin tax : Council sends out threatening letters

12 Feb 2002

The Dublin city council have been sending threatening letters to people who are refusing to pay the bin tax. A WSM member who is on the co-ordinating committee explains below what the campaigns plans are and how to deal with the letter.

Bin-charge update for Dublin city council area

The council has issued a letter to virtually everyone on their books - (it says at the top to disregard it if you have already paid the charge) threatening court action within 10 days. We see this as the last desperate sabre rattling from the Corpo - as they haven't been able to extract as much money as they had anticipated and that there is a fairly high level of non-payment despite the campaign not being that well known in various parts of the city.

Legally - we don't believe that they can do anything - except threaten to take you to court. We don't believe that they will take all the people - householders who haven't paid - to court. What they will do is take a few test cases.

We are asking people to not pay the bin-tax. Secondly - we are advising people not to sign for any registered letters - as this is probably how the summons will appear. (We don't expect people to be summonsed for at least another couple of months) - Either way this is a bad time for the politicians/ councillors to be seen to be dragging people to court.

The next step is for the Campaign to really push for membership - as that will be the basis for us to have a decent legal defence fund. Everyone who has received these letters should take out membership of the campaign - we are asking for EUR6 or EUR4 from each household. There will also be a central mobile phone number for people to contact - and the person there will put you in contact with the local organising group of the campaign.

There are 50,000 leaflets produced at the moment - telling people about the campaign - about how the councillors voted for this last November and telling people of the forthcoming conference. This is going to take place on March the 9th in O'Sheas Hotel in Gardiner Street. Local meetings will be taking place in a lot of areas over the next couple of weeks in the run up to the conference. Coming out of that we should have a much bigger membership of the campaign - we'll have a proper dlegate based comittee structure and we'll have a major push on with the press for coverage.

The bully boy tactics of the council - are going to come back to haunt them this year.

They can't possibly take all the non-payers to court and this time next year the level of non-payment will be even higher. Also the Supreme court ruling - dictates that there is a legal requirement on the council to take peoples rubbish away so they cannot refuse to take the refuse. With a bit of organisation now - a good membership drive - this campaign is there for the winning and we can defeat this double-tax and send they sleveen's in City hall running for cover.


[A Personal report from a Workers Solidarity Movement member, these reports are posted to the Ainriail list when first written]

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