Email Campaign against service charge jailings in Cork

Wednesday May 16th

[Please Distribute Widely]

Cork Corporation has today jailed three activists with Householders Against The Service Charges (HASC) - Joe Moore, James McBarron and Mick Joyce. The are currently in Cork Prision serving sentences for 'littering' outside Cork's City Hall. These 'littering' offences are bogus and are an attempt by Cork Corporation and the Cork City Manager to intimidate HASC's successful fight against an unjust and unfair tax.

We ask you to help with our email/ Internet campaign against Cork Corporation by

1) Copying the email below and posting to the Lord Mayor ( and the City Manager (

2) Visit and Cork Corporation web site at and filling in their 'Feedback Form' ( Tell them honestly what you think of their disgraceful action.

3) Very important: Pass this solidarity protest onto as many people whom you know. Encourage them to take part and to email the Lord Mayor. The more protests the better. Let Cork Corporation know what we think of them and their tactics.


Suggested Email


Send to,

Dear Lord Mayor of Cork and City Manager,

I am writing to you to protest at your disgraceful decision to imprison Joe Moore, James McBarron and Michael Joyce of Householders Against The Service Charges (HASC). This is an outrageous action and one that I call on you to reverse immediately. It is a disgrace that you are using your office and position to blatantly intimidate and attack a popular campaign against the unfair Bin Tax. Your action does not have the support of the people of Cork or of workers anywhere.

I note that in 1991 protesters against the Service Charges were ALSO jailed in Cork Prison. Cork Corporation was the ONLY local authority in Ireland to take this draconian measure. You are making a big mistake. As in 1991, this will lead to an even greater determination among activists and workers to carry on with their just campaign.

At a time when Irish society is grappling with corruption at both Local and National Government level, AND with large-scale tax evasion by the rich and very well-off, it strikes me that your action today in jailing these three people, proves once again that there is One Law For The Rich, And One For The Rest Of US. I condemn your action.




Cork Corporation are proceeding with their action to imprison three members of Householders Against The Service Charges (HASC) - Joe Moore, James McBarron and Mick Joyce. The are to be taken to Cork Prison on today Wednesday for sentences ranging from between 5 and 5 days. HASC is calling an immediate protest today (Wednesday May 16th) outside Cork City Hall at 5 pm.

Bring banners and placards


James McBarron of HASC being arrested at Barrack St. Garda Station, Cork (Wed May 16th.)


Further protests will be held every afternoon at 5 pm for as long as the detentions last.

We need to let Cork Corporation and the city's councillors know that this sort of action is a disgrace. Any protest or solidarity action is appreciated. Please organise or do what you can. We have put some suggestions below:

What you can do:

> Attend the above protest or send a solidarity message to (or to HASC, 55 North Main Street, Cork).

> Organise a solidarity protest in your area. Let others know about the issue by what whatever means you have. Spread the word - Stop The Jailings!

> Send an email to Cork Corporation ( protesting at their action - further details to follow.

> Contact your local and national media. Raise the issue of this draconian action by Cork Corporation.

> Contact your union and ask about what it is doing about the jailing of the well-known trade union activist, Joe Moore, currently President of the Cork Council of Trade Unions. SIPTU is a key union in the Cork Corporation. Contact your local SIPTU office (or in Cork at Connolly Hall) and ask what they are doing about the jailing.


For background on this struggle and on the anti-Bin campaign, see:

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