Old Head Protest Taking In the Sun!

July 28 2003

A loud, stroppy 80 strong gathering of picnickers and protesters made it to the Old Head of Kinsale yesterday to continue the stand-off with the millionaire O'Connor brothers and their loyal servants (!) The Gardai.

Weather was great and the heavies lined up along the fence (The Gardai do not suffice as a security service, for the very rich, it seems) to prevent any incursions onto the now 4,000 euro a day Golf Jinx. In an unexpected and heart-warming act of defiance a contingent of protestors, the bulk of whom hailed from Spain and Catalonia, blocked Mercedes Drive (the road leading into the O'Connor fortress). Fearing for their 'authority' the 'loyal servants' moved in and moved the blockade on.

Food and organisation was provided by the Free The Old Head Campaign (at freetheholdhead@hotmail.com ) who also handed out a leaflet on the history and background to the campaign. Their next meeting is on Wed 30th at Quay Coop at 7.30 pm.

Kevin Doyle

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[A Personal report from a Workers Solidarity Movement member, these reports are posted to the Ainriail list when first written]

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