Abortion referendum - get involved

Feb 14th 2002

On March 6th there will be yet another anti-abortion referendum in the Irish republic, the third since 1983. Irish anarchists including the Workers Solidarity Movement are working for a No vote in this referendum through the Alliance for a No Vote. It is vital we turn out the largest possible pro choice No vote on the 6th. If you are not already involved with the ANV you should get involved.

The Alliance brings together many pro-choice organisations and activists in one grouping. As well as an excellent press campaign, which has secured major media coverage, the Alliance is also producing thousands of poster and hundreds of thousands of leaflets. Your help will be needed in getting these distributed over the next three weeks.

What the anti-abortion referendum will mean
Pic: What the referendum will mean

Here in Dublin we are helping to organise local groups to do door to door leafleting. On Tuesday night about 20 people turned out to leaflet in Drumcondra, a sufficiently large number to ensure most houses in the area were leafleted.

Tonight (Thursday) pro-choice activists will be leafleting in the Stoneybatter area. If you can give a hand we are meeting up at the Cobblestone in Smithfield Square at 7pm. If you're in or near Dublin try and get along for Saturdays march, details below.


Pro choice demonstration at the Dail
Pic: Pro choice demonstration at the Dail

Dail demonstration

Pro-choice activists demonstrated outside the Dail Wed 13th Jan calling for a 'No' vote in the upcoming referendum.

It is 10 years since we marched angrily demanding that X, a rape victim, be allowed to go to England for an abortion. The politicians told us they would introduce laws, which would allow for abortions, in the case of suicide, to be conducted in Ireland. They lied. They wish the issue, like the thousands of women who go to England each year, would just go away.

Now to make matters worse, they have forced yet another referendum on us. They are playing political games with women's lives. I, for one, am still angry. That is why I will be marching next Saturday on the anniversary of the X-Case. 10 years ago we said enough was enough. It is time to make our voices heard again.

Assemble Parnell Square at 2pm, spread the word.

Aileen O'Carroll

Abortion means 12 years in prison for women and doctors

Pic: Referendum means 12 years in prison for women

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Mary Harney : Abortion is the lesser of two evils

Pic: Mary Harney : Abortion is the lesser of two evils

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