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A broad umbrella for political and civil groups to come together to oppose the passing of the 25th Amendment to the Constitution (Protection of Human Life in Pregnancy) Bill, 2001

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ANV welcomes mandate to legislate for X case

"The people have given their verdict on the government proposal, and it is a clear mandate to legislate for the X case. Politicians, of whatever party, now have no excuse to avoid the issue. They have to bring in laws to vindicate the right to an abortion for suicidal women.

"We also need to move on and address the wider questions. Rape and suicide victims should be allowed the choice of terminating their pregnancies, as should women, such as Deirdre de Barra, carrying foetuses that cannot survive. Now that the government's referendum has been rejected, the whole issue of abortion in Ireland has to be addressed properly.
ANV spokesperson Cathleen O'Neill "



1. It will deny women who are suicidal as a result of a crisis pregnancy the right to have an abortion in Ireland-the X case of 1992, which allowed a 14 year old suicidal rape victim to have an abortion, will be overturned

2. It will criminalise women who try to perform an abortion on themselves- and anyone who helps a woman to get an abortion in Ireland. They will face twelve years in prison.

3.It will restrict existing medical practice by preventing doctors performing life-saving terminations, which only will be allowed

- in a number of 'approved places - where there is an immediate risk the woman may die -with no provision for emergencies

4. It will not protect the morning after pill or the IUD from legal challenge

5.It will endanger the lives of women and girls by denying Health Boards the power to take a suicidal rape victim, like the girl in the C case of 1997 abroad for an abortion

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Five changes, Five reasons to vote no
Alliance for a No Vote Legal briefing on referendum

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PD hypocrisy endangers women's lives
Is the PDs' survival in government more important to them than their liberal principles? Instead of hypocritically putting women's lives in danger, we should be facing up to the reality of abortion.

Criminalised - Exiled - Silenced
The abortion Bill that Fianna Fail and the PDs are railroading through the Dail criminalises, exiles and silences tens of thousands of Irish women.
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No abortions here, says Bertie
- even if you've been raped and you're suicidal
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Who we are and what we believe

We are a broad umbrella for political and civil groups to come together to oppose the passing of the 25th Amendment to the Constitution (Protection of Human Life in Pregnancy) Bill, 2001. Our membership is open to individuals, small groups and large organisations.

ANV believes that the proposals

  • Restrict the right to life of the pregnant women by excluding the risk of suicide
  • Reverse the X case
  • Criminalise vulnerable women and those who seek to assist them in their plight
  • Restrict the rights of women whose freedom to travel is inhibited
  • Place further pressure on suicidal women and women with psychological illness
  • Perpetuate social and economic inequality by entrenching the present unequal access to services in England
  • Fail to provide for the rights of women whose health is endangered by continuing with pregnancy
  • Put the health of women in danger through late abortions
  • Are legally flawed, constitutionally cumbersome and not recommended by the Oireachtas Committee
  • Ignore the real issue of the 18 women who travel to England each day, today, tomorrow and every day
  • Are insulting to the integrity of the medical profession
  • Are hypocritical by exporting the problem and refusing to deal with abortion in Ireland as a sovereign independent Republic
  • Discriminate against women living in poverty
  • Are more extreme than the current 1861 legislation
  • Are unsupportive of women in crisis pregnancy and undermine the objectives of the Crisis Pregnancy Agency
  • Ignores the real experiences of 75,000 Irish women who have had abortions since 1983
  • Repeats the mistakes of the proposal on the substantive issue already defeated in 1992

10 women travel to Britain every day from Ireland for an abortion

We aim to coordinate a public campaign and provide a platform for opposing the passage of the proposals through

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