Report on Cork anti-war marches

March 8th - Largest march in Cork for decades

Anti Iraq war march in Cork

Following the huge march against the war in Dublin on February 15 2003, a series of regional protests were held throughout Ireland on March 8th, International Women's Day. The march against the war in Cork was one of largest in decades. The march was organised by Cork Anti-War Campaign and an estimated five thousand people took part. The otherwise inspiring demonstration was marred by the rally which took place later at Emmet Place. Between good beats and lively music the crowd had to listen to not one but two Labour Party politicians. Other speakers included Joe Higgins and Mary Kelly.


Rally after Cork march
Pic: Rally after Cork march

March 23rd - after the start of the war

Anti war
Pic: Front of March 23rd demonstration

After the war began a second demonstration was held in Cork on Saturday, March 23rd. This huge march clearly matched the earlier one in terms of its size, determination and anger. The crowd was estimated to be in the region of 5,000. Again organised by the Cork Anti-War Campaign, the march made a spectacular and unannounced 'sit-down' protest along the length of Cork's main street, Patrick Street. The mass 'sit-down' lasted almost twenty minutes and protesters listened to series of speeches condemning the US attack on Iraq. Later when the march ended at Daunt Square a further sit down protest occurred, lasting for the rest of the afternoon. Displeased at the show of strength and solidarity on the day Gardaí ran off with a substantial amount of fundraising money collected on the march for the anti-war campaign. This money has never been returned.

Sit down protest in Cork, Ireland
Pic: Sit down protest

Earlier the same day, a group of anti-war protestors had occupied the offices of Fianna Fáil on the Grand Parade. Protesters disrupted the business in the offices and placed a banner on the office windows: 'Fianna Fáil Traitors No To War.'

Fianna Fail anti war
Pic: Fianna Fail offices

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Anti war Sit down protest
Pic: Sit down protest around Daunt square

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Banner from 1st march

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