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This page has background articles on all the issues around the war(s) from Islam to US foreign policy. It also has a number of PDF files which YOU can print off and distribute locally to inform others of the reality of war. It's not intended as a news page

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Shannon airport protests

A tale of two atrocities
Comparing the reporting on Saddam's mass murder compared to the 100,000 killed by Bush and Blair.

No news is good news...
The US State Department is not printing its annual terrorism report. Why? because the number of terror attacks is at an all-time high. So much for Bush's "war on terror."

Incredible, but true
The FBI is censoring reports released under the Freedom of Information Act as disclosure harm the "personal privacy" of Osama bin Laden! What does Bush have to hide?

Just a coincidence?
The Bush Junta has just got $500 million to build bases in Iraq.

Not welcome Anywhere!
Bush gets booed at the Pope's funeral while in Iraq 300,000 protesters burn him in effigy. Only such mass protests backed up by direct action can end the occupation.

Deterring Democracy in Iraq
How the US has ensured that democracy in Iraq does not threaten its plans for the country.

People Power in Lebanon
On the protests in Lebanon and how Bush is not responsible for them.

Must try harder!
While the US is happy to attack its new "democratic" regime in Iraq for human rights abuses, it remains silent on its own.

What a coincidence!
The new Afghan government will allow the US to build permanent bases while the new Iraqi government is made up of previous US appointees. What are the chances of that happening?

Democracy in Action?
Reports say that United Iraqi Alliance has abandoned its election promise to demand a timeline for U.S. withdrawal. Welcome to western-style democracy!

On the Forthcoming Election in Iraq
Washington faced the "democracy paradox" - any truly representative democratically elected government would seek to get rid of the occupation.

Letter to Gilbert Achcar
Reply to Alex Callinicos

Building the Anti-War Movement from Below
The question now is what sort of broad anti-war movement can be built that is genuinely inclusive and democratic?

What a bunch of Muppets
Iraq is getting worse, so exposing the Bush Junta's incompetence (and ulteria motives).

The Salvador Option
The US is thinking about using death squads in Iraq. Obviously killing tens of thousands in Central America is considered a success.

Bush: Al Qaeda's best recruiter
The Bush Junta choice of Alberto Gonzales as Attorney General shows (as usual) it is busy strengthening Al Qaeda.

Freedom, Iraqi style
How the use plan to turn Fallujah into a police state, with the aid of slave labour.

Fallujah: Liberation at work
On the civilian deaths in Fallujah.

It's official (again), no WMD in Iraq
No Iraqi WMD. Not to worry, as Bush would do it again knowing what he knows now. Remember 9/11 and don't think!

A few bad apples?
The AUCL gets a FBI memo which shows Bush approved the use of torture in Iraq (and elsewhere). The Bush Junta are the real "bad apples" responsible.

This is what democracy looks like?
On the US assault on Fallujah. Saddam would be proud.

100,000 plus dead. Mission Accomplished?
The latest figures of possible dead civilians in Iraq due to the war is shocking. With the so-called moral case for war on its last legs, why did it happen? The short answer, imperialism.

No shit, Sherlock!
So it is now official. Saddam had no WMD. So we went to war based on (effectively) Saddam's letter to Santa. Some ideas on how the anarchist media in the UK should develop. Plus a call for people to help out with Black Flag magazine.

Fantasy Politics
Is Bush back on the drink and drugs? How else can you explain his apparent new abode in fantasy island when it comes to Iraq? And Blair's almost as bad. From September 2004.

On the new regime in Iraq and why Iraq is not "liberated" or "free." And how the US has taken over Saddam's role as the crusher of Shia revolts.

Beating about the Bush
On the lies, smears and distortions of the Republican National Convention in New York. How imperialism abroad is distracting from class at home. Bush as "girlie-man" and the Republican love of the leader principle.

Slaughter and Lies
Over the past decade Chechnya has been torn apart by a vicious and brutal war between Russia and Chechen separatists.

We Should Not Have Allowed 19 Murderers to Change our World
Hands up those who knew the name of Fallujah on 11 September 2001. Or Samarra. Or Ramadi. Or Anbar province. Or Amarah. Or Tel Afar, the latest target in our "war on terror''

Men in black
A blog from a U.S. Army Machine Gunner in Mosul. [Note as of Sept 2004 almost all of the articles have been removed after he had reported getting in trouble with the higher command. I'll leave the link in place in case they reappear]

Civil protest against the "Separation Fence"
Excellent text and photo display from an activist with "Anarchists Against the Wall"

Wanker of Mass Destruction
The Butler report (surprise!) let Blair of the hook, in spite of the evidence that the case for war was a lie. However, Blair is not the cause, the system is.

Tear down the Wall!
The International Court of Justice has rightly ruled against Israel and has been ignored. As anti-imperialists, anarchists must call for the dismantling of the wall and the right of self-determination for the Palestinians. However, only a "no state" solution can ensure lastingpeace and self-determination for all.

The show trial begins
A few comments on the charges against Saddam, noting the hypocrisy and complicity of the west on almost every charge.

What's Iraqi for Newspeak?
On the farce of the transfer of "sovereignty" in Iraq.

The Moore the merrier
A short comment on the backlash against Michael Moore. If only people had been as concerned about fact-checking Bush and Blair!

Five days in the life of an invisible war
The rebels attack because the marines are there. The marines are there because the rebels attack. In an extraordinary dispatch, foreign correspondent of the year James Meek describes life in a Catch-22 world where a human life is valued at $500, the mercury rarely falls below 40 and the daily carnage goes largely unreported

And they all come tumbling down...
How the 911 commission has exposed yet another Bush Junta lie about Iraq, as has a recent opinion poll of Iraqis.

Free at last?
Iraq will not be free on June 30th. The UN has simply rewarded US imperialist aggression.

The Corporations That Supplied Iraq's Weapons Program
A leftist German daily newspaper received portions of the original, uncensored Iraq weapons-program dossier 12,000-page dossier. (The names of the corporations have been blacked out of the version of the report given to the ten non-permanent members of the Security Council.)

Bush election donors share $8 billion Iraq bonanza
Major donors to George Bush's election campaigns were the main beneficiaries of an $8bn (£4.7bn) bonanza in government contracts for the rebuilding of Iraq

Trucks made to drive without cargo in dangerous areas of Iraq
Twelve current and former truckers said Knight Ridder that they risked their lives driving empty trucks while their employer, a subsidiary of Halliburton Inc., billed the government for hauling what they derisively called "sailboat fuel.

Video Shows Iraq Wedding Celebration
A videotape captures a wedding party that survivors say was later attacked by U.S. planes early Wednesday, killing up to 45 people

End the Occupation!
The pictures of US torture of Iraqi prisoners is yet more evidence that the occupation must end. And it's not a "few bad apples", it is systemic.

Iraqis lose right to sue troops over war crimes
British and American troops are to be granted immunity from prosecution in Iraq after the crucial 30 June handover, undermining claims that the new Iraqi government will have 'full sovereignty

Mirror, Mirror
After the sacking of the Mirror editor, why not start sacking the lying politicians who invaded Iraq?

Children of Bush's America
The torturers of Abu Ghraib were McWorkers who ended up in Iraq because they could no longer find decent jobs at home

Haiti and US Terrorism
Haiti has long suffered from Uncle Sam's interventions. Born through slaves' revolts against their French masters, Haiti was the first black republic in the world -1804 - and for that has paid a high price.

Torture is news but its not new
When I first went to report the American war against Vietnam, in the 1960s, I visited the Saigon offices of the great American newspapers and TV companies, and the international news agencies. There were photographs of dismembered bodies, of soldiers holding up severed ears and testicles and of the actual moments of torture

State Terrorism
If we examine history and look at current events in the world we are confronted by a multitude of examples of state terrorism.

Destroying Iraq in order to save it
On the US attacks on Fallujah, the logic of occupation and how we can end it.

Fallujah Rebels, Residents, Police Celebrate Victory over U.S. Marines
While Marines report a successful excursion to the heart of Fallujah, civilians and armed mujahideen join Iraqi police and soldiers in touting the defeat and retreat of US forces in the battle for Falluja

A new monster-in-chief
Lynndie England, however unpleasant, is not the the villain of this debacle. She is what happens when politicians prosecute shambolic wars in the name of piety. Lined up behind a heap of bodies topped by her gleeful little face are the shadowy stylists for this cameo of prison life

Millonaries go to war
Expect worlds workers to do the fighting for them


PDF poster, click on the image to downlaod a copy of the poster to your computer. You can then print out as many copies as you like. (The text reveals how both come from wealthy oil families and are content to target ordinary people for their politcal ends).

Millonaries Bush and bin Laden go to war

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Iraq occupation coverage

News from Iraq

Resistance to war and analysis of the war

Iraqi workers organise

Baghdad Burning
Girl Blog from Iraq... let's talk war, politics and occupation. A very sharp perspective on events.

CNT Madrid declares its rejection to the terrorist outrages on the11th March
It seems unreal that, nowadays, fully installed in the 21st century, we still have to keep reminding to people that workers are exactly the same here in Madrid than in Cordoba, Barakaldo, La Bisbal, Kandahar or Bagdad.

Iraq Body Count
This official disinterest must end. We are now calling for an independent international tribunal to be set up to establish the numbers of dead, the circumstances in which they were killed and an appropriate and just level of compensation for the victims' families.


American Marine "Ashamed" of Iraq Experience
Ever since his return home last April, U.S. Marine Jimmy Massey has had a hard time sleeping, feeling "ashamed" of involvement in killing no less than 30 Iraqi civilians during his one-month mission. "We had no qualms about opening fire on any car crossing a checkpoint without hauling up,"

The U.S. Global Empire
According to the Department of Defense publication, "Active Duty Military Personnel Strengths by Regional Area and by Country," the United States has troops in 135 countries.

Falluja - no ceasefire, Americans are shooting at ambulances
The US has snipers around the city from the West into the center, in houses all around the main streets and are picking off people on the streets, cars and ambulances.

Fury Ignites Solidarity in Iraq
BAGHDAD - April 9, 2003, was the day this city fell to U.S. forces. One year later, it is rising up against them. The war against the occupation is now being fought out in the open, by regular people defending their homes - an Iraqi intifada

Iraqi troops refused to fight in Falluja
A battalion of the new Iraqi army refused to go to Falluja earlier this week to support US Marines besieging the town, American military commanders have said

The battle the US wants to provoke
I heard the sound of freedom in Baghdad's Firdos Square, the famous plaza where the statue of Saddam Hussein was toppled one year ago. t the front of the square was the statue that the Americans put up in place of the toppled one of Saddam. Its faceless figures are supposed to represent the liberation of the Iraqi people. Today they are plastered with photographs of Moqtada al-Sadr.

Bremer Has Destroyed My Country
Even the pro-US manager of Iraq's Pepsi plant feels betrayed by an occupation which has spawned fear, hatred and chaos

Atrocity In Fallujah
"The bodies were hanging upside down on each side of the bridge. They had no hands, no feet, one had no head." My old Iraqi friend had been driving into Fallujah just after the massacre, the stoning, the burning

Falluja, Held Hostage
Jo Wilding - Sergeant Tratner of the First Armoured Division is irritated. "Git back or you'll git killed," are his opening words.

Jo Wildings report from Falluja
We're trying to get to a woman who's giving birth without any medical attention, without electricity, in a city under siege, in a clearly marked ambulance, and you're shooting at us. How dare you?

Iraqi Opinion and the Western Media
The national survey of Iraq conducted this February by Oxford Research International hit the news on the 16th of March.

Two GIs in Iraq Seek Objector Status
Two U.S. Army medics in Iraq have applied for conscientious objector status and want to be honorably discharged from the military because the idea of killing is "revolting" to them

Deserter aims to be first veteran to challenge Iraq war's morality
In Iraq last April, freshly promoted Staff Sgt. Camilo Mejia led squads of Florida National Guard soldiers in the fight against insurgents in the deadly Sunni triangle

Iraqi Exile Group Fed False Information to News Media
The former Iraqi exile group that gave the Bush administration exaggerated and fabricated intelligence on Iraq also fed much of the same information to leading newspapers, news agencies and magazines in the United States, Britain and Australi

US soldier on frontline in battle for refugee status
Family moved to Canada after private refused to fight in 'dehumanising' Iraq war

Iraqi Civilians Beaten to Death by British Soldiers
The last thing Bashar Mousa remembers about his father is the sound of his screams as they were both kicked and beaten by British soldiers, the young man claims. Then suddenly the screaming stopped.

Iraq's working women worry
Nidal Jreo was selected as the first woman judge in the conservative Shi'a Muslim city of Najaf. Six months later, she has yet to take the bench.

Soldiers, Families Oppose Bush: Casualties Mount Post Saddam
President Bush's war in Iraq faces growing opposition from those who are on the front lines: soldiers, their families and veterans, including high-ranking officers

Robert Fisk: Saddam Hussein, Like Adolf Hitler, Will Live on for Millions of People
Was this really the man with whom I shook hands almost a quarter of a century ago? I've spent 24 hours looking again and again at those videotapes. The more I look, the more Saddam turns into a wild animal. An American interviewed by The Associated Press said he'd gone straight to church to pray for him

Insurgents or protesters? 18 are killed in clashes with US troops
Dramatic videotape from the city of Ramadi 75 miles west of Baghdad showed unarmed supporters of Saddam Hussein being gunned down in semi-darkness as they fled from Americans troops

The True Story of the Battle of Samarra
The US army is increasingly sensitive on the subject. Lt-Col George Krivo angrily accosted The Independent on Wednesday. "I can tell you one thing - we trust our soldiers!" he said, half-shouting.

The Echoes of Vietnam Emanating From Iraq
Now it's the "Iraqification" rather than the "Vietnamization" of a quagmire war in another distant and increasingly hostile land.

Open Letter to GIs in Iraq from Viet Nam Vet Stan Goff
I am a retired veteran of the army, and my own son is among you, a paratrooper like I was.

Iraq: Quicksand & Blood
Many top Bush aides played key roles in the repression of leftist peasant uprisings in Central America in the 1980s, a set of lessons the Bush administration is now trying to apply to the violent resistance in Iraq.

U.S. War Dead in Iraq Exceed Early Vietnam Years
The U.S. death toll in Iraq has surpassed the number of American soldiers killed during the first three years of the Vietnam War

The health and environmental costs of war on Iraq
Drawing on sources within and outside Iraq, the international health charity Medact says that the health consequences of the 2003 war on Iraq will be felt by its people for years, maybe generations.

CIA warns of U.S. defeat in Iraq
A TOP-secret CIA report warns that growing numbers of Iraqis believe the US-led coalition can be defeated and are supporting the resistance

Robert Fisk: Taking the Saudi Out of Arabia?
Osama bin Laden has an awful lot of friends in Saudi Arabia

US troops question presence in Iraq
A sizeable portion of US forces serving in Iraq describe troop morale as low, and say they have no intention of re-enlisting. At least 13 US troops have committed suicide in Iraq

God put Bush in charge, says the general hunting bin Laden
The general leading the hunt for Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein has publicly declared that the Christian God is "bigger" than Allah, who is a false "idol", and believes the war on terrorism is a fight with Satan

Robert Fisk: A Lesson in Obfuscation
In the Basra area where the British rule 38 corpses have been found, hands and feet tied, each neatly executed with a shot through the back of the neck. Baath party officials, we're told.

Data Reveal Inaccuracies in Portrayal of Iraqis
Top Bush administration officials in the past weeks have been citing a pair of public opinion polls to demonstrate that Iraqis have a positive view of the U.S. occupation. But an examination of those polls indicates Iraqis have a less enthusiastic view than the administration has portrayed.

Iraq: Dissent Outlawed?
Aljazeera and al-Arabiya on September 24th 2003, has been banned for two weeks from covering the US-installed Iraqi Governing Council's activities.

Iraqi Women No Better Off, U.N. Official Says
In many ways, Iraqi women are worse off than before U.S. forces ousted Saddam Hussein and are too afraid to play a big political role for fear of being a target of extremists, a senior U.N. official said on Tuesday

We told you so
When we argued that Donald Rumsfeld's low-budget occupation of Iraq would turn out as disastrously as it had in Afghanistan, right-wing Republicans called us stupid and un-American. Now that we've been proven correct on every count, is it too much to expect an apology?

Amnesty International : 'War on Terror' Has Made World Worse
Washington's "war on terror" has made the world more dangerous by curbing human rights, undermining international law and shielding governments from scrutiny,

Police station torn down in defiant Falluja
Iraqis carrying hammers and axes yesterday began to demolish a police station in the troubled city of Falluja in a public act of defiance against the US military

U.S. To Ban "Incitement" Against Occupation In Iraq
The U.S.-led occupation administration said it would outlaw any "incitement" against the Anglo-American forces in Iraq even inside mosque

The Troops Are Afraid To Go Out At Night
What he meant, I think, was that it wasn't safe for American soldiers after dark. Hours later, I went out in the streets of Nasiriyah for a chicken burger and the Iraqis who served me in a run-down cafe couldn't have been friendlier.

Surveys Pointing To High Civilian Death Toll In Iraq
Evidence is mounting to suggest that between 5,000 and 10,000 Iraqi civilians may have died during the recent war,

Red Cross Denied Access To POW's in Iraq
Up to 3,000 Iraqis - some of them civilians - believed to be gagged, bound, hooded and beaten at US camps close to Baghdad airport

Saving Private Lynch, Forgetting Rachel Corrie by Naomi Klein
Corrie was four years older than 19-year old Lynch. Her body was crushed by an Israeli bulldozer in Gaza seven days before Lynch was taken into Iraqi custody on March 23

Plan for Iraq handover government scrapped
Allied officials told leaders of the Iraqi exile community, that they had abandoned plans to allow Iraqi opposition forces to form a national assembly and transitional government.

Shiites March in Baghdad Against U.S.
Thousands of Shiite Muslims staged the largest protest against America's presence in Iraq since the war's end with a noisy but peaceful rally

Soldiers of the new front
This was the first time I'd seen rocks being thrown at journalists, and my immediate reaction - echoing the general consensus of other journalists I talked to later - was "Hey, not fair!"

We will say it again, slowly. You have been liberated
Another report from Caoimhe B in Iraq on civilian road deaths during the war

Crowd Control American-style - activist report from Falluja
A report from an Irish anti-war activists ""why do they insist on continuing to massacre our people &endash; how much more blood do they want?" "show them, show the world, tell them the truth."

US Troops Fire on Falluja Crowd again, another 2 killed
The crowd had been protesting outside the main U.S. command post in the town about the killing of at least 13 Iraqis in the town on Monday night.

U.S. Forces Fire on Iraqi Protesters killing 13
The al-Jazeera television station, quoting local residents, said the U.S. troops opened fire after someone threw a rock at the school.

Arms dump explosion kills at least six in Baghdad, provoking angry protests
We kept telling the Americans not to store explosives so close by. What happened? Why didn't they listen to us?

US arrests 'bogus' Baghdad mayor
He was arrested on the bizarre charge of "exercising authority which was not his".

Revolution city
Now the war is over, Iraq's downtrodden Shia majority is rising up. It speaks with many voices, but its demand is simple - Islamic government under sharia law.

After 13 years fighting Saddam, Lord of the Marshes wants his country back
"I have the same feelings about [US proposal to maintain four permanent bases in Iraq] as would every single guerrilla fighter round the world who does not want a foreign power over him,"

Religion and politics resurface as new voices of freedom
Jonathan Steele, in Kerbala, finds Iraqis on a possible collision course with the US.

Protesters pour from the mosques to reclaim the streets for Islam
Iraq's huge political differences erupted into the open in the capital yesterday as tens of thousands of religious protesters called on the US to leave the country

For the people on the streets, this is not liberation but a new colonial oppression
America's war of 'liberation' may be over. But Iraq's war of liberation from the Americans is just about to begin

Protesters on Iraq Bridge Block Marines
Dozens of protesters blocked U.S. Marines trying to cross the main bridge over the Tigris River

"No to America, No to Saddam"
About 5,000 Shia Muslims - 20,000, according to one Arab television station - marched through Nassiriya

Riots greet US appointed leader of Mosul
12 killed as US troops protecting the city's government building fired on the crowd

Iraqi Protesters Block Marines in Kut
The protesters were shouting "No, No Chalabi!" -- referring to Ahmed Chalabi, the leader of the Pentagon-backed Iraqi National Congress opposition group

Anti-U.S. protests in Baghdad
More than 100 Iraqis protested in Baghdad April 15 against what they called the U.S. military occupation, shouting "Death to America... Death to Bush."

Arab tribesmen challenge marines' control of Tikrit
Vigilante groups were springing up across much of the country yesterday, suggesting that the US military controls less of Iraq than it claims.

Blix attacks US war intelligence
The chief UN weapons inspector, Hans Blix, has claimed that the US tried to discredit his team and used 'shaky' intelligence to make the case for war in Iraq.


Iraq: the war continues
On the Shia revolt in Iraq. It must have put a damper any plans the US may have had to the mark the fall of Baghdad.

Lies, actually
Summarising some of the more obvious lies to justify the war which have been exposed recently.

Help wanted...
While the US finds it hard to get someone to be ambassador for Iraq, it is finding work for Saddam's old secret police -- in the new secret police!

Book Review - Palestine by Joe Sacco
In the book '1984', Winston Smith is told what the future is going to be like. He is told to imagine a boot grinding a face into the ground over and over again.

Tough on Blair. Tough on the causes of Blair
On why Blair's justifications for war are nonsense and why the focusing on Blair by some parts of the anti-war movement is wrong. We need to change the system, not politicians.

Is the real reason for really an official secret?
Jay Garner, the former interim administrator of occupied Iraq shows that the real reason for the invasion is not so secret after all

Looking like a right tit
What Janet Jackson's breast tells us about the Bush White House. And why anyone believing the nonsense of the Bush Junta suffers from a massive failure of intelligence...

A Whiter shade of White
An article on the whitewash called the Hutton Report. Did not predict the extent of the backlash as it was written the day after it came out.

We were right all along
An overview of what has happened in Iraq, indicating that anarchist analysis and predictions have, sadly, been confirmed.

Kilroy-Silk is an idiot
A few comments on Kilroy-Silk's racist article on Arabs and why freedom of speech must be defended while combating bigotry.

Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia...
On Rumsfeld revising history in September 2003 to deny he ever said the Iraqi's would welcome the US invasion with open arms.

Out by 20 years...
An analysis of Bush's 2004 "State of the Union" address. Exposes its hypocrisy and suggests it is even more Orwellean that we have come to expect from him.

The return of Mini-Me...
On how the US has replaced Saddam's dictatorship by its own.

What a surprise!
On how the recent announcement that British troops invaded Iraq without WMD shows that Blair lies. Plus the Bush Junta's announcement that it would bar companies from non-Coalition states from tendering for Iraqi reconstruction contracts shows that plunder was the real reason

Reaping the profits
On the Bush Junta's barring non-Coalition based companies from contracts in Iraq.

Every Cloud has a Silver Lining
In spite of the lack of WMD in Iraq, corporations are making money out of the search for them.

Direct Action against the war in Ireland
In every country after February 15th the anti-war movement was thus faced with the question of what to do next. In Ireland almost all of the direct action protests were targeted on Shannon airport. More than half dozen successful actions took place, ranging from a large scale breach of the fence in October, to physical attacks on planes as the build up to war escalated.

The IAWM's dismal leadership" A critique of the politics of Trotskyism
After months of regularly attending the Irish Anti-War Movement's marches and particularly after months of listening to the speeches of the leading lights of the IAWM my head is buzzing with cant and rhetoric and I have that dejected feeling you get when you know you have just lost a chance that won't be coming around again for a long time.

The trouble with Islam
The September 11 attacks, the Afghan war that followed from it and the ongoing war in Israel/Palestine have once again raised the issue of Islam in the minds of many anarchists in Ireland and Britain. Not just because of the role Islam has in shaping those conflicts but also because militant Islam has become a far more noticeable presence on solidarity demonstrations.

 The integrity of protest, the hypocrisy of power
A few comments on the rhetoric used by Bush and Blair before the latter's state visit to London in November. Why the protestors were right, in other words.

Debate on Iraq war
An (Iraqi) Kurd living in Ireland replies to us on democracy and the war in Iraq.

Sale of the Century!
Live, from Iraq... On US plans for selling Iraq off to US corporations.

The lie of the land
On the Bush Junta's backtracking over Saddam's WMD. No lie is too extreme for these guys!

Liberia: The myth of humanitarian intervention
Every so often the newspapers fill with stories of a crisis in some third world country. We see pictures on our screens of gunmen, starvation and suffering; inevitably we hear calls for humanitarian intervention.

Why does he hate America?
Find out which unelected head of state urged terrorists to attack American troops.

Anarchism and War
A short article on the anarchist position on capitalist wars.

Review: Rudolf Rocker: Nationalism and Culture
For Rocker, nationalism was the foremost ideology - or mythology - which the ruling classes were using to bind the working class to them in an ever tighter form of voluntary submission.

The "More Oil" Case for War
Text of a leaflet handed out on the September 2003 anti-occupation demos in London and Edinburgh.

Dodgy dossiers, dodgier decisions
On the all-party foreign affairs committee deciding that Blair did not lie. Plus a few comments of the state of the UK anti-war and anarchist movements.

Democracy in action!
On the hypocrisy of Blair lecturing Chinese students on democracy.

Paging Mr. Kettle...
Blair (killer of thousands of Iraqis) on the death of Saddam's sons (killers of thousands of Iraqis).

The alternative to war
A society organised by the free association and federation of workers (and peasants, in some countries), with decisions made directly by the people affected by them. A new era, of international solidarity, peace and co-operation is born.

Anarchy in Iraq?
A discussion on why media claims that the chaos in post-Saddam Iraq meant it was "anarchy" are incorrect.

What is Imperialism
Imperialism is the process whereby powerful groups try to extend their power and increase their wealth by bringing ever more of the world under their domination. Although the word comes to us from Roman times, imperialism has been around for a lot longer?

 Iraq war aftermath - Slaughtering democracy
The US/UK war against Iraq, trumpeted as a war for 'democracy', illustrates what this 'democracy' means in practice.

Stopping the "coalition of the killing"
An article on why fighting capitalism at home is the basis for fighting imperialism abroad.

Weapons of Mass Disappearance
Why the lack of concern about finding Iraq's WMD by the US is the best evidence they did not exist.

From the memory hole
Why attempts to downplay Iraq's WMD as the reason for war are rewriting history.

The power of morality
On the hypocrisy of the "moral" case for war.

Meet the new boss...
On the obvious fact that being subject to an occupying power does not equate to freedom. Particularly one which bans elections, censors the press and shots protestors.

Once more, with feeling...
A review of the nonsense on WMD used to justify the invasion of Iraq, and the post-Saddam rewriting of history.

A rose by any other name...
More on Iraq, exposing some of the "telling evidence" Bush and Blair inflicted on the world as a warning of the quality of what we can expect in future.

And US Justice for all!
Short note on the hypocrisy of Bush's claim that he will bring those who kill Americans to justice. Unless the American is a peace protestor and the killers a US client state, of course.

Instant Karma
Why this year's Eurovision result implies the necessity for anarchist revolution.

Democracy in action?
A short discussion on US plans for Iraq, how it violates Bush's claims on aiming for Iraqi freedom and why statism harms real freedom and the diversity it needs and creates.

Who are the appeasers?
Did Bush invade Iraq in part to appease Bin Laden?

This is a war for liberty, so do want you are told!
On why "following orders" is no defence for Bush's troops either

Double-plus ungood
A short article on the British government's complaints about the media during the Iraqi war.

From the Memory Hole, part two
On Blair's lying and revising of history to justify war on Iraq.

Meet the new boss...
On what the pro-war lobby wants us to forget.

A tale of two statues
A discussion on the real symbolism of the US troops toppling of Saddam's statue.

Watch this space
Is Syria next? Jack Straw says no. But then Blair said no to Iraq to, as this article reminds us.

Voting, Voices and Verification
A short article on how Blair's actions during the run-up to the Iraq war proves the anarchist case that votes are not power.

What now?
Why real freedom in Iraq is unlikely.

Beating about the Bush
An analysis of Bush's talk at the American Enterprise Institute at the end of February outlining his plans for post-war Iraq.

War is Terrorism with a bigger budget
Why the excuses used to justify this war are false.

History of anarchist anti-imperialism
The anarchist movement has a long tradition of fighting imperialism. This reaches back into the 1860s, and continues to the present day. From Cuba, to Egypt, to Ireland, to Macedonia, to Korea, to Algeria and Morocco, the anarchist movement has paid in blood for its opposition to imperial domination and control.

Resistance to war
A look at the history of anarchist and other resistance to war and the impact it has had

Mobilizations are being held today in repudiation of the Iraq war
EZLN - Our idea is not one single organization, but a movement with many organizations, with one basic accord, resistance, and with a common flag, that of rebellion

Iraq - the war continues; Shannon - the refuelling continues
As US forces continue to intern and kill in Iraq there is to be more demonstrations in Shannon this Saturday


The final victory will be the people's
An interview with Farzad, an Iranian Dissident in Exile in Ireland.

The Fight for a Free Iraq
What is life like for the Iraqi workers caught under the occupation and all too often in the cross-fire? The US/UK occupying force is not too happy that Iraqi workers are organizing themselves rather then obeying the puppet Iraqi Governing Council

Union busting, Iraqi style
Labour unions in "liberated" Iraq? You should know better!

Squatters' in Iraq, days are numbered
Ask Karim Daoud Hassan if he will move from his current home, and he responds bluntly: "We will blow ourselves up and kill people with grenades if anyone comes to remove us from here."

Umm Qasr Workers Take Strike Action, Beat Up Boss In front of Minister of Transport
A round of nods and 'Aiywahs' (Yeses) animates the room when he says, "There's no difference between Bremer and Saddam -- they're both thieves, two faces of the same coin. "

Victory for Iraqi Oil Workers! Unions Secure Higher Wages and Defy Bremer Dictates
Southern Oil Company workers won their three month struggle, underpinned by the threat of an armed strike, for higher and fairer wages this month.

Strikes, Bosses Attacked and Fistfighting with British Soldiers - Workers struggle in Basra
Dockworkers have launched 16 wildcat strikes in the past three months. There have been three general strikes over wages too

Workers rights and Baghdad's Daura Oil Refinery
'Privatisation is good because it keeps workers in fear'. 'It keeps workers in fear of their jobs'. 'Every worker here knows I control his life. If I sack him I ruin his life, his family's life'.

The Class Struggle in Iraq - an interview with a veteran
This is from 1991 but helps to demonstrate that not only is there an alternative to both Saddam and the US but also that many have already fought for it. In the days ahead the US/Britain will be shifting from fighting Saddam to stopping any uprising of Iraqi workers. This is from a page detailing Workers Struggle in Iraq

Union-Busting in Umm Qasr
According to Reuters, the White House today awarded a $4.8 million contract to Stevedoring Services of America (SSA) to manage the Iraqi port of Umm Qasr.

Occupation force casualties
Archive up to the occupation of Iraq
"We don't do body counts" General Tommy Franks, US Central Command


History of anarchist anti-imperialism
The anarchist movement has a long tradition of fighting imperialism. This reaches back into the 1860s, and continues to the present day. From Cuba, to Egypt, to Ireland, to Macedonia, to Korea, to Algeria and Morocco, the anarchist movement has paid in blood for its opposition to imperial domination and control.

Resistance to war
A look at the history of anarchist and other resistance to war and the impact it has had

Don't attack Iraq banner

haltWAR email list
Low volume mailing list for updates about the war focusing on direct actions. Send an email to to join or visit

Fight the real enemies

Fight the real enemies, cops, bosses, politicans

Anti war poster - war of those above against those below

There is no war against terrorism only the war of those above against those below

Do you belive the media

War against Terrorism? Do you belive what they tell you

Against War and Terrorism pamphlets

Against War and Terrorism, Issue 1

Against War and Terrorism, Issue 2

Against War and Terrorism - an anarchist pamphlet

[PDF file of pamphlet]

Against war and terrorism cover

PDF file of Against War and Terrorism issue 2

Against war and terror
While we deplore the attacks on the USA and the deaths of thousands of people we are also aware that the 'retaliation' to this attack is designed to advance the control of the USA and other western powers over the people of the world

The tragedy of Afghanistan
Afghanistan is a tragic country. The Soviet-backed coup and subsequent invasion in 1979 ushered in more than two decades of brutal war. During the 1980's, the US supplied at least USD 32 billion [1] of military aid to the mujahadeen, the Islamic opposition to the Soviet regime

Capitalist Terror and Madness
Terror has a long history in the service of counter-revolution, and will always work towards undermining the very foundations of a new, free, postcapitalist, society, or even one where forces of death, oppression and exploitation are significantly weakened

"Why do they hate us"?
A small group of militants, hundreds or a few thousand, hated the U.S.A. so much that they spent years planning their attacks on New York City and Washington D.C. A New York anarchist looks at there motives as they related to US foreign policy.

History of anarchist anti-imperialism
The anarchist movement has a long tradition of fighting imperialism. This reaches back into the 1860s, and continues to the present day. From Cuba, to Egypt, to Ireland, to Macedonia, to Korea, to Algeria and Morocco, the anarchist movement has paid in blood for its opposition to imperial domination and control. (This article was translated into French as Pour une histoire de l'anti-impérialisme anarchiste)

Diversity in Islam for Absolute Beginners
Roughly 1 in 5 of the world's population is muslim - that's over a billion people. Yet for all the talk about a global society with the telecommunication revolution bringing knowledge to the masses, what most westerners from christian backgrounds know about Islam can be written on the back of a small postage stamp

Commissars of the Free Press
Why don't we have a media which attempts to be unbiased and objective? Why don't we have a media which presents all relevant information rather than selecting some information for prominent display and largely rejecting other information? Why don't we have a wider diversity of opinion in the media?

Building an antiwar movement
The key ingredients of success in building a successful anti-war movement are confidence in ordinary people's potential, solidarity with each other and a long-term view: we have not been able to prevent the first bombs falling, but over time we can reverse the dynamic and stop the war.

The anarchist alternative
A successful anarchist revolution then, would result in society being organised by the free association and federation of workers (and peasants, in some countries), with decisions made directly by the people affected by them. A new era, of international solidarity, peace and co-operation is born.

Aftermath for Afghanistan
Why the Taliban were defeated so easily and what has been happening in Afghanistan since the fall of the Taliaban.

Empire in Central Asia
Imperialist rivalry in the Caspian Region based around exploitation of it's resources of oil and gas and principally centred on the different costs and benefits from various pipeline projects.

Civil Liberties and Civil Rights in Time of War in the United States
The suppression of civil rights during the war in the US is part of a long history of such suppressions. This time while officially opposing Anti-Arab and anti-Muslim lynchings the state committed itself to a policy of profiling and discriminating against Muslims and Arabs - from above.

Enduring war and popular mobilisation
The war has already seen a sizeable anti-war movement develop. It is important we take a long term perspective and realise long wars are dangerous for states.

Israel / Palestine is not a nice place to live in - it is a war zone
An Israeli anarchist looks at the growing opposition to the occupation and why it has developed. Includes the statement The occupation continues, the occupation will continue, is there any solution

The modern schizophrenia of Islamic integralism
To understand the ideology of Islam it is critical to understand that the prophet-merchant Muhammad was beyond anything else the founding father of worldly empires

Why the Reversion to Islamic Archaism?
We reproduce a key 1981 essay on Islamic fundamentalism by the Middle Eastern radical writer Lafif Lakhdar. This is a detailed materialist history of the development of Islamic archaism up to the Iranian revolution.


The reality of war


Cluster Bombs
The NATO forces are now using cluster bombs in Afghanistan, here's what cluster bombs did in Yugoslavia.

Depleted Uranium
The NATO forces have brought Depleted Uranium Shells to their bases and ships in the Indian Ocean and the Middle East. Here's what Depleted Uranium Shells did in Yugoslavia and Iraq.

Military Leaders' Obligation to Justify Killing in War
Really worth reading - a US army report. In WWII only 25% of riflemen fired their rifles at the enemy in combat because they did not want to kill another person. The army has got this up to 90% but with the result that soldiers are traumatised afterwards.

Targeting and Weaponeering
US military web pages that lists targets that include "Financial Centers: stock exchanges, financial clearinghouses, electronic fund transfer capabilities"

What they did to Iraq: Declassified Pentagon documents address the effects of bombings and sanctions.

Noam Chomsky on the war

By attacking Iraq, the US will invite a new wave of terrorist attacks
Tackling the 'Why do they hate US' question

Noam Chomsky - Five questions on the New War Against Terror
Transcript of a talk where he looks at five questions we need to ask about this war

Chomsky on Bin Laden, US policy and Afghanistan
An interview with Belgrade opposition radio B26 on Bin Laden's views and Afghanistan

Transcripts of interviews with Noam Chomsky after the terrorist attacks on America
Compiled from various phone and other interviews, including with the Greek, Spanish and French Press

Noam Chomsky replies to 'The Unbearable Whiteness of Chomsky's Arguments'
On his comparison of the Sudan pharmecutical factory bombing with theWorld Trade Centre attack

General articles

Six questions about the war
Six basic questions about the war answered by quotes from USA government documents and the media

A Chronology of Conflict
Western Military Intervention in the Middle East/North Africa since 1950.

Hatred: The price of intervention
'Operation: Enduring Freedom' is not a recipe for peace and security, it is a recipe for perpetual violence and war.

Mainstream Media Manipulation and the Gulf War
How the US military was able to manipulate the media in the Gulf and other recent wars

New World Order : Same Old Slaughter [1992]
The imperialists' victory over Iraq was no surprise given their massive technical and military capacity. What is more interesting is the ready help given them by the "free press". This article focuses on how the media provided a "licence to kill" in the Gulf.

Iraq : This is Terrorism [Spring 1999]
The US has waged war for the last ten years against the ordinary people of Iraq, not against Saddam Hussein.

Harass the Brass
Mutiny in the U.S. armed forces and the role of mutiny in revolution.

Millionaires go to WAR! Expect world's workers to fight for them!!
Why do Bin Laden and George Bush have in common?

Resistance to war
A look at the history of anarchist and other resistance to war and the impact it has had

Religion & belief
We believe that people should be empowered to be in control of their own destinies. That means opposing the power of the churches.

WAR on Terrorism = WAR on the innocent
We need to build a world in which not only war but also social, political and economic inequality are abolished. Building that world requires a lot more than simply opposing this war but it does include building an anti-war movement.

International anti war protests
Although this massive mobilisation has taken place in almost spontaneous circumstances, its arrival should not surprise us. The US is clearly linked with an economic strategy ("neo-liberalism") that has brought misery and poverty to huge numbers.

The region

Robert Fisk Articles
Articles by the acclaimed Middle Eastern correspondent for the London 'Independent'

Middle East Times
Newspaper from Cairo. Check out their 'censored' section for the news the Egyptian government doesn't want you to see.

The Frontier Post
Newspaper from Pakistan.

Bahrain Tribune

The Middle East Research and Information Project.
Contains a good primer on the current phase of the Palestinian - Israel conflict.

Country Guides
Information about the history, politics and society of various Middle Eastern states, from a travel website.


US policy in the Middle East and beyond

Continuing Storm: The U.S. Role in the Middle East
Overview of the U.S. policy towards the Arab world from a left-liberal American perspective. Useful info. on economic matters and on military/foreign aid

Does U.S. Intervention Overseas Breed Terrorism?
Washington based foreign policy think tank the CATO institute demonstrates the link between U.S. involvement overseas and terrorism against American targets.

Saudi Treachery, Court Scholars and American military occupation.
The viewpoint of an Islamist dissident on America in the Arabian peninsula and on the relationship between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia.

The Containment Myth: US Middle East Policy in Theory and Practice
The number of American troops based in the [Gulf] region has swelled to 20,000; US taxpayers spend a staggering $50 billion annually to maintain and equip them

Oil, Globalization, and Islamic Fundamentalism
George Caffentzis, Midnight Notes Collective

U.S. Security Assistance to Israel
Your Tax Dollars at Work. Subsidising the Occupation

No war but the class war



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