Democracy in action!

Blair, escaping from the heat back home, headed for America and South-East Asia. After deploying that wonderful rhetorical defense of such great democrats as Mussolini, Hitler, Franco and Castro (namely, that history would judge him kindly) he ended up in China.

However, even in the People's Democratic Republic he did not escape questions about the invasion of Iraq. In answer to one question, he opined:

"No, I don't regret it. I've no doubt at all that Iraq was trying to develop these weapons. I believe, however difficult it was, that it was the right thing to do."

Excuse me? But "trying to develop"? "Trying to develop"?!?!?!?!?!

Six months ago Saddam had them! And he could be used in 45 minutes! Now he was "trying to develop" them? Please! But it does fit in with the new line of finding WMD "programmes" and saying "history" will forgive him and Bush for their imperialist aggression even if no WMD are found.

You do get the impression they really are making it up as they go along...

And, yes, Mr Blair. You "don't regret it" -- but then again, you were miles away from the place people were/are killing and being killed. His ordering others to kill civilians on his behalf in the interests of corporate America will truly be recorded as an act of bravery.

As well as insulting our intelligence and revising history, Blair also took time out to inform Chinese students about what they were missing not living in a democracy. "What you have got to do," he said, "as a political leader in a democracy is you have got to say this is where I stand, that is what I believe." How does this differ from a political leader in a dictatorship? Well, Blair usefully informed us of this: "If you believe that, you can vote for me; if you don't believe it, you don't have to vote for me."

And, of course, in the mean time, I will ignore you and do what I want anyway. Like invade Iraq in the face of overwhelming public opposition. So remember folks, the difference between democracy and other forms of government is that you get to vote for the ruler who ignores you!

And he had the cheek to denounce protestors at Gothenburg and Genoa as being "undemocratic"! Clearly, true democracy is being allowed to Vote once every four/five years and letting people like Blair do what they want in between.

I hope the Chinese students will draw the obvious conclusion and fight for a system which offers more than the choice of ruler every few years. After all, any one considered competent to both pick and evaluate the actions of a governor is, by implication, competent to do without one.

As the Iraq invasion shows, politics is far too important to be left to politicians. It is time we took back the power -- and create a social system based on meaningful participation in social affairs, anarchism.

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