Against war and terror

This pamphlet was written by anarchists from four continents in the period between the September 11th terror attacks on the US and the (public) start of the 'War on Terrorism' announced by the US government. We know war means death, destruction and oppression for the working class internationally.

While we deplore the attacks on the USA and the deaths of thousands of people we are also aware that the 'retaliation' to this attack is designed to advance the control of the USA and other western powers over the people of the world. Not just the people of Asia and the Middle East but also in the imperialist countries as the war is used as a 'loyalty' test and to introduce repressive legislation. Already it has been the excuse for the sacking of tens of thousands of workers, particularly in the airline industry.

We refuse the choice that is offered by both sides in this conflict - you are either for us or against us. As anarchists we obviously see little attraction in the sort of religious state fantasised about by bin Laden and enacted by the Taliban, where the individual is controlled right down to forbidding the trimming of beards! But we also oppose the fake democracy of the western states where politicians are bought by oil companies, refugees are criminalised and where corporations rule.

We hope these articles will stimulate some discussion about the causes and real goal of this war. We also hope it will help those who, like us, seek to undermine the war efforts of all sides. But beyond that, this is just another war in a long series - we need an alternative to the capitalist system that breeds wars just as surely as it breeds severe inequality. War in not an aberration - war is the health of capital and the state.

We make no claim that these articles represent a collectively agreed position. Each represents the opinion of the author. What the authors (mostly) have in common is agreement with the Anarchist Platform statement to be found on the web at

Anarchism is our collective alternative to capitalist war and terror. We want an equal society, one without classes, without sexism, without racism. We want a society where each workplace and community is self-managed and where everyone contributes according to there abilities and receives according to there needs! We want a libertarian society, one which is really democratic, where there is freedom of movement for all. We want a society without borders, based on solidarity and mutual aid. We want a society where liberty, justice and dignity are a reality.

This text is from the 'Against War and Terrorism' pamphlet, the rest of the pamphlet is available on the web and as a PDF file

Against War and Terrorism - an anarchist pamphlet
  • Capitalist Terror and Madness
  • "Why do they hate us"?
  • The tragedy of Afghanistan
  • Building an antiwar movement
  • The anarchist alternative
  • Diversity in Islam for Absolute Beginners
  • History of anarchist anti-imperialism
  • Commissars of the Free Press
  • Anarchism is the cure

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