The attacks on the USA, September 11 2001

Globalisation and the war - statements after S11

Anti-Globalization Movement must oppose war
Lorenzo Komboa Ervin argues that not opposing the war may ultimately result in the slaying of millions, eventhe use of nuclear weapons

War and Terror in the Age of Global Empire
This wont be a war strictly between nation states, but between the powers of an imperial order and all those communities that are perceived as harbouring terrorism

Imperialism and Globalisation
An outline of an anarchist position on the general issue

Globalisation: the end of the age of imperialism?
IT HAS BECOME increasingly fashionable to use the term globalisation as a description of the international economy and international political relations

Against War and Terrorism - an anarchist pamphlet

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  • Capitalist Terror and Madness
  • "Why do they hate us"?
  • The tragedy of Afghanistan
  • Building an antiwar movement
  • The anarchist alternative
  • Diversity in Islam for Absolute Beginners
  • History of anarchist anti-imperialism
  • Commissars of the Free Press
  • Anarchism is the cure

[PDF file of pamphlet]

[Read the articles online]

Against war and terror
While we deplore the attacks on the USA and the deaths of thousands of people we are also aware that the 'retaliation' to this attack is designed to advance the control of the USA and other western powers over the people of the world

The tragedy of Afghanistan
Afghanistan is a tragic country. The Soviet-backed coup and subsequent invasion in 1979 ushered in more than two decades of brutal war. During the 1980's, the US supplied at least USD 32 billion [1] of military aid to the mujahadeen, the Islamic opposition to the Soviet regime

Capitalist Terror and Madness
Terror has a long history in the service of counter-revolution, and will always work towards undermining the very foundations of a new, free, postcapitalist, society, or even one where forces of death, oppression and exploitation are significantly weakened

"Why do they hate us"?
A small group of militants, hundreds or a few thousand, hated the U.S.A. so much that they spent years planning their attacks on New York City and Washington D.C. A New York anarchist looks at there motives as they related to US foreign policy.

History of anarchist anti-imperialism
The anarchist movement has a long tradition of fighting imperialism. This reaches back into the 1860s, and continues to the present day. From Cuba, to Egypt, to Ireland, to Macedonia, to Korea, to Algeria and Morocco, the anarchist movement has paid in blood for its opposition to imperial domination and control. (This article was translated into French as Pour une histoire de l'anti-impérialisme anarchiste)

Diversity in Islam for Absolute Beginners
Roughly 1 in 5 of the world's population is muslim - that's over a billion people. Yet for all the talk about a global society with the telecommunication revolution bringing knowledge to the masses, what most westerners from christian backgrounds know about Islam can be written on the back of a small postage stamp

Commissars of the Free Press
Why don't we have a media which attempts to be unbiased and objective? Why don't we have a media which presents all relevant information rather than selecting some information for prominent display and largely rejecting other information? Why don't we have a wider diversity of opinion in the media?

Building an antiwar movement
The key ingredients of success in building a successful anti-war movement are confidence in ordinary people's potential, solidarity with each other and a long-term view: we have not been able to prevent the first bombs falling, but over time we can reverse the dynamic and stop the war.

The anarchist alternative
A successful anarchist revolution then, would result in society being organised by the free association and federation of workers (and peasants, in some countries), with decisions made directly by the people affected by them. A new era, of international solidarity, peace and co-operation is born.

Anarchist statements on war and terrorism

Against capitalist war and terror [Ireland]
The terrorist attacks on the USA of September 11th which killed over 6,000 people have rightly outraged not only the citizens of the US but also the vast majority of the rest of the people of the world.\

Neither Fundamentalist nor imperialist barbarism!
International anarchist statement on WTC attacks and Afghan war also in French, Spanish, Danish and Portuguese

Against the Madness [USA]
US anarchist statement against war and terrorism by the Workers Solidarity Alliance

On the attacks on the USA [Chile]
Translation of Chilean anarchists statement on the S11 terror attacks on the USA

Karachaganak workers against the war [Kazakhstan]
In former Soviet republic of Kazakhstan and also signed by SKT in Siberia

No War but the Class War [South Africa]
Against capitalism - Against the US government - Against state and fundamentalist terrorism
[PDF file of No War but the Class War]

We don't want your bloody wars [Canada/USA]
NEFAC statement - Against terrorism, against the state

Stop the war [Korea]
Korean anarchists made a "stop the war" banner image(shockwave flash)

America Under Attack? [USA]
Special Editorial from the anarchist magazine Onward out of Florida

I.W.A. Secretariat Statement
Today, United States dominates the military, economic, technological and cultural world power, so we think it is important to analyze the economic interests behind the military action

Washington DC: Anti-Capitalist Convergence issues call against the war
The organisers of the protests against the World Bank which were due September 26th now call for a march against capitalist war [PDF file of Washington DC: Anti-Capitalist Convergence issues call against the war]

Chomsky on Bin Laden, US policy and Afghanistan
An interview with Belgrade opposition radio B26 on Bin Laden's views and Afghanistan

Millonaries go to war
Expect worlds workers to do the fighting for them


PDF poster, click on the image to downlaod a copy of the poster to your computer. You can then print out as many copies as you like. (The text reveals how both come from wealthy oil families and are content to target ordinary people for their politcal ends).


Millonaries Bush and bin Laden go to war

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan statement on the terrorist attacks in the US
RAWA states that the people of "Afghanistan have nothing to do with Osama and his accomplices" and that a US attack will only hurt these already suffering people

Media on the Kamakize attack

Gallup International poll on terrorism in the US
Why the people of Europe think about the various options

The wickedness and awesome cruelty of a crushed and humiliated people
Robert Fisk - " I have sat in front of bin Laden as he described how his men helped to destroy the Russian army in Afghanistan and thus the Soviet Union. Their boundless confidence allowed them to declare war on America"

When our world changed forever
Very detailed British Observer report - "Here we trace the arc of terror, from its secret beginnings and deadly actions to the fallout that will affect us all."

Fear and loathing
The attack on the United States last Tuesday has brought home to the west two uncomfortable realities - the ferocious hatred felt for America; and that none of us will ever feel safe again. So, asks Martin Amis, where do we go from here?

A life less ordinary
Some of the victims of the terror attack

FBI: Some Hijackers IDs in Question
This raises a lot of questions

The racist backlash

Arab Americans in fear
Meanwhile in New York, Arab Americans have been describing the abuse they have received from a minority of racists in the aftermath of the attack, as Newsweek reports.

Shannon airport protests

PDF files for you to download, print out and distribute

Against capitalist war and terror

PDF file of Against Capitalist War and terror

Six questions about the War
Six basic questions about the war answered by quotes from USA government documents and the media

No War but the Class War (South African anarchist leaflet)
Against capitalism - Against the US government - Against state and fundamentalist terrorism

You don't have to choose sides
The New Millennium is only a few months old and yet we return again to the recurring pattern of the last millennium and century - Mass Warfare against innocent civilians. [PDF file of this leaflet]