Reaping the profits

Anarchists have long argued that in class society wars are fought and soldiers die to defend ruling class interests. Under modern capitalism, these are, in the main, corporate interests. But that kind of stuff used to be an unspoken truth.

With Bush explicitly excluding companies based in non-Coalition countries from the billions on offer "reconstructing" Iraq, this seems less so. The message is clear. The US invaded Iraq and US companies are going to reap the profits. Even if a nation is providing funds for rebuilding Iraq, the fact that it did not support the war (i.e. do what the US says) means that it is excluding from the gravy-train. In the best interests of the Iraqis, of course...

It has been some time since imperialist greed has been so blatantly flaunted.

And the underlying assumption is interesting. It is almost feudal. Bush is suggesting that ordinary Americans owe their loyalty not just to their state but also to their corporations. He seems to believe that, like him, they will happily approve of using state power to ensure corporate profits. Indeed, this should be considered natural and unremarkable -- even in war time.

The rigors of sacrifice, I suppose: working class US families sacrifice the lives of their children and tax dollars while US corporations sacrifice lots of monies into ensuring Bush remains "Commander in Thief."


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