What a surprise!

The news that UK troops invaded Iraq without WMD protection comes as no surprise. We anarchists, like most people, knew Blair was lying before the invasion. This is yet more confirmation of this.

Given that Saddam's WMD were given as the sole reason for the invasion, the fact that troops were without the appropriate equipment is significant (Saddam's tyranny, we must never forget, was always an added extra, quickly forgotten or remembered depending on the needs of justification, legality, and, more recently, non-discovery of WMD). And it means only one of two things. Either Blair is a liar and knew full well that Saddam had no WMD and, consequently, the troops did not require WMD protection. Or he was willing to let them die in horrible ways for his greater glory. Neither option does him any favours, being a choice between evil and even more evil.

But at least we got the Tories out, right?

That same week also confirmed another anarchist argument as regards Iraq. The Bush Junta's announcement that it would bar companies from non-Coalition states from tendering for Iraqi reconstruction contracts comes as no surprise. We argued that this war, like all capitalist wars, was being fought for US corporate interests and that the humanitarian reasons spouted by Bush and Blair were just a mask for state and capitalist vested interests. This just confirms this analysis.

It also exposes the hypocrisy of Bush and co. After all, if it was only about what is best for the Iraqi people then any country which has given funds for reconstruction should be allowed to tender. However, it does send the clear message that you will not get any of the spoils unless you do what the US says. As intended.

It has been a long time since such blatant imperialist greed has been seen in public. To the victor, the spoils - all in the interests of the Iraqi people, of course.

Moreover, the mentality of the Bush Junta's decision is almost feudal. It seems to expect ordinary Americans to think nothing of state power being used to bolster the profits of US corporations, to think nothing of automatically transferring allegiance to their country/state to allegiance to US corporations. But what can we expect? In feudalism the peasants were expected to transfer their produce to the economically powerful without complaint. The US state was structured to ensure that those who owned the country ran the country. Bush is just making the feudalism at the heart of capitalism clear for all with the eyes to see.

Such are the sacrifices required by war. Working class Americans are expected to sacrifice their tax dollars along with their children for the greater good of higher corporate profits. In return, corporations will sacrifice a fraction of those profits to keep Bush in office. Thank god for coincidence!

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