Bush: Al Qaeda's best recruiter

Meanwhile, back in the States, the Bush Junta is (as usual) busy strengthening Al Qaeda by insisting on the confirmation of Alberto Gonzales as Attorney General. Gonzales has the dubious honour of being the source of the Bush Junta's interrogation policies that led to prisoner abuse in Iraq and Guantanamo Bay. Gonzales solicited, received and endorsed an irregular memo from the Justice Department in August 2002 which advised that the US President had unfettered power to do whatever he wanted with regard to interrogating "unlawful combatants." Previously he had described the Geneva Convention as "quaint" and "obsolete," This is Bush's choice, a man whose conclusion as White House counsel was that the Geneva Convention did not apply to suspected terrorists.

Now, if the Abu Ghraib torture scandal was a recruiting tool for extreme Islamic groups what kind of message does promoting the architect of the policy which allowed it to happen send? Perhaps the same as invading an Arab country on the basis of lies, killing 100,000 people, levelling a town of 300,000 and talking about creating death squads?

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