From the memory hole (Iraq)

The rewriting of history is now beginning. With the lack of WMD being found, the justification for war is being changed. Once it was all WMD, now it is being argued that it was the "moral case" all along.

Which, of course, is unsurprising given the total lack of evidence for the original excuse. Moreover, for the past few weeks US officials have been questioning several prominent Iraqi scientists alleged to have been involved in secret weapons programmes. According to one US intelligence source "they're all saying everything had been destroyed." Not only that, the weapons were disposed of, not just before the war but several years earlier. These scientists have no reason to lie and every reason to tell the US what it wants to hear.

And so we are back to the "moral case" and the rewriting of history has begun. Now it is considered one of many reasons, so ignoring the fact that Bush and Blair both explicitly and repeatedly used WMD as the reason for going to war. Both explicitly and repeatedly stated that Saddam could remain in power if he disarmed. Both explicitly and repeated used the UN resolutions on WMD as the justification for war.

And now we are being asked to place all that into the memory hole.

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