The Moore the merrier

One of the ironies of the right-wing backlash against Michael Moore is all the supposed "fact-checking" which is being done. If only people (particularly in the media) had been so concerned to fact-check what the politicians were spouting in the run-up to war. For all the flaws of Moore and his new film, its success exposes the media's failure to do the job it claims to do.

As it is, the "fact-checking" seems a tad superficial. One anti-Moore book I saw made a big thing about how he attacks the rich while being rich himself. Oh, the hypocrisy. Except, of course, if he was poor and attacking the rich then he would be accused of envy. So neither the rich nor poor can attack the rich or the system that made them so. In other words, it is unacceptable to attack the rich. Isn't free speech grand!


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