Stop refuelling at Shannon warport

Shannon airport in offically 'neutral' southern Ireland has been used for at least a decade to refuel US war planes. This page details opposition in Ireland to the role the Irish government has chosen to play in the US imperialist adventures. For articles on the Iraq war itself see our imperialism index

Shannon airport protests


Building the Anti-War Movement from Below
The question now is what sort of broad anti-war movement can be built that is genuinely inclusive and democratic?

Direct Action against the war in Ireland
In every country after February 15th the anti-war movement was thus faced with the question of what to do next. In Ireland almost all of the direct action protests were targeted on Shannon airport. More than half dozen successful actions took place, ranging from a large scale breach of the fence in October, to physical attacks on planes as the build up to war escalated.

The IAWM's dismal leadership" A critique of the politics of Trotskyism
After months of regularly attending the Irish Anti-War Movement's marches and particularly after months of listening to the speeches of the leading lights of the IAWM my head is buzzing with cant and rhetoric and I have that dejected feeling you get when you know you have just lost a chance that won't be coming around again for a long time.

Feb 25 - Eoin Rice in High Court
Judge Mangan tried to change his bail conditions (5 Euro bond) to include a ban from the entire of Co. Clare. Eoin refused to accept these conditions and has been in Limerick prison since, where he is on hunger strike.

Dec 6 2003 - Blockade of Shannon warport (with photos)
December 6th saw the largest anti-war demonstration at Shannon airport since Aprilof last year. Some 400 people took part in what the Irish Anti War Movement (IAWM) had advertised as a blockade of the airport.

Direct Action - your questions answered
Your questions on Direct Action answered in the context of the sometimes hysterical debate about the Grassroots Network Against War (GNAW) action at Shannon on March 1s

Riot police at Shannon
March 1st - massive police mobilisation to prevent direct action

Dec 6th 2003 Anti-war blockade of Shannon airport

The 'Irish Anti-War Movement' (IAWM) is planning a mass blockade aimed at disrupting normal business at Shannon airport. Demonstrators will gather at 2pm in the town centre before marching to the airport terminal to participate in the blockade.

According to IAWM spokesperson Dr Fintan Lane: "This will be about people power. It will be about ordinary people taking action for themselves and refusing to accept the integration of an Irish civilian airport into the U.S. war machine."

For more details contact Fintan Lane at 087 1258325

Map of Shannon airport

Irish Trade Unionists call for boycott of war work
The idea behind it is to try to get a large number of trade unionists to issue the call and also to pledge themselves to support any worker who might be disciplined for doing so.

If not now, when
Why now is the time for mass direct action at Shannon

International anarchist statement against the war
Anti-war statement from anarchist groups all over the globe

Direct Action at Shannon shows the way
If we turn our disgust at this war into action against it then their war machine will grind to a halt.

Stop refuelling at Shannon warport
Despite the supposed neutrality of Southern Ireland the Irish government has been involving us more and more in the imperialist adventures of the US military. Shannon airport has become a key refuelling facility for US war planes en route between the US and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

War: who is it good for?
As war looms in the Gulf again we can be sure that, whatever the outcome, hundreds of thousands of lives will be destroyed by the conflict.

War is the health of the state
War is always in their sights. Six days after the Trade Centre strikes in New York the Bush Administration had already initiated plans to take Iraq out

US anarchists against the war
One of the favourite arguments of the pro-war crowd in Ireland is that anyone who opposes the war is 'anti-American'.

International Direct Actions against the war
Listing of international actions against the war

Direct Action and fighting to win
Anarchists are not particularly interested in protesting against the evils of the world - we would prefer to abolish them!



Stopping the war
While a march of 5,000 or even 10,000 in Dublin won't effect government policy, similar numbers tearing down the fence in Shannon and taking over the entire airport would. With those sort of numbers we could physically stop Shannon being used and physically dismantle any war planes we caught on the ground

Review: Refueling Peace
A web site with the very specific purpose, to
"monitor and stop US military flights refuelling in Ireland".

Why does the US want war with Iraq?
Like most other wars, this is about control of resources.Wars are also good for the economy, and the US economy certainly could need some help at the moment.

Global actions against the war
Action speaks louder than words in the run up to this war!

What is Imperialism
Imperialism is the process whereby powerful groups try to extend their power and increase their wealth by bringing ever more of the world under their domination. Although the word comes to us from Roman times, imperialism has been around for a lot longer?

 Iraq war aftermath - Slaughtering democracy
The US/UK war against Iraq, trumpeted as a war for 'democracy', illustrates what this 'democracy' means in practice. 

Support those facing charges for Direct Action at Shannon
At least 19 people are currently facing prosecution out of the October and March direct actions at Shannon airport.

Bad things happen: Tales from the frontline in Iraq
"It was when we started killing innocent civilians. We killed over thirty of them in a three month time period when I was there, in a clear violation of the Geneva conventions."

Workers Solidarity No75 online

Download and print out the PDF file

Blood on your hands

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Marching to the airport
Pic: Marching to the airport

Reports of demonstrations

June 18

April 12th

March 31st

March 1st

Can we stop the bombers at Shannon? YES WE CAN CAN !
Detailed report on Shannon protests

To the next time [with pics]
Another report on Saturdays Direct Action (GNAW) protest at Shannon

GNAW plans for Shannon direct action
Grassroots Network Against War has called a direct action demonstration against the refuelling of US war planes at Shannon airport on March 1st

The March 1st action at Shannon
If you were anywhere in Ireland in the last week of February you can't have missed the hype ahead of the March 1st direct action called at Shannon by the Grassroots Network Against the War (GNAW)


Feb 15 - Incredible turnout at Dublin anti-war march - but what do we do now? [with photos]
Saturday 15 February saw the largest demonstration in Dublin in two decades and by far the largest anti-war demonstration in Ireland ever

Jan 18 2003 - Mass demonstration at Shannon Warport (with pictures)
Some 2 to 3,000 people demonstrated at the airport against the refuelling of US military planes

Dec 8th, 2002 - Grassroots shut down Shannon warport demonstration
Around 400 people took part in the Grassroots Gathering demonstration against refuellin of US war planes at Shannon airport. After the last demonstration when a section of the fence was torn down and around 150 entered the airfield we discovered that the fence had been greatly re-enforced.

Shannon - Direct Action against the War &endash; Activists on the runway!
Instead of pleading with the government to not allow the US to use Shannon, people had acted directly to show there would be a price to pay and to inspire others to realise that with numbers we could make it impossible for the government to continue this action.

Saturday, October 12th - Mass anti-war trespass at Shannon Airport [with photos]
The largest anti-war demonstration to date at Shannon airport. As the demonstration ended a 50m section of the perimeter fence was torn down and up to 150 people entered the airfield perimeter.

Aug 19th - Shannon demonstration against refuelling of US war planes [with photos]
Between September 2001 and July 2002 a total of 535 US warplanes have refuelled at the airport

Dec 15th - Anti War message rings in ears of US Marines at Shannon airport [with photos]
Men, women and children have been bombed and gunned to death by US forces in Afghanistan and on Saturday 15th of December men women and children from the four corners of Ireland gathered at Shannon airport to protest at the use of that facility as a stop over and refuelling point for US death squads.


An anti war die in at Shannon airport
Pic: Die in by the terminal building


Reports of other anti-war demonstrations in Ireland

Sept 28th - Anti war demonstration in Dublin [with pictures]
Two reports from WSM members of Saturdays anti Iraq war demonstration.

Nov 4th 2001 Anti-war march in Dublin [with pictures]
Saturday November 4th saw a large anti war demonstration march through Dublin city centre. This reflects growing opposition to the US war against Afghanistan following the bombing of Red Cross warehouses, a hospital and dozens of homes.

Sept 30th - Anti-war demonstration in Dublin [with pictures]
Between 800 and 1,000 people marched through the centre of Dublin yesterday as part of an anti-war protest called by Globalise Resistance. This was one of many protests internationally this weekend.

Anti war protesters in Ireland
Pic: Protesters celebrate getting into the airfield

Background theory

Actions elsewhere in Ireland


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Anti war banners on roof of Shannon airport
Occupying the roof of an airport building