Shut Shannon Warport

Shut Shannon Warport, Protest December 8th, Dublin meeting December 4th

The Western war machine, driven by Bush and Blair, is gearing up for another war against a third-world regime with hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of innocent Iraqis facing imminent, violent death. The coming war may well only last a few weeks as another country is obliterated by the awesome might of the US military. Although the war is being driven by the US and British governments, it relies upon the assistance of governments all over the world, who will supply troops, air bases, logistical support and funding to the war effort. The Irish government has played their part by allowing the US military to use Irish airports for refuelling on their way to the gulf. In particular Shannon airport has been extensively used by US military flights.

If we want to avoid the mass slaughter that the war will bring, the time to act is now! Although kicking the US troops out of Shannon is not going to stop the war, it will have some effect. The US would have to transfer their flights to other bases which would be more expensive and would allow them to transport less military equipment on each trans-atlantic flight. What's more, if a mass popular movement could force the Irish government to stop the US military from using our airports, the morale effect on the rest of the world would be tremendous. If Ireland can kick the US troops out, then anything is possible!

There have been three major protests at Shannon airport in the last year, each of these has succeeded in disrupting to some extent the operation of the airport and drawn a lot of public attention to Ireland's complicity in this war. The Shannon protests are not simply another march, they provide a space for people to use a diversity of tactics against the war. Some people come to Shannon to register their morale opposition to the military use of the airport in a symbolic way, while others come determined to physically disrupt the operation of the airport. We are open to all tactics and are committed to giving people an open, democratic choice as to how to voice their own opposition. Nobody is pressured to take any action that they are not comfortable with and there has always been a large contingent who have protested, peacefully and legally with almost no risk of arrest or confrontation with the police. However we also respect people's rights to take the protest further and to engage in mass, non-violent direct action, in an attempt to disrupt the operation of the airport. Unity in diversity is our strength. So join us on the next protest in Shannon and let the government hear your anger at Irish complicity in the coming slaughter.

The Grassroots Gathering, an island-wide network of grassroots activists, has called a protest at Shannon airport for Sunday December 8th, beginning at 2pm. The Dublin organising group will be arranging buses to bring people to and from Shannon airport. The buses will leave at 9am from Liberty Hall (Eden quay) and will cost 13 euros return. For tickets and more info, contact Patrick at 087-7939931 or email Please get your tickets as far in advance as possible so we can ensure that there are enough places for everybody.

As part of our campaign to build a mass movement capable of stopping Irish support for the war, we will also be holding a [Dublin] public meeting on Wednesday December 4th in Liberty Hall at 7:30pm. All are welcome. Speakers will be:

* Ciaron O Reilly (Catholic Worker) - Anti-war activist recently profiled on RTE's 'would you believe'

* Eoin Dubsky (Refuelling Peace) - Anti-war activist currently being prosecuted for spray painting a US military plane at Shannon airport

* Farah Mokhtare Izadeh - Activist against Iraqi sanctions, recently returned from American "Voices in the Wilderness" delegation to Iraq and Palestine

* Chekov Feeney - Dublin organising group for December 8th protest at Shannon Airport.

The Dublin organising group for the Shannon protest is also encouraging people to take part in the IAWM march to the US embassy, on Saturday December 7th, assemble at 2pm outside the Central Bank, Dame st.

We have produced a number of leaflets and posters advertising the various anti-war actions in the coming weeks. We need help to put them up and distribute them, so if you can lend a hand in postering, or can take a few leaflets to distribute, please get in touch. Our next mass-postering will take place on Tuesday, November 26th, meeting at 7pm in the King's Inn pub, Bolton st.

All of your posters and leaflets are also available in PDF format on the internet, for you to download and print out. To see the full range of material, go to:

More info or for bus tickets for Shannon: Patrick 087-7939931 or

Getting there - Cork - Bus from Cork 10.00am outside Opera House, Dublin travel from Dublin) Galway coach (leaves from main entrance, NUI, Galway, 10.15am), call 087 9935876 or email, Limerick, UL, Stables arch at approx 12pm phone 087 9723132, Belfast, contact