Islam and the 'war on terror'


Diversity in Islam for Absolute Beginners
Roughly 1 in 5 of the world's population is muslim - that's over a billion people. Yet for all the talk about a global society with the telecommunication revolution bringing knowledge to the masses, what most westerners from christian backgrounds know about Islam can be written on the back of a small postage stamp

The trouble with Islam
The September 11 attacks, the Afghan war that followed from it and the ongoing war in Israel/Palestine have once again raised the issue of Islam in the minds of many anarchists in Ireland and Britain. Not just because of the role Islam has in shaping those conflicts but also because militant Islam has become a far more noticeable presence on solidarity demonstrations.

Hijab: lifting the veil
Standing up to religious oppression or state racism? Ultimately we believe that people should have the freedom to dress whatever way they like. This means freedom from state interference and freedom from religious interference in how one should dress.

The modern schizophrenia of Islamic integralism
To understand the ideology of Islam it is critical to understand that the prophet-merchant Muhammad was beyond anything else the founding father of worldly empires

Why the Reversion to Islamic Archaism?
We reproduce a key 1981 essay on Islamic fundamentalism by the Middle Eastern radical writer Lafif Lakhdar. This is a detailed materialist history of the development of Islamic archaism up to the Iranian revolution.

Institute for the Secularisation of Islamic Society
This web site is well worth looking at to get beyond Bush and Blairs defence of the Islamic religion rather then people who happen to be from a Muslim background. The articles opposite are a selection from the site.

A Call to the Muslims of the World from a Group of Freethinkers and Humanists of Muslim Origins
"We know too well that it is not easy to denounce our faith because it means denouncing a part of ourselves. We are a group of freethinkers and humanists with Islamic roots. Discovering the truth and leaving the religion of our fathers and forefathers was a painful experience."

Statements on the connections between Islam and the WTC attacks
" to pretend that Islam has nothing to do with Terrorist Tuesday is to wilfully ignore the obvious and to forever misinterpret events. Without Islam the long-term strategy and individual acts of violence by Usama bin Laden and his followers make little sense"

Testimonies:Why I Left Islam
"Despite appearances, the fact remains thousands have left Islam behind along with other childish beliefs from Father Christmas to the Tooth Fairy. Here we are not celebrating those who have left one form of unreason only to adopt another form of unreason, but those who face unflinchingly a world devoid of fantasy, who look the world in the face without the crutches of irrational dogma"

Iranian secular society
The Iranian secular society has been formed to publicise the destructive effects of the Islamic government in Iran and contribute to bring about a secular society

The Misery of Islam - Al-Djouhall
The challenge of our times -for us proletarians who live in countries where Islam is part and parcel of the status quo-, is to criticize this "religion of the desert

"We come to bury the Turkish Republic, not to praise it"
Fundamentalism, nationalism and Militarism in Turkey, an article by Turkish anarchists

On the Necessity of the Struggle Against Political Islam.
Resolution of Worker Communist Party of Iraq

Anti-war Coalitions: Lost Causes and Self-defeated Movements
Iran communist criticises those who defend political Islam as part of opposing war, also see The Antiwar Movement Legitimises Political Islam

New Internationalist issue on Fundamentalism (issue 210)
This issue on fundamentalism tries to go beyond simply 'rounding up the usual suspects'

Fundamentalist Resurgence: Causes and Prospects
A rather dogmatic trotskyist article from 1994 but with some useful information as he is in Pakistan

The Menace of Islamic Fundamentalism and the Hypocrisy of Imperialism
Another essay by the same author from the same flawed perspective but useful as its from 2000 and has some more recent information

Medea (European Commmision's European/Middle East Research) on Islamic Fundamentalism
Starts with some basic definitions

University College of St Martins's (UK)
part of a page of links to information on various religions including Islam

The Myth of Islamic Fundamentalism
"it is the Western rendition of Islam, and not an expression which Muslims have anything to do with. Apparently, it seems to imply that there is what you may call fundamentalist Islam as distinct from non-fundamentalist Islam"

Why some Britons have joined the jihad against the West
" The same motives that drove some young men from the Middle East to become suicide bombers have also driven young British Muslims to join the jihad."

The Taliban Phenomenon
The theological roots of the Taliban

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