This is a war for liberty, so do want you are told!

The excuse "I was just following orders" is, according to the Bush Junta, not a valid defence for the Iraqi military. Yet the troops in the Gulf are expected to simply follow orders and will be subject to court martial if they do not. Similarly, at home we are expected to "support our troops" and "support our leader" during the war. In other words, "I was just following orders" is quite acceptable, even praiseworthy, when it is your state which is giving them.

The media and government will turn instantly on any rebel workers seeking better pay and conditions as being "unloyal." The mantra "support our troops" from those who placed "our troops" into danger in the first place is a cover for "do what you are told" and place the bosses interests above your own.

So, no, we will not "support" our "leader." We will continue to urge everyone to revolt, to stand up for their liberty and rights. The problem is not civil disobedience, it is civil obedience -- the idea that following leaders absolves you from taking responsibility for your own actions and life.

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