CNT Madrid declares its rejection to the terrorist outrages on the 11th March

This morning Madrid woke up tinged with blood. The south of the capital, an area that concentrates the biggest part of the city working class, was the scenario of one of the most dreadful and wild massacres in its history. Thus, the workers of the Confederación Nacional del Trabajo (CNT) Local Union Federation in Madrid want to state our most sincere and strong rejection to the outrages that took place today, 11th of March 2004, in the city where we live and/or work. The ones behind the massacre have shown that they do not know or at least do not have any sort of class conscience. It seems unreal that, nowadays, fully installed in the 21st century, we still have to keep reminding to people that workers are exactly the same here in Madrid than in Cordoba, Barakaldo, La Bisbal, Kandahar or Bagdad.

At this moment, 7.30 pm, the figures we have give 186 dead and more than 1000 wounded. Most of their lives were cut when they were bound to attend their working places in the capital. We want to express our condolences and solidarity to the victims and their families -who are the most important ones at present. It is very hard for us to think that, in addition, many of them were immigrants from inside and outside the peninsula, people who had come to our city, which is everybody's city, to improve their living conditions.

We also appeal to all institutions, political parties, unions, media and all other social actors to not to look for any type of profit or advantage for themselves, be it with foundation or election purposes, in the suffering of victims and their families.

Please, do not make a weapon of pain, too.

Madrid Local Federation of Unions


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