Who are the appeasers?

The pro-war crowd liked to say that France, Germany and the anti-war movement was "appeasing" Saddam. In reality, of course, if anyone was an appeaser, it was Blair who was appeasing the American Empire.

But Blair was not alone. U.S. Deputy Defence Secretary Paul Wolfowitz stated that the decision to stress the threat posed by Iraq's supposed weapons of mass destruction above all others was taken for "bureaucratic" reasons to justify the war. But unfortunately while it was "the one reason everyone could agree on" in the Bush Junta, other countries where less than convinced by the "evidence" proved by it.

Wolfowitz then indicated another of the reasons for the invasion, which was "almost unnoticed but huge" -- namely that ousting Saddam would allow the US to remove its troops from Saudi Arabia, where their presence had long been a major al Qaeda grievance.

So, in other words, the Bush administration basically appeased Bin Laden.


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