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Millonaries go to war

Expect worlds workers to do the fighting for them

Millonaries Bush and bin Laden go to war

(The text reveals how both come from wealthy oil families and are content to target ordinary people for their

Fight the real enemies, cops, bosses, politicans

Fight the real enemies

There is no war against terrorism only the war of those above against those below

Anti war poster - war of those above against those below

War against Terrorism? Do you belive what they tell you

Do you belive the media

End the Occupation: Support Israeli Refuseniks

In English, Hebrew and Arabic

End the occupation poster


Direct Action at Shannon poster

Direct action at Shannon

[Advertised March 1, 2003 direct action at Shannon airport in Ireland. ]



Against capitalist war and terror

Against Capitalist War and terror



Against war and terror issue 1

  • Capitalist Terror and Madness
  • "Why do they hate us"?
  • The tragedy of Afghanistan
  • Building an antiwar movement
  • The anarchist alternative
  • Diversity in Islam for Absolute Beginners
  • History of anarchist anti-imperialism
  • Commissars of the Free Press
  • Anarchism is the cure

Against War and Terrorism - an anarchist pamphlet

[Read the articles online]

Against War and Terrorism issue 2


  • Enduring war and popular mobilisation
  • Aftermath for Afghanistan
  • Empire in Central Asia
  • Civil Liberties and Civil Rights in the USA
  • Israel / Palestine is a war zone
  • The modern schizophrenia of Islamic integralism
  • Why the Reversion to Islamic Archaism?

Against war and terrorism cover



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Shannon airport protests