Lies, actually

The Iraqi hatred of the US is not the only thing we have "discovered" over the last year. We have also seen it confirmed that we were lied to in the run up to war. No surprise there, then!

For example, US Secretary of State Colin Powell has admitted that evidence he submitted to the United Nations to justify war on Iraq may [!] have been wrong. February last year saw him tell the UN Security Council that Iraq had developed mobile laboratories for making biological weapons. He was adamant that this was not speculation but fact. Now he concedes that information "appears not to be... that solid." Opps. Looks like the Security Council was right to be sceptical after all.

What of fighting terrorism? Well, according to senior officials in the CIA and State department the Sunni triangle has become a base from which Islamic jihadists can train. They admitted that Iraq war had increased the appeal of Osama bin Laden and his anti-Americanism. As predicted before the war by peace activists. According to the state department coordinator on counter-terrorism, J Cofer Black, bin Laden's "virulent anti-American rhetoric ... has been picked up by a number of Islamic extremist movements which exist around the globe" and, as a result, "greatly complicates our task in stamping out al-Qaida and poses a threat in its own right for the foreseeable future." It's a good job that Bush paints himself as "tough on terror," he needs to be given the rate he is creating it.

At home, the former British Ambassador to Washington has corroborated the claims of Bush's former counter-terrorism chief, Richard Clarke, that Bush was "obsessed" with Iraq as his principal target after 9/11. And Blair knew. Bush told him immediately after 9/11 "I agree with you, Tony. We must deal with this [Afghanistan] first. But when we have dealt with Afghanistan, we must come back to Iraq." Regime change was already US policy and faced with this prospect of a further war, he adds, Blair "said nothing to demur."

The implication is clear. The discussion implies that, even before the bombing of Afghanistan, Blair already knew that the US intended to attack Saddam next, although he continued to insist in public the opposite was the case. And people wonder why we are anarchists?

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