The US war on Iraq

Archives articles up to the fall of Baghdad, see the main Stop the War page for articles on the occupation, resistance and workers self organisation

The war

Saving private Jessica
Doctor claims that soldiers terrorised unarmed staff, see also The real 'Saving Pte. Lynch'

Marines Raid Journalists' Baghdad Hotel
In cases where the doors were bolted, they kicked them down, rousting journalists from their beds and pointing M-16s in their faces

The fall of Baghdad

Baghdad: the day after
It was the day of the looter. The poor and the oppressed took their revenge on the homes of the men of Saddam's regime

CIA Pushed Iraqi Opposition Out of Southern Town
A local militia opposed to Iraqi President Saddam Hussein took control of the southeastern city of Amara on Sunday but a CIA officer told them to withdrew under threat of bombing, opposition officials said on Tuesday.

The "toppling" of saddam and the Iraqi regime: a tale of 2 photos
Was the toppling of Saddam statue carefully staged for the cameras, just because its a conspiracy theory doesn't mean its not true

Are tyrants shocked, awed or stocking up on nukes?
The US wants to intimidate 'axis of evil' countries, but the plan could backfire

A day that began with shellfire ended with a once-oppressed people walking like giants
It was a day that began with shellfire and air strikes and blood-bloated hospitals and ended with the ritual destruction of the dictator's statues.

'We're here to fight the regime, not civilians, but I had to save my men'
Many of their corpses still lie rotting in their incinerated cars, a young woman, burnt naked, slumped face down over the rear seat on the Hillah flyover bridge next to half of a male corpse that is hanging out of the driver's door.

Embedded Photographer: "I Saw Marines Kill Civilians"
With my own eyes I saw about fifteen civilians killed in two days

US backed militia terrorises town
The Iraqi Coalition of National Unity (ICNU), which appeared in the city last week riding on US special forces vehicles, has taken to looting and terrorising their neighbourhood with impunity, according to most residents

News of the Dirty War
Never mind what the Arab media are saying. Some of the most unflinching stories have been written by reporters from the U.S. and U.K.

The US forces have killed a number of journalists in the course of the war

Basra bombing 'destroyed my family'
The war in Iraq has cost 72-year-old Abid Hassan Hamoodi dear. The large family he once proudly headed was all but wiped out when aircraft from the US-led forces mistakenly bombed his Basra home.

Hospitals snapshots of war's horror
Ali Ismail Abbas, 12, was fast asleep when war shattered his life. A missile obliterated his home and most of his family, leaving him orphaned, badly burned and blowing off both his arms

BBC complains of US/Anglo lies
"We're getting more truth out of Baghdad than the Pentagon at the moment"

Three British soldiers sent home after protesting at civilian deaths
Three British soldiers in Iraq have been ordered home after objecting to the conduct of the war

Marine who said no to killing on his conscience
The first American conscientious objector from the Iraq war said he believed the war was "immoral because of the deception involved by our leaders".

In Baghdad, blood and bandages for the innocent
The computer codings on the bomb fragments reveal their own story. As the codes on the Shu'ale missile (which killed 62 in a Baghdad market).

US Marines turn fire on civilians at the bridge of death
Amid the wreckage I counted 12 dead civilians, lying in the road or in nearby ditches

Saddam starts to sound more like his hero, Uncle Joe
Robert Fisk - also on the accuracy of Iraqi claimes

West Virginia woman soldier victim of economic draft
A 19-year-old country girl who joined the US Army to escape unemployment was feared to be the first woman soldier to die [she was actually a POW and later freed]

Civilians Slaughtered
It was an outrage, an obscenity. The severed hand on the metal door, the swamp of blood and mud across the road, the human brains inside a garage, the incinerated, skeletal remains of an Iraqi mother and her three small children in their still smoldering car.

Angry people under an angry sky
Bewildered, suffering Iraqis are demanding to know the answer to one question: is this democracy?

Wayward bombs bring marketplace carnage
The bearded militiaman knelt in the rain and used his gun to shift the earth of the bomb crater.

Attack on television station condemned
Questions were being raised last night about the legality of the bombing of Iraqi television's main station in Baghdad

Jubilation turns to hate as aid arrives
"We want you to go back home. We do not want your American and British aid,"

US Army Depots Named After Oil Giants
The 101st Airborne Division had named one central Iraq outpost Forward Operating Base Shell and another Forward Operating Base Exxon

Raw, Devastating Realities That Expose the Truth About Basra
Two British soldiers lie dead on a Basra roadway, a small Iraqi girl &endash; victim of an Anglo American air strike &endash; is brought to hospital with her intestines spilling out of her stomach

Captured fighters may be sent to Guantanamo Bay
Hundreds of Iraqis face trip to al-Qaida suspects' camp.

US lobby could threaten Iraqi heritage
Lobbying by American art dealers to dismantle Iraq's strict export laws has heightened fears about the looting of the country's antiquities as order breaks down in the last stages of the war


Buildup to war

War: who is it good for?
As war looms in the Gulf again we can be sure that, whatever the outcome, hundreds of thousands of lives will be destroyed by the conflict.

Why does the US want war with Iraq?
Like most other wars, this is about control of resources.Wars are also good for the economy, and the US economy certainly could need some help at the moment.

War is the health of the state
War is always in their sights. Six days after the Trade Centre strikes in New York the Bush Administration had already initiated plans to take Iraq out

No War But The Class War
From the US, listings of anarchist opposition to the war

Democracy is not in the war plans
Once Saddam has fallen, America wants to see another strongman emerge to take his place

Beating about the Bush
An analysis of Bush's speach at the American Enterprise Institute, bringing back a few facts from the Memory Hole.

From the Memory Hole
A blast from the past. Blair dismissing war on Iraq back when Arab support for bombing Afghanistan was on the agenda

Hypocrisy a go-go!
A discussion of Tony Blair's attempts to explain his "moral case" for bombing the Iraqi people.

Opposition attracts
So far, little attention has been paid to the impact that this western, non-Arab opposition to war is having on the Middle East, but it could be far-reaching

You cannot make this stuff up!
Various short pieces provoked by comments by politician's and the media on the current Gulf crisis

The warm glow of liberty...
Comments on how sayng that the British state would use nuclear weapons against Saddam totally undermines Blair's "moral case" for war

Iraqis will not be pawns in Bush and Blair's war game
An American attack on my country would bring disaster, not liberation

Broken promises How the United States failed the Iraqi resistance
Given the American track record, Ataya -doesn't trust the Bush administration to create a democratic Iraq

US anarchists against the war
One of the favourite arguments of the pro-war crowd is that anyone who opposes the war is 'anti-American'.

Why Iraq? Why Now?
Why the reasons Blair and Bush are giving for fighting the war ring hollow

Statement to the Troops: A Call to Conscience from Veterans
We are veterans of the United States armed forces. We stand with the majority of humanity, including millions in our own country, in opposition to the United States' all out war on Iraq

Iraqi opposition betrayed
The United States plan for a military government in Baghdad with Americans appointed to head Iraqi ministries, and American soldiers to patrol the streets of Iraqi cities. Also Iraqi opposition slams plan for military governor

Revealed: US dirty tricks to win vote on Iraq war
The United States is conducting a secret 'dirty tricks' campaign against UN Security Council delegations in New York as part of its battle to win votes in favour of war against Iraq

A missed opportunity
A discussion of what Paxman should have said to Blair! Has useful links to webpages debunking the "evidence" used to support the US/UK imperialist war.

Full U.S. Control Planned for Iraq
The Bush administration plans to take complete, unilateral control of a post-Saddam Hussein Iraq, with an interim administration headed by a yet-to-be named American civilian

Report from British activist in Iraq
2 Reports from Jo Wilding, out in Iraq just now with an independent film maker

Iraq war 'could kill 500,000'
A war against Iraq could kill half a million people, warns a new report by medical experts - and most would be civilians.

Toting the Casualties of War
Daponte was told she was losing her job. She says her official report disappeared from her desk, and a new estimate, prepared by supervisors, greatly reduced the number of estimated civilian casualties.

What will happen to Iraq's oil?
How the crisis is resolved will have a major bearing on what happens to Iraq's oil reserves afterwards, say Duncan McLaren and Ian Willmore of Friends of the Earth

US Considers Using Nukes Against Iraq
The LA Times reported that the Pentagon is considering using tactical nuclear weapons such as "bunker busters" against Iraq in the forthcoming invasion.

This time I'm scared
US propaganda fuelled the first Gulf war. It will fuel this one too - and the risks are even greater

UK War Dossier a Sham Experts Say
"This is the sort of thing that Saddam Hussein himself issues," fumed opposition Liberal Democrat Jenny Tonge.

More of Powell's key claims undermined
More analysis of the UN speech

Powell's 'terrorist poison factory' nothing but a derelict dump
Luke Harding reports from the terrorist camp in northern Iraq named by Colin Powell as a centre of the al-Qaeda international network

Al-Qaida and Iraq: how strong is the evidence?
Well-placed sources in Whitehall insisted there was no intelligence suggesting such a link

Key excerpts: 'Bin Laden' tape

The Dishonesty of This So-Called Dossier
If these pages of trickery are based on "probably" and "if", we have no business going to war. If they are all true, we murdered half a million Iraqi children. How's that for a war crime?

What's all this talk about war starting? It never ended...
The war never ended in 1991, the bombing has continued unrelenting since then and has escalated dramatically in the last 4 years.

Robert Fisk: What the US President wants us to forget
We absolutely must forget that President Ronald Reagan dispatched a special envoy (Donald Rumsfeld) to meet Saddam Hussein in December 1983

Iraq and the spread of nuclear weapons across the region
Israel and Pakistan already have nuclear bombs, Iran is close to developing one, why is Iraq singled out?

How did Iraq get its weapons?
The US and Britain sold Saddam Hussein the technology and materials Iraq needed to develop nuclear, chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction.

CIA in blow to Bush attack plans
President George Bush's attempt to maintain public support for military action against Iraq has taken a fresh blow from an unexpected quarter

When US turned a blind eye to poison gas
America knew Baghdad was using chemical weapons against the Kurds in 1988. So why has it taken 14 years to muster its outrage?

War: who is it good for?
Bush is gambling that victory over Saddam will lift the US economy out of double-dip recession - but he risks sparking another oil crisis.

Gulf Vets. Call for an end to Civilian Casualties in Iraq.
The National Gulf War Resource Center, the largest Gulf Vets organisation, speaks out against economic sanctions on Iraq

Our enemy's enemies
Nick Cohen asks The West wants to overthrow Saddam, so why won't it support the Iraqi National Congress?

By attacking Iraq, the US will invite a new wave of terrorist attacks
Noam Chomsky tackles the 'Why do they hate US' question

Mo Mowlam: The real goal is the seizure of Saudi oil
Mo Mowlam was a member of Tony Blair's cabinet from 1997-2001

Wake-up call
This summer, in a huge rehearsal of an IRAQ v US conflict - and with retired Lieutenant General Paul Van Riper playing Saddam - the US lost.



Direct Action against the War

Direct Action against the war in Ireland
In every country after February 15th the anti-war movement was thus faced with the question of what to do next. In Ireland almost all of the direct action protests were targeted on Shannon airport. More than half dozen successful actions took place, ranging from a large scale breach of the fence in October, to physical attacks on planes as the build up to war escalated.

Direct Action shows the way
If we turn our disgust at this war into action against it then their war machine will grind to a halt.

Civil disobedience may be the only way to stop the war against Iraq
Naomi Klein makes the argument for Direct Action against he war

International Direct Actions against the war
Listing of international actions against the war

Direct Action and fighting to win
Anarchists are not particularly interested in protesting against the evils of the world - we would prefer to abolish them!

If not now, when
Why now is the time for mass direct action

Stopping the war
Why we need more then marches to 'Stop the War'

Specific actions

These are all pre-war. With the arrival of day-x actions were happening everywhere in huge numbers - far too many to list here. NOW is the time to ACT.

Top Brazil port to boycott US, UK ships
Labor unions at Santos, the largest port in Brazil and Latin America, are planning a 24-hour strike for peace by boycotting ships and goods

Direct Action Against Armed Forces Recruiting Station in Edison, NJ
Specifically it was intended to increase the costs to pursue the invasion and to eliminate another piece of the American military-industrial complex

Thirty B52 Support Vehicles Disabled at RAF Fairford
Activists disabled the ground service vehicles needed for B52 bombers

Northwood blitz blockade
For the second day in a row, the main gate of Northwood PJHQ

Britains military HQ blocked
Activists blocked the gates to the planning headquarters for Britain's war with Iraq this morning at 8.50 am, as hundreds of staff attempted to enter the base,

"RAF" Lakenheath runway blocked
This time with the novel idea of bringing bicycles through the fence and cycling them up and down

US Soldiers Storm UK Peace Camp at RAF Fairford
Dressed in boiler suits and armed with serrated combat knives, the men stripped banners off the 10ft steel fence at Gate 10.

Anti-war activist takes Tornado "Out of Action"
I took my hammer to the nose-cone, the cockpit, the fuselage, the wings, the tailplane and other parts of the plane which it was safe to damage

Fence breached and damage caused at Fairford
An entire row of landing lights somehow got totally obliterated, along with several other landing lights of various description and colour

Grannies Blockade Fairford
100 women, many of them grandmothers, blockaded the main entrance to Fairford airbase

Fairford inspected again
USAF Fairford got inspected again this afternoon by Oxford Students Stop the War, while more than 10 people got into the base.

Some military reservists will risk jail to resist Iraq duty
Alarcon said he'd rather risk going to jail than participate in a conflict he considers immoral.

To the next time [with pics]
A report at an attempt at a publically announced Direct Action (GNAW) protest at Shannon
US Military Jet disarmed at Shannon
Activists grounds jet with 500,000 worth of damage.
More about Shannon warport

Peace Activists Close Trident Refit Factory
7 peace activists blockaded both gates of the Rolls Royce factory in Derby

Cardiff Anarchists invade arms factory
Eight members of the group easily scaled the 3m high fence with the help of a home-made rope ladder

War trains blocked in Italy
A blocade of trains carrying US men and equipment results in the army falling behind schedule [media reports]

Gates torn down at RAF Fairford
Ten arrests as activists storm base

Greenpeace Stalls US Military Shipment to the Gulf
Police used water cannons against a Greenpeace blockade of a cargo ship loaded with U.S. military equipment bound for Iraq, and arrested 19 demonstrators

Runway blocked at RAF Brize Norton
Brize Norton is the RAF's main transport centre, 360 British troops were due to be flown out to join the UK contingent of the war effort

Plowshares disarmament action in the Netherlands
Dutch woman armed with a sledgehammer smashes three satellite dishes at a NATO airbase

Israeli Conscientious objectors to be court-martialed
In an obvious change of policy, the Israeli military is now starting to court-martial conscientious objectors.

One in three reservists try to get out of joining the call-up for war on Saddam
The figures are a blow to the MoD, which says 6,000 reservists are needed to support up to 35,000 regular troops committed to the Gulf

Greenpeace tank girls occupy war machine
For over a week we have tried to stop the supplies from loading and leaving the Uk and today 14 volunteers entered the military port occupying tanks and jeeps ready to roll on the ferry Stena Shipper bound for the Gulf

RAF Lakenheath Shut Down
RAF Lakenheath has been closed in an act of peaceful protest against war

Faith-based Disarmament Action at Shannon Airport
"The train tracks at Auschwitz brought people to their deaths, the runway at Shannon brings death to the people."

20 arrested attempting to inspect New Zealand US embassy
A group of around 150 protesters marched on the embassy and announced they wanted to enter the embassy to look for weapons of mass destruction

Three peace activists arrested attempting to break into RAF Menwith Hill
US Spy Base, and an essential part of Bush's plan for war on Iraq

Greenpeace set up Peace Camp on military supply ship
Greenpeace volunteers boarded and set up a peace camp on a military supply ship bound for the Gulf with a cargo of military hardware

British rail workers refuse to transport munitions to Iraq
Two Anti-war train drivers refuse to move arms freight, supported by their union ASLEF.

Pittsburgh - Marine recruitment office smashed during breakaway march
"The Marines recruitment center has no right to exist. That institution exists primarily for the purposes of recruiting politically marginalized people into the ranks of the Marines, who then enforce the policies of America's corporate state through murder and violence."

Rainbow Warrior blockades UK military port
The Rainbow Warrior, entered Marchwood Military port in Southampton and blocked the departure of UK military supply vessels UK government seizes Rainbow Warrior

2000 Anarchists take direct action in San Francisco
The high point of the demonstration was in attacks on the building that houses the Federal government's Immigration and Naturalization Service. Numerous windows were broken and a cement pylon and a newspaper box were thrown through the INS building's glass front doors

Fairford airbase invaded
Sun 26 Jan 30 people breached the compound fences in a direct action movement.MOD police ejected all of them through the hole in the fence they made but have now very violently arrested 3 people

Northwood Military HQ Blockaded
Sunday 19th January 2003 - Over 70 activists arrested blocking the entrances of the Military HQ

Protester arrested trying to blockade the gates of Portsmouth naval base
Les Gibbons, a former British marine attempted to blockade the gates to the base on the day the Ark Royal was due to leave for the Gulf

5 anti-war demonstrators were arrested inside the RAF Base at Feltwell
Feltwell is an electronic warfare and surveillance site and part of a network of "near-space tracking facilities"

15 protesters arrested on main runway of U.S. Airbase at Mildenhall
Mildenhall houses the U.S. Air Force's 100th Air RefuellingWing.

More minor stuff but still worth recording

Repression of activists


The 1991 war and aftermath

The Unseen war
Images showing the reality of the 1991, some are quite harrowing

Lessons From The Struggle Against The Gulf War
article from Aufheben, no.1, Autumn 1992 looking at the failures of No War but the Class War

Mainstream Media Manipulation and the Gulf War
How the US military was able to manipulate the media in the Gulf and other recent wars

New World Order : Same Old Slaughter [1992]
The imperialists' victory over Iraq was no surprise given their massive technical and military capacity. What is more interesting is the ready help given them by the "free press". This article focuses on how the media provided a "licence to kill" in the Gulf

Iraq : This is Terrorism [Spring 1999]
The US has waged war for the last ten years against the ordinary people of Iraq, not against Saddam Hussein.

What they did to Iraq: Declassified Pentagon documents address the effects of bombings and sanctions.

Saddam the shit

The people of Iraq have two enemies, in the west it makes sense for us to concentrate on our rulers who are intent on bombing Iraq into the stone age for the second time in a decade and then militarily occupying it. In Iraq Saddam has been the danger every day he has been in power and hopefully the Iraqi people will manage to decorate a lamp post with his body at some point in the near future. There are no anarchist groups I am aware of in Iraq so these links are to Iraqi opposition sites, some of which, most notably the Worker Communist Party of Iraq, are also anti-war.


Shannon airport protests