Instant Karma

With the new UN resolution recognising the US occupation of Iraq being passed, that august institution at long last recognises its "relevance" -- it is doing what the Americans say. Not only that, it has enshrined a new maxim for this brave new century -- aggression pays. For those with a long memory, the rhetoric used to justify the first Gulf War was that aggression against another country was the ultimate evil and had to be combated by all means. Thus spoke the invader of Panama, George Bush senior. His son has exceeded the father in his lying and hypocrisy. Which is no mean feat.

But wait. An international body has spoken out against the US-UK invasion and occupation of Iraq. It united both "old" and "new" in its revolt against the New American Century. Yes, the UK got null points in the Eurovision song contest.

Which shows the necessity for a social revolution. When the Eurovision is the only cross border institution which presents the people's voice on such an important matter as war, you know you are living in a society whose time should be over!

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