Anti-war protests in Ireland and the world

Libertarians against all wars!


Resistance to war
A look at the history of anarchist and other resistance to war and the impact it has had

History of anarchist anti-imperialism
The anarchist movement has a long tradition of fighting imperialism. This reaches back into the 1860s, and continues to the present day. From Cuba, to Egypt, to Ireland, to Macedonia, to Korea, to Algeria and Morocco, the anarchist movement has paid in blood for its opposition to imperial domination and control.

A trap set for protesters
We can leave to Bush, Chirac, Blair, and Schröder the tired game of anti-Europeanism and anti-Americanism

Peace movement could find itself fighting over tactics
"You're not going to stop the war by wearing a peace button," said 17- year-old Samantha Seabrook-Sturgis, who was arrested

Lessons From The Struggle Against The Gulf War
article from Aufheben, no.1, Autumn 1992 looking at the failures of No War but the Class War

'It's time to take risks'
In 1971, former marine Daniel Ellsberg leaked documents that exposed US government lies and helped end the Vietnam war. He tells Duncan Campbell why he did it, and why he is calling on today's officials to do the same to the Bush regime - and prevent a war in Iraq

What we can do in Europe - stop refuelling of war planes

With most countries near Iraq refusing to provide bases to US warplanes the US will be very dependant on airbases and other facilities in Europe in this war. Bombing raids may be launched off US carriers or via long distance Stealth bombers from bases in the US but a successful war will require the transports of hundreds of thousands of tons of supplies and men via European air bases. Mass demonstrations at these bases that aim to invade the runways can shut this down.

In 'neutral' Ireland the civilian airport at Shannon is being used to re-fuel planes, in particular USAF Hercules transport planes. Details of this and the action against them at the Direct Action at Shannon page

Breaking through police lines

Reports on anti-war events

Levitate the Pentagon (1967)
On October 21, 1967, 70,000 demonstrators came to Washington, D.C. to "Confront the War Makers." This was the first of the biannual Anti-War demonstrations to fuse protest with the whimsicality of the counter culture and to take civil disobedience to new levels of confrontation.


Longshore Unions and the "War Against Terrorism"
At the ILWU Local 10 membership meeting on Sept. 20th in San Francisco, we had an extensive discussion on Bush's declared "war on terrorism", Congress' rubber stamp approval and how it will affect longshore unions

Anti-war demonstration in Dublin [with pictures]
Between 800 and 1,000 people marched through the centre of Dublin yesterday as part of an anti-war protest called by Globalise Resistance. This was one of many protests internationally this weekend.

Dec 6 2003 - Blockade of Shannon warport (with photos)
December 6th saw the largest anti-war demonstration at Shannon airport since Aprilof last year. Some 400 people took part in what the Irish Anti War Movement (IAWM) had advertised as a blockade of the airport.

Lots more anti war organising reports in the haltWAR list archive

Military anti-war

Veterans For Peace
American War Veterans who stand for peace and work to heal the scars of war.

Vietnam Veterans Against The War Anti-Imperialist
Former American soldiers, from all wars since Vietnam, speak out against Militarism and Imperialism. Paricularly interesting stuff on this site about G.I. rebellion during the Vietnam war.

G.I. Rights Hotline
How to get out of the Army legally

Proud To Be A Pacifist.
U.S. Air Force Vet. Says he's 'Proud To Be A Pacifist'

A Veteran Speaks &endash; Against The War
A speech given in 1971 by Bob Muller of 'Born of the 4th of July' fame.

Veterans For Peace, Gainesville Florida Chapter.
These folk distribute 'War is a Racket' by Major General Smedley Butler, United States Marine Corp.

Conscientious Objectors In Military Want Out
Reports on today's conscientious objectors.

Gulf Vets. Call for an end to Civilian Casualties in Iraq.
The National Gulf War Resource Center, the largest Gulf Vets organisation, speaks out against economic sanctions on Iraq.

Vietnam Veterans Against The War
As they say fight the rich not their wars

Vietnam : Winter Soldier Investigation
A Vietnam war crimes investigation conducted by American veterans &endash; with lots of testimony concerning atrocities.

Mutinies: 1917-1920
The mutines that ended WWI

Online petitions/statements and resources

Academics and activists call for justice and peace
The drift to war, authoritarianism and racist violence is not inevitable. It can be stopped at any point when enough ordinary people are ready to do so

Arabic/English translation engine
Crude but apperantly accurate enough to get the general jist of what is being written

Anarchist anti-war web pages in other languages

General anti-war pages

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Classic anti-war texts

Extract from War Against War
by Ernst Friedrich (1924) - " in all wars the object is to protect or to seize money and property and power; and there will always be wars so long as Capital rules and oppresses the people"

Murder is murder - open letter all soldiers
This was written by the British syndicalist Tom Mann during World War One, he was jailed for 6 months for writing it

War Is the Health of the State [1918]
Randolph Bournes essay " If the State's chief function is war, then the State must suck out of the nation a large part of its energy for its purely sterile purposes of defense and aggression"

Anarchists against the war

Anarchist statements on war and terrorism

See the S11 archive for statements made at that time and in the weeks afterwards

Coming to Grips with The War
by the (Swiss?) Federation anarchiste romande (1939) - " Perhaps the tragic hour could have been postponed, but there was no hope that it could have been avoided."

To All Intellectual and Manual Workers
Translation of a text written by anarchists in Marseille in 1943. Between 3,000 and 5,000 copies were printed in Toulouse.

Death to The Brutes
French anarchist poster from1943 - "Thousands of proletarians of all countries are dying, while men of finance, politics and war, brutes that they are, congratulate each other"

Capitalist Democracy -Why It Must Fail
Tor Cedervall write in 1937 - "The slogan of each group resolves itself into--keep Capitalism, but keep out Fascism! "

Anarchist Opposition to Japanese Militarism, 1926-37
anarchists in pre-war Japan constituted a core of opposition to militarism until the state destroyed their movement in 1935/6

Manifesto of the International Anarchist Conference... 1948
Two blocks of States stand facing each other, and war threatens, The hopes which the peoples founded on technical progress, material abundance and the unity of the world have been ruined

Shannon airport protests

Anti war songs

So Many Tears, So Many Flowers
Geoff Francis and Peter Hicks in mp3 and RealAudio