Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia...

The only thing sinking faster than the US in an Iraq quagmire seems to be the Bush Junta's revising of history. After lying to justify its invasion, it is now lying about those lies. It does not stop there. Donald Rumsfeld is now trying to win the Big Brother award for rewriting history.

On September 25th, Rumsfeld was asked about the surging resistance to the US occupation of Iraq. One news anchor, as a prelude to a question, said that "Before the war in Iraq, you stated the case very eloquently and you said . . . they would welcome us with open arms." Her question remained unasked, as Rumsfeld cut him off. "Never said that," he said. "Never did. You may remember it well, but you're thinking of somebody else. You can't find, anywhere, me saying anything like either of those two things you just said I said."

Unfortunately for Rumsfeld, he is on record as saying exactly those things. For example, before the invision, on February 20, he answered a question on whether US troops would "be welcomed by the majority of the civilian population of Iraq." He was quick to reply: "There is no question but that they would be welcomed."

Opps. Someone should tell these people that Orwell's 1984 was a warning, not an instruction manual.

This "Americans-as-liberators" line was repeated by other senior Junta apparatchiks in the run-up to the war, including the likes of Paul Wolfowitz the Vice President. Unsurprisingly, given this, the shock of US deaths in Iraq after "mission accomplished" can be understood. When the US public were repeatedly assured that their forces would be "welcomed" many naturally took this to mean that the postwar period would be "easy."

And people wonder why anarchists denounce the state as an evil institution, designed to foster elite rule onto the masses and want to abolish it?

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