The "More Oil" Case for War

All the lies are exposed. Now the "Saddam was an evil tyrant" line is all that is left. Not that this was the proclaimed reason for war, of course. Blair added it when he saw that we were not falling for the "official" reason of WMD. Yet Blair was prepared to leave Saddam in power if he "co-operated"! How very moral.

Yes, Saddam was an evil dictator. He was one in the '80s when the US/UK supported and armed him. He was one in '91 when the US preferred him to the popular uprisings. Nor was he alone in being a tyrant or one supported by the US. So why Saddam rather than a host of other bastards? Perhaps because of the oil? But this, Blair asserted, was a "conspiracy theory."

Yet the US occupying regime aims to privatise Iraq's oil industry. Iraq is now in OPEC, placing a US regime in the heart of both the world's major oil producing region and oil producers' organisation. Thank god for coincidence!

Before the invasion, Blair promised that the oil would go into a UN supervised reserve which would exist for the benefit of the Iraqi people. Where is it? He stated that "We don't touch it, and the US don't touch it. We cannot say fairer than that." Yet the US made it clear that Iraqi oil would be used to pay for the war and the rebuilding. US corporations might not touch the oil, but they would touch the money once it was sold. But things have not gone as planned. The costs of the war have outweighed the money available from the oil.

The only people saying that things are improving in Iraq are the Bush Junta and their poodles here. Iraqi civilians are dying at the hands of their "liberators." Working class Americans and Brits are killing and dying for their masters' power and profits.

This was a good old-fashioned colonialist war about the control of resources and increasing the Middle Eastern (and global) political influence of the US. Nothing more.

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