The war in Afghanistan

Against War and Terrorism - an anarchist pamphlet

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  • Capitalist Terror and Madness
  • "Why do they hate us"?
  • The tragedy of Afghanistan
  • Building an antiwar movement
  • The anarchist alternative
  • Diversity in Islam for Absolute Beginners
  • History of anarchist anti-imperialism
  • Commissars of the Free Press
  • Anarchism is the cure

[PDF file of pamphlet]

[Read the articles online]

Against war and terror
While we deplore the attacks on the USA and the deaths of thousands of people we are also aware that the 'retaliation' to this attack is designed to advance the control of the USA and other western powers over the people of the world

The tragedy of Afghanistan
Afghanistan is a tragic country. The Soviet-backed coup and subsequent invasion in 1979 ushered in more than two decades of brutal war. During the 1980's, the US supplied at least USD 32 billion [1] of military aid to the mujahadeen, the Islamic opposition to the Soviet regime

Capitalist Terror and Madness
Terror has a long history in the service of counter-revolution, and will always work towards undermining the very foundations of a new, free, postcapitalist, society, or even one where forces of death, oppression and exploitation are significantly weakened

"Why do they hate us"?
A small group of militants, hundreds or a few thousand, hated the U.S.A. so much that they spent years planning their attacks on New York City and Washington D.C. A New York anarchist looks at there motives as they related to US foreign policy.

History of anarchist anti-imperialism
The anarchist movement has a long tradition of fighting imperialism. This reaches back into the 1860s, and continues to the present day. From Cuba, to Egypt, to Ireland, to Macedonia, to Korea, to Algeria and Morocco, the anarchist movement has paid in blood for its opposition to imperial domination and control. (This article was translated into French as Pour une histoire de l'anti-impérialisme anarchiste)

Diversity in Islam for Absolute Beginners
Roughly 1 in 5 of the world's population is muslim - that's over a billion people. Yet for all the talk about a global society with the telecommunication revolution bringing knowledge to the masses, what most westerners from christian backgrounds know about Islam can be written on the back of a small postage stamp

Commissars of the Free Press
Why don't we have a media which attempts to be unbiased and objective? Why don't we have a media which presents all relevant information rather than selecting some information for prominent display and largely rejecting other information? Why don't we have a wider diversity of opinion in the media?

Building an antiwar movement
The key ingredients of success in building a successful anti-war movement are confidence in ordinary people's potential, solidarity with each other and a long-term view: we have not been able to prevent the first bombs falling, but over time we can reverse the dynamic and stop the war.

The anarchist alternative
A successful anarchist revolution then, would result in society being organised by the free association and federation of workers (and peasants, in some countries), with decisions made directly by the people affected by them. A new era, of international solidarity, peace and co-operation is born.

Background on Afghanistan

Limbs of no body
An Iranian film maker on current conditions in Afghanistan and the social base of the Taliban. Long and very detailed but from a somewhat Iranian nationalist perspective

Afghanistan: Persistent crisis challenges the UN system
Report for the UNHCR published August 1998

Academic Info: Afghanistan Studies
An archive of material

Robert Fisk: How can the US bomb this tragic people?
almost unbelievable preparations now under way for the most powerful nation ever to have existed on God's Earth to bomb the most devastated, ravaged, starvation-haunted and tragic country in the world

Silient Soldier: The Man behind the Afghan Jehad
"while this book is primarily written to make public the contribution of General Akhtar to the Afghan Jehad, nothing could have been achieved without the endeavours of the Mujahideen, their commanders, and their political leaders"

The bear trap: Afghanistan's Untold Story
"I was an infantry brigadier in the Pakistan Army when I was suddenly summoned to take over the Afghan Bureau of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI)"

Afghanistan Crisis and Relevant Geopolitical Realities
Written by Jamal Hasan in 1989,"In this essay I attempted to shed light on the dichotomies and fallacies of global power politics and their impact on the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan"

Crisis of Impunity
The Role of Pakistan, Russia, and Iran in Fueling the Civil War. Human Rights Watch on the regional imperialist rivalries behind the Afghan civil war.

Interview With Ahmed Rashid
Interview with the author of 'Taliban: Story of the Afghan Warlords' Made by Radio Netherlands.

Afghanistan: A People Adrift, A Country Aground
A 1993 account of the pre-Taliban Afghan civil war.

The Crisis at Hand
PDF file of aid agencies information on the humanitarian crisis as of November 2001

The US and the Taliban

US gave silent blessing to Taliban rise to power: analysts
Suggesting that the U.S. Govt. encouraged the Saudi Arabian and Pakistani rulers to support the Taliban.

Osama Bin Laden: How the U.S. Helped Midwife a Terrorist
an excerpt from the book "Taliban: Militant Islam, Oil and Fundamentalism in Central Asia"

Bush's Faustian Deal With the Taliban
Robert Scheer writing in the Los Angeles Times May 2001 warns "The Taliban may suddenly be the dream regime of our own war drug war zealots, but in the end this alliance will prove a costly failure"

Fundamentalists without a common cause
1998 article for Le Monde Diplomatique, looking at the relationship between the United States and the Arab volunteers fighting in Afghanistan in the 1980ies. Also deals with the tensions between Iran and the Taliban and what those arab volunteers went on to do in the1990ies as jihad went global.

An Afghan Tragedy
1999 article from Al-Ahram claiming that a friendly relationship originally existed between the U.S. Government and the Taliban.

Federation of American Scientists investigation into what America's cold war friends did after they graduated.

TARGET="_over" baseAmerica's Link to the Taliban / Reviving the Great Game
Two pieces from 1996 arguing that Pakistan and the U.S. promoted theTaliban as a force against Iran and Islamist terrorism.

America feels the pain of its own Stinger missiles.
1999 article on efforts by the C.I.A. to buy back the stinger surface to air missiles it supplied to Afghan Islamic fundamentalists in the 1980ies.

Frankenstein the C.I.A. created
"American officials estimate that, from 1985 to 1992, 12,500 foreigners were trained in bomb-making, sabotage and urban guerrilla warfare in Afghan camps the CIA helped to set up."

Iran slams U.S. and Pakistan as it ponders how to tackle the Taleban challenge
The rival imperialist interests behind the warring factions in Afghanistan, also the1998 tensions between Iran and the Taliban.

Plans to Attack the Taliban prior to S-11

Who are the Northern Alliance

Collection of media reports on American - Iranian competition in Afghanistan.

The Oil and Gas of Central Asia

Afghanistan Fact Sheet
U.S. Government Website on the natural resources of Central Asia and on the Afghan pipeline projects of American multi-national UNOCAL.

Testimony by John J. Maresca, VP, International Relations, Unocal Corp
February 12, 1998 Mr. Maresca was George Bush Sr.'s Ambassador to Cyprus

The New Great Game - Guardian, March 5, 2001
Looking at international competition for the potential profits represented by the oil and gas resources of Central Asia.

February 1999 UNOCAL statement
Unocal reiterates position on withdrawal from trans-Afghanistan pipeline project

March 2000 Business Recorder article
UNOCAL trying to re-enter Turkmen gas pipeline project

Pipe Dreams: Afghanistan's Coming Gas Boom
An account of the potential for investment opportunities offered by a conquest of Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is key to Oil Profits.
Analysis from the Centre for Research on Globalisation. American foreign policy as the mailed fist of the corporate barons.

The oil behind Bush and Son's campaigns
'Asia Times' on the pipelines and on the energy resources of Afghanistan itself.

Missing the Oil story
According to this report it's not mentioned in the U.S. media but is a "hot topic" at elite dinner parties.

Document from the Heritage Foundation, a Washington based 'right wing' think tank and lobby group.

US Interests in Central Asia
Testimony to the House of Representatives by author of above Heritage Foundation document.

Oil in the Caspian Region and Central Asia - the Political Risk of the Great Game Continued
Contribution to a conference in the United States, published by the Danish Association for Research on the Caucasus . Extensive, informative and non-partisan.

The New Imperialism
From 'Asia Times', discusses how various pundits are promoting the notion of a re-introduction of colonialism on "failed states", and again the Afghan pipeline projects.

General: Capturing Bin Laden is not part of the mission.
From 'USA Today'. General Tommy Frank surgically strikes his mouth with his foot . This is the U.S. General in command of ground operations in Afghanistan.

United States Congress hearing from 1998. Straight from the proverbial horses mouth.

Control of Central Asia's oil is the real goal.
Article from the London 'Telegraph' says "the real game in Central Asia is control of the region's lucrative oil supply". Partly written by Ahmed Rashid now semi-famous for his book on this subject (re-published as 'Taliban: The story of the Afghan Warlords' and well worth reading).

Political Pipeline.
Transcript of Current Affairs talk show from American T.V. in '97 on the Central Asia energy situation, with of JULIA NANAY of the Petroleum Finance Company and CHARLES WILLIAM MAYNES of the Eurasia Foundation.

Gas, Oil and Afghanistan.
Overview of the international competition surrounding the oil and gas reserves of Central Asia, with a nice map, lots of links and information about the links between top U.S. politicians and Big Oil.

This War is A Fraud.
Passionate article by John Pilger published in Britain's 'Daily Mirror'.

Reports and Analysis on imperialist competition in Central Asia, from official and academic sources.

The following are long detailed and in-depth studies which are well worth reading.

US Military Engagement with Transcausia and Central Asia
Large PDF file from the U.S. Army detailing American imperialist interests in the former "Soviet" Union and proposing military intervention in those regions. Essential.

Russian Policy Towards Central Asia Part 1
Russian Policy Towards Central Asia Part 2
Report on Russian imperialism in Central Asia, from an Indian think tank.

Central Asia's New States: Political Developments and Implications for U.S. Interests
Study from some branch of the American civil service that provides non-partisan reports for politicians.

The Geopolitics of Central Asia
Another long detailed report.

US policy toward Central Asia and the South Caucasus
Study from a high ranking American military bureaucrat.

World History Archives: Contempory Political History of Central Asia as a Whole
A selection of mostly Leninist essays on Central Asia in the 90s.

Russian Media Reports on growing American influence in the Former "Soviet" Union.

Big Brother dumped for 1$ Billion
Article from the Russian Press on America's new bases in Central Asia.

Uzbekistan sells itself for to Washington for $8 Billion
Another Russian media report concerning America's new proxies in Afghanistan and new influence in Central Asia.

U.S. Aircraft Carrier "Uzbekistan"

Bin Laden is not in Georgia!
Georgia, next target in the "war against terrorism" against a backdrop of American-Russian competition.

Profits: The Prize of Intervention
If bombing Afghanistan is making a bad situation worse, why is it being done? Might the oil and gas of Central Asia have something to do with it.

Crusade Versus Jihad
A war against terrorism? A war for the people of Afghanistan? A war for security?

Bin Laden


Civilian deaths in Afghanistan due to US attacks

Afghan prisoners beaten to death at US military interrogation base
The two men, both Afghans, died last December at the US forces base in Bagram, north of Kabul, where prisoners have been held for questioning. The autopsies found they had suffered "blunt force injuries" and classified both deaths as homicides.

Hunger is a weapon
Is the U.S. Government taking advantage of the famine conditions in Afghanistan? Why are the appeals for a pause in the bombing meeting deaf ears?