Weapons of Mass Disappearance

Can we expect a "Blue Peter moment" any day now? Given the political heat Blair and Bush are coming under, it can only be a matter of time before the security services say "here's one we produced earlier." After all, if this was not on the cards then the US would have allowed the UN Inspectors back into Iraq.

Needless to say, the current lack of "evidence" for war is causing some inconvenience for Bush and Blair, particularly the latter. Blair is obviously annoyed that he is being asked about WMD rather than basking in praise and glory. That Blair and Bush lied to get a war is obvious. It can be seen from their utter lack of concern about WMD now.

In a speech to US troops in Qatar, Bush said: "One thing is certain: no terrorist network will gain weapons of mass destruction from the Iraqi regime because the Iraqi regime is no more." As Saddam's regime no longer exists, this is a banal truism.

But according to Bush, Saddam's WMD existed and, presumably, are still "hidden" in Iraq. Given that US troops are under constant attack, with approximately one being killed per day since "liberation" it staggers belief that Bush and Blair are so blasé about finding them. Is the possibility that these weapons could be used by the "remnants" of Saddam's regime not considered? And what about terrorism? Bush stated that "we've [sic!] made sure Iraq is not going to be used as an arsenal for terrorist groups." What is to stop these groups from taking advantage of the current chaos in Iraq and stocking up on weapons?

Simply put, the post-Saddam lack of concern over WMD is the best evidence that they did not exist.

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