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Cork City: Culture of Capital
A group of artists in Cork, aware of the lack of affordable work space, took over an empty building in the centre of Cork at the beginning of February

Anti-Bin Charges March in Cork
About 300 people marched on Saturday afternoon in protest at the ongoing stand-off over the bin tax and the non-collection of domestic rubbish in Cork City.

Resistance Pays ... Cork Anti-Bins
Figures released by Cork City Council confirm that the non-payment of bin charges remains very high despite the Council's bullying tactics

Old Head of Kinsale Walked Again
At todays peoples picnic on the Old Head of Kinsale in Cork protestors climbed the walls and crossed the razor wire to again walk to the lighthouse.

Traveller and Settled Solidarity picket court hearing
in support of a traveller woman Mrs Harty who was summonsed by the Gardai under the Trespass Act for failing to obey their instruction to vacate an empty site at Brocklesby Courton Seminary Road on Corks northside

Ballyphehane organises against the service charges
About 30 people gathered in the Ballyphehane Community centre in Cork on Monday night to discuss opposition to the latest threat by the city council to begin non-collection of refuse.

Anti-bin tax meetings in Cork
About fifty people gathered in Mayfield GAA club in the first of a series of meetings re launching the campaign against the refuse charges in Cork city. The meeting was addressed by Paddy Mulcahy and Ted Tynan both jailed in 1991 for non-payment

Anti war Sit down protest

Cork meetings


Anarchist articles about Cork

Do We Tolerate This?
Corks Home Helps, members of the Independent Workers Union, took to the streets on Saturday in a march against the health cuts.This is the text of a leaflet distributed by Cork WSM members on the march

Old Head Protest Taking In the Sun!
A loud, stroppy 80 strong gathering of picnickers and protesters made it to the Old Head of Kinsale yesterday to continue the stand-off with the millionaire O'Connor brothers and their loyal servants (!) The Gardai.

Cork WSM to Irish Examiner on Old Head of Kinsale
The article on the picnic protest at the Old Head of Kinsale Golf Course was incorrect.

Sit Down Protest Disrupts 'Business As Usual' at exclusive golf course [with pictures]
A large force of Gardai defended the exclusive Old Head of Kinsale Golf club from a gathering of walkers and protestors

Report on Cork anti-war marches [with photos]
Reports and photos from two demonstrations in Cork during the Iraq war

Keeping the struggle going in Cork
The CPA is in existence for over a year and brings together oppositional campaigners of various hues in a non-hierarchical group which campaigns on numerous issues

Cork anti-general election campaign during Dail elections [with photos]
An alliance of anarchists in Cork ran an anti-general election campaign during the recent Dail elections. The campaign put as its aim to 'use the elections to highlight anarchists ideas'

Kissinger traumatised by Cork experience
Henry Kissinger was reported as being a bit shook by the barracking he received in Cork. There was massive opposition to his visit and two good demos.

Major Victory In Cork Anti-Bin Campaign
Our campaign against the bin charges here in Cork received a massive boost late last week with an unexpected court victory - Cork Corporation is legally and socially bound to collect household rubbish and is not entitled to refuse to collect such rubbish on the grounds of unpaid bin tax.

WS 67 Keep on binning the bin tax
Reports from the campaigns

WS66 - Sept/Oct - The Battle for Kinsale
The Old Head of Kinsale in Co. Cork is an area of renowned beauty. It has been enjoyed as an amenity by locals and by people from outside Kinsale who have heard of the traditional walk out along the Old Head to the lighthouse at the tip of the headland

The Old Head of Kinsale - Round 5
Mass direct action has shown that we will not tolerate the violation of our fundamental right to roam. The right of people to access the beauty of the planet, to breathe the air, drink the water and walk the land free of hindrance is not for sale.

March 31 2002 - People Power Wins At Old Head of Kinsale
Well over a hundred activists and protesters braved the elements, hostile private security, newly erected fencing and barbed wire at the Old Head of Kinsale on Easter Sunday to score yet another important victory for free public access to the Old Head of Kinsale Walk.

August 26th - Kinsale protest - Three Nil
Another beautiful sunny day and another small victory for the campaign to free the Old Head of Kinsale

July 31st - The Second 'Old Head of Kinsale' Protest
It was clear to many of the protesters that the Gardai were engaging in surveillance of protesters throughout the proceedings. A number of plains clothes Special Branch officers mingled with the crowd

 July 20th - The Battle of Kinsale
It was glorious we walked the Old Head as we had for generations men, women and children and dogs of course, laughing at the indignation of the outraged golfers, basking in the sunshine and lead occasionally by a fiddler

July 2nd - Report On 'Old Head of Kinsale' Protest [with pictures]
A long time public amenity used by walkers and ramblers, access to the Old Head was stopped over a year ago when 'the new owners' of the headland deemed the area to be private property. Yesterday was the first real attempt to reclaim the Old Head area for the public. It was a huge success!

Bin Charges campaign dumps at council [2000]
Rubbish dumping outside the City Hall has become a regular feature of the campaign against the bin-charges in Cork city

Bin Campaign Set To Escalate In Cork [2001]
Cork Corpo. plans to jail bin charges activists it has fined under the Litter Act

August 20th - Another member of Householders Against the Service Charges jailed in Cork
He is being held in Cork Prison having been sentenced to serve 5 days in jail for not paying a £70 fine under the Litter Act

August 30th - Cork Corporation has escalated its campaign in the anti-bin tax protest
Mick Barry is the sixth member of Householders Against The Service Charges (HASC) to be jailed in the current protest.

June 26th - Another Cork bin tax protester jailed
Sandra Condon, a member of Householders Against The Service Charges, was arrested this morning at her home in north Cork City on foot of her conviction for 'bogus' littering offences in connection with the ongoing campaign against rubbish collect charges in Cork city

WS65 - July/Aug - Anti-Bin Tax protestors jailed in Cork
}In June 2001 James McBarron along with two other bin tax protesters was jailed in Cork. We asked him to write about his experiences

May 24th - Round One To HASC!
Cork Corporation did an about turn yesterday when they refused to proceed with the jailing of two HASC activists, Sandra Condon and Marie Healy.

May 18th - Cork service charge activists released [with photos]
The jailings have been a PR disaster for Cork Corporation and have brought unprecedented attention to our campaign against the Bin Tax. The Campaign is set to escalate even further next week, when another member of HASC, Sandra Condon, will be jailed

May 16th - Email Campaign against service charge jailings in Cork [with photo]
Cork Corporation has today jailed three activists with Householders Against The Service Charges (HASC) - Joe Moore, James McBarron and Mick Joyce

May 15th - Stop the jailings of Householders Against Service Charges activists in Cork
Joe Moore, James McBarron and Michael Joyce, all members of the Householders Against Service Charges (HASC) in Cork (Ireland) are all facing imminent imprisonment as part of the ongoing and defiant protest against the imposition of the Bin Tax on Cork workers

March 8th 2001- Stop the jailings protest
On Feb 15th, two members of Householders Against Service Charges (HASC), were fined. Both activists, as part of the ongoing campaign against the 'Bin Charges', have pledged not to pay the fines.

Bin charges struggle continues [2001]
Cork Corporation has found a new target in their fight to impose bin charges in Cork... the old and the disabled.

HASC picket

Members of HASC picketing out the Cork Corporation Bin Yard (Wed 16th May)

Cork campaign against Bin Charges - Write: HASC, 55 North Main Street Cork

May 5th - 7th - May Day and the Willam Thompson Summer School in Cork [with pictures]
Cork saw a well attended May Day march and the 2nd William Thompson summer school

Circle A - Cork anarchist newsletter
Local news from September 2000

Cork S26 demo: "Oon Da Maall" [2000]
The march was led by a large wooden coffin to symbolised the massive misery and death that has been caused by capitalism throughout the world

Leaflet distributed by Cork WSM at Green Gathering (12 Aug '00) and Anti-Pylon demo

Cork Workers Strike Against Low Pay [1996]
Workers at the Early Learning Centre Toy Shop, in Cork, have been on strike since early December. Management at the Cork store, have refused to recognise the workers' union, Mandate, or to negotiate on pay and conditions.

Cork strikers need support
The Early Learning Centre strike continues, what can be done to help it win.

Early Learning Strike won
After a long and bitter strike the Early Learning Strikes have defeated the bosses in Cork. We report on this victory.

Explosion in Cork Harbour [1994]
The explosion and fire at the Hickson chemical plant in Ringaskiddy, Cork, last August, has gone down as one of the most serious industrial accidents in Ireland to date.

Hicksons chemical spill
The company at the centre of last year's explosion and fire in Ringaskiddy, Co. Cork, pleaded guilty in July to three charges of negligence and improper handling of hazardous chemical substances

Costly speech for Irish dissidents [1994]
Three socialists in Cork, members of the Socialist Alliance group, have found themselves up against the guardians of 'public order' for the second time in two months. Their crime? Putting up posters.

The lighthouse at the Old head of Kinsale, Ireland

Articles by Cork anarchists

Anarchism and Democracy : To vote or not to vote?
Election time is almost upon us again. In the South local elections will take place in June. At the same time, both North and South, elections to the European Parliament will be held. Once again anarchists will be discouraging the electorate from taking part.

Parliament or Democracy?
A pamphlet of how and why we ended up with the form of 'democracy' we have today in the Dail

Young, Queer and Proud
Most young people start to become aware of their sexual identity from the age of 11 or 12 onwards. However for young lesbians, bisexuals and gays this can be the beginning of a lot of trouble.

Mary Robinson and the UN
Current Irish president Mary Robinson fancies herself as UN president and has recently been talking about the role of the UN. We look at what the UN is really used for.

The World Bank
The world bank is the mechanism by which the bosses force whole country to tow, the line. How is this done?

The Emergence Of Modern Irish Socialism 1885-87
Fintan Lane is a historian and left-wing activist. He is the author of The Origins of Modern Irish Socialism, 1881-1896 which was published by Cork University Press.

And the Wall came down?
Ten years ago, a series of popular rebellions brought the so-called 'Eastern Bloc' dictatorships to their knees. Even from today's vantage point, what was remarkable was the speed of the collapse

Anyone for a Brain Wash?
Painstaking research of a different variety, laid to the foundations for a view of the media and its role in our society. Rather than seeing the media as a "defender of freedom", Herman and Chomsky outlined example after example of where the media either lied about the truth or distorted the news beyond actual recognition.

Indonesia : The impossible revolution?
Revolution is about a large number of people coming together at the one time. The aims of a revolution are often radical and far reaching.

The World Bank and its actions..........
Right now across the world, the lives of millions of people are in the hands of two of the most powerful financial institutions ever created - the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank (WB)

Ideas and action poster

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Republicanism in crisis
Republicanism in Crisis &endash; Is There An anarchist alternative?
Since the beginning of December and the collapse of the latest attempt at the creation of a power-sharing devolved government in the North, and more particularly since the Northern Bank robbery, the political establishment has been striving to outdo each other in the stridency of their condemnation of the Republican Movement. Text of talk given to Cork WSM public meeting