Cork City: Culture of Capital

The European Capital of Culture festival is heavy on hype. But some things just don't change. A group of artists in Cork, aware of the lack of affordable work space, took over an empty building in the centre of Cork at the beginning of February. It wasn't just any old building, it was the former home of the Cork School of Music and which has lain empty for nearly 15 years. The building was perfect: loads of space and close to the centre of town. Not to mention the fifteen grand pianos that were found in there that were rotting away from lack of use!

The artist group, who called themselves 'One Day', set about cleaning the building up. Nearby residents were delighted at the fresh coats of paint and the new look. But who turned up very quickly?! You guessed it: the law and the owners who happened to be Cork Institute of Technology. No, they couldn't use the building. No, they couldn't stay. NO. NO. NO. What about the Year of Culture? No again. Just about a fortnight after they occupied the space, the 'One Day' artist collective were evicted, and now the building is empty and derelict again. Just before they left the One Day artists hung a big banner on the front of the building that said it all: Culture of Capital.

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